Writing Content Faster for Your Blog


Writing Content Faster for Your Blog – Get organized

Writing content might flow faster for you if you already have your subject mapped.  It is really simple.  Get your clean sheet of paper or open up the document that you want to write in.  Create your topic.  Create a list of all the topics that you want to cover in your article.  Just keep adding list items until you have run out of ideas.

Take each one of those topics and expand on it.  At this point, you just want to let the words fill up the page and you can go back to do editing later.  You just want to transfer your ideas from your head to the document.  After you are finished writing, you can make your edits and move stuff around or remove information that doesn’t fit.

Writing Content Faster for Your Blog – Talk your articles

Get a voice recorder and just talk into it.  You can create a bunch of content and later find someone else with typing skills to turn your audio files into written text.  This is great for creating more content faster.

You can download audio software and get started quickly.  This is great if your typing speed is too slow or you just don’t like typing at all.

Writing Content Faster for Your Blog – Take a look at plr content for new ideas

Read some plr articles that are focused on your topic.  First you need to get your hands on some plr.  You can get it for free or close to free online.  Just do some searches for plr and you will plenty of sites online that can get you started.

Open up a few plr packs and read the articles.  How can this get you to write your articles faster?  You will get an idea of what other writers think about the topic. They might have a different view than you do.  This can be the spark that you need to come up with something different.  Some people open up plr articles and use it as a short cut.  You don’t want to do this.  There are lots of plr articles on the market and there are lots of other people that have access to it.  You just want to use it to learn something new.

Writing Content Faster for Your Blog – Get better at typing and increasing your speed

If you don’t mind writing your own articles, you can always get the advantage of writing and typing faster.  This allows you to get more done faster.  Cutting down on the mistakes and typing words quicker gets your articles done faster.

You still have to go back and check for errors, but using a typing program to up your speed is a good idea.  Typing is a skill that is still useful.  You can become more efficient with your typing, it just takes some more practice.  Remember mavis beacon!

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