Working From Your Home Office – Writing Content, Video, and Web Development

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The internet makes it easy to work. You don’t have to travel to an office space to get things done. Now the web brings all the information together in one place. You can do lots of work offline and then just use a computer system connected to the web to make things happen.

Working From Your Home Office – Writing Your Own Ebook

Do you have an idea for a book? You can create your own ebook from home. There are a lot of reasons to write your own ebook. Write it to drive traffic to your blog. Write it to build your mailing list. Write the book to make online sales. Write the book to make money with affiliate marketing.

Working From Your Home Office – Web Development

  1. Create blogs from home – Make free blogs and get your own web hosting to setup blogs.  Learn the process and unlock the doors to online income options.  Setup one blog and remove your fears about doing web development.  Now the software makes it easy to create sites fast with the right blogging solution. Use wordpress, blogger or a number of other blogging platforms to create good looking sites.
  2. Sell Your Blogs to other businesses – There are lots of businesses and organizations that are looking for a good website solution.  They might not have people inside the business that can handle the web development issues.  Take your knowledge of setting up websites and offer services to those small businesses and organizations that need the help.
  3. Create simple software from home – Learn real web development skills and put them to work.  You could learn the technology that is running under the hood in wordpress.  Pick up php and learn the rules of web development.  You could take your skills and create wordpress themes or wordpress plugins that give wordpress users more flexibility.  There are lots of wordpress users around the globe.
  4. Buy domain names from home – Find good domain names and purchase them.  Good domain names are not always difficult to find.  You can keep watch for expired domain names or just come up with good combinations of words to create general domain names.  You might even be able to pick up domain names for less than the regular price with domain name discount codes.
  5. Setup Domain name forwarding – Affiliate marketing is something that you can do from home.  The affiliate links that the affiliate companies give you can be long and ugly.  You can clean up your affiliate links and make them more presentable to your  prospects by adding a good looking domain name.
  6. Use templates to create simple websites – This is another option for web development.  You don’t have to know anything special.  You can just add content in the right places and add the advertising that you want to include.  The one problem with using templates is that you can break the design if you remove important information or codes.

Working From Your Home Office – Writing Content

  1. Write Blog Content from Home – Writing content from home is possible.  Blogs are the popular way to create sites and they all have something in common.  Blogs need to new content.  With blogging, you can write about just anything.  Blogs can focus on all kinds of topics, so you can write to your passions from home.
  2. Create PLR Articles – Private label rights content is another option.  Instead of writing your content and selling it one time, you sell the same content over and over again.  PLR is cheap, but it is a head start for other writers.  They can use plr to create more articles.
  3. Write Articles for Article Directories – Article directories can be another destination for your writing content.  The hope with this option is getting your content in front of large newsletter audiences or blog audiences.  You get to place a link in your content.  You could drive the traffic to your own blog or to an affiliate link.
  4. Write Newsletter and Ezine Content – Email marketing and ezine marketing is still an option.  Ezines and newsletters are published on schedules just like a regular magazine.  They need good articles and advertisements.  Build up a good email list and then provide them with good content to help build a long term relationship.
  5. Rewrite PLR Content for Your Blog – Now you don’t have to worry about what to write.  You can get plr content and rewrite it for your blog and other purposes.  PLR comes in different quality levels.  You can rewrite bad plr and turn it into something you could use on your blogs and sites.

Working From Your Home Office – Video Marketing

  1. Make Screen Capture Videos – Create tutorial videos.  People that don’t want to read a lot can turn to your videos to guide them through problem areas.  Use screen capture software to tape your movements and audio.
  2. Videos with Your Camcorder – Pick up your camcorder and start putting it to good use.  Record videos.
  3. Create Videos with Online Software – Use software to convert your photos and short videos into great looking slideshow videos.

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