You Want More Traffic

You want more traffic, I want more traffic.  Free traffic, paid traffic, there are all kinds of different ways to get traffic.  Don’t we all want to start with the free stuff.  Why should anybody give you traffic?

It is not really about what we want.  It is about what the end user wants.  What does your audience want?  Are you are giving them what they want?  Are you focused in on their needs?

Keywords, keywords, keywords.  Does your target audience even like to read?  Are they more likely to be watching videos?  Test different traffic sources and see what works.  What about paying for traffic?  Are you ready to invest in your online business?  Companies advertise all the time.

Turn on the tv and see if you see any ads.  They are breaking into your tv programming all the time.  Even online when you are watching free content online, they break in with the video ads.  Don’t immediately close your eyes to paying for ads.

How can you get the most leverage for your time?  Is it better to write your own content or let someone else do it?  Is it better to make your own videos or let someone else do it on fiverr?  What is the real answer?  You want more traffic, you are going to have to test.  Facebook, plenty of fish, classified ads, google adwords and the list keeps going on and on.  Try something new if you are not getting traffic.

Some of the paid traffic methods might not deliver the results that you are looking for.  Don’t worry, just keep trying and testing until you find something that works.

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