Writing Articles for Affiliate Marketing – Aff marketing without a website

Affiliate marketing without using a website by writing articles. You know how to write articles and they can have some staying power.  Use your computer to turn your ideas into articles that have the potential to drive traffic.

Can you come up with a good headline?  Use the google free keyword tool to find out what people are looking for related to your topic.  Use other keyword tools to help identify good keywords for your articles.

Write your article

Submit your article to article directories.  This is a simple task.  Find out the rules for the search engines and start preparing your articles.  Some important facts to learn are the minimum number of words per article and the policies around promotional links.  The rules keep changing for article submissions, so learn as much as you can before trying to add your new article to a directory.

Directories are not taking more time to look over articles before they allow them in.  You might not immediately get your article approved.  Just go into the process with both eyes open and understand that it might take some time before your articles are live and ready to start pulling some traffic.

Getting your articles in front of larger audiences

Directories give you a chance to find a larger audience.  You post your info in the directory and try to gain the attention of other web developers and ezine list owners.  Why are these kind of viewers more important?  It all comes down to getting your message in front of a bigger audience.   A list owner might have a huge list of readers.  Getting your article republished to that list might provide the exposure that you are looking for.  You might log into your accounts and see a big spike in web traffic.  It could be a result of an ezine owner republishing your article and the list subscribers heading over to your site to learn more information about your topic.

Writing articles can be a method for affiliate marketing without a website

Don’t expect to get traffic overnight with articles that you send to the article directories.  It might take some time for them to catch on.  The thing to remember is that you are not spending money for traffic.  You are getting the traffic for free.  You are putting the effort in to create high quality articles that work as lead generators that attract the targeted audience that you are looking for.  Writing articles allows you to use your creativity to come up with lots of different articles that touch your different affiliate offers.  You are really unlimited when it comes to writing content.

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