Writing Content for Cash

What is the real time horizon for the content that you create? Don’t put a short sighted view on what you are creating for your sites. Writing content for cash today also means thinking about the content impact in the future.

Writing can last a long time and you have to remember this important fact.   A good story can be remembered for a long time.  Just think about being a kid and listening to a bedtime story.  The stories are really old and everybody knows them.  The same thing can happen for really good content.  Content can have a long lasting impact.

Before you hit the publish button on your new blog post, think about what this content will be able to produce years into the future.  You might not be thinking about it in those terms, but just think to yourself how quickly a year passes.  Doesn’t it seem like the months are rolling around really fast these days?  There are going to be people searching for information next year and the year after that.  Think about how they will read your content in the future.

Some information topics are seasonal and others are really timeless.  Think about the types of content that you want to focus your attention around.  Do you think that people will be interested in learning about dating in the next year?  What about losing weight?  Some information tips will have an audience. Sure, things will change, but there are going to be some topics that will get attention because they are always interesting.

Consider where you are going to place your content.  What is going to be the expire date on your content.  Some content is really attractive right now.  Think about the current nfl football season.  There are lots of articles and comments about all the goings on happening right now.  There are player trades and player injuries.  They probably get a lot of views right now.  What do you think will happen to this type of content when the super bowl is over.  Do you think that nfl fans will really care about all of those details going forward.  They will keep marching forward with the new information in the current nfl football season.  Once the super bowl winner is decided, they will be looking for content around the latest nfl draft top prospects.

Writing content for cash might include setting up your own special websites that focus on evergreen content areas.  Blogs are low cost and they can be the perfect place to store your information online.

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