Your Home Biz Website – SEO for Your Online Blog

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You have a blog and you want to get more traffic.  There are many ways to drive traffic to your site.  A lot of people have blogs, so they are all interested in this topic.  Do you want to pay for traffic? Probably not.  Most people want to get traffic for free.  How can you get traffic for free? You can do it by creating information that people want to read online.  This can be done with the help of the search engines.  Search engines direct a lot of traffic online.  Just like the traffic guard at a busy intersection, the search engines send web users ( traffic ) towards their online destinations.

How can you help the search engines?  There is a lot of content on the web.  You can help the search engines by optimizing your site with seo. SEO is all about putting your site in a better position in the index.  Just like the old days of appearing in the A section of the yellowpages, you want to close to the top of the list.  You want prospects and clients to find your site fast.  Higher listings might give you a better chance of winning the business race.

Looking for some simple steps to optimize your blog or site?

Step 1: Change your site to include optimized content.  You should use keyword tools to find highly searched terms related to your content.  Add those keywords in your titles and inside your updated content.

Step 2:  Tag your content.  Update your meta tags, heading tags and title tags.  Don’t forget to tag your images with keywords that are related.  Remember that you are try to help the search engines know what your pages and content is about.

Step 3: Build Links to your content. Are people linking to your content?  This can tell the search engines that your content is being shared online.  Your content needs to be good enough to share.

Step 4:  Add your website to your business cards and printed materials.  Don’t forget about offline marketing opportunities.  There are lots of people that might just type your domain name into the web browser.

Optimizing your website means that you have to deal with offline and online traffic.  Generating web traffic might also let the search engines know that your pages are important.  Think about the keywords related to your niche.  What are your prospects searching for online?  Make sure that the information is available on your blog or website.


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