Working from home options


Get a computer

You can find computer deals when you search online.  Do you really need to have a brand new computer to get started?  You can find great deals for computers by using ebay.  They have used computers that are low cost.  Check for low priced computers around back to school time.

Get a smartphone with unlimited calling

A smartphone provides lots of different functions.  The prices for smartphones have dropped.  Consumers really like the apple iphone.  There are many different phone carriers and phone options.  Don’t ignore the prepaid cell phone carriers.  They have some low priced options that might help you when you are trying to get started with your home business.

Get a voip phone number and calling plan

Give yourself more options for communications.  Get a voip calling plan like skype or vonage.  You are going to need to get a headset, but making calls through the web can be another option for your home business.  The cost for skype is not high and it just gives you another option for making calls.

Get an online fax number

People still send faxes.  You might already get a fax service through one of your other phone plans, but it is always good to have a backup.  An internet based fax number just gives you more flexibility.  Check the pricing and the number of faxes offered per month.

Buy a domain name

You can find lots of deals when it comes to getting a web address for your home business.  A simple online search can save you some money.  Domain promo codes are easy to enter.  You might have to try a few different codes before you find one that works.  A little bit of effort can add up to money savings.

Get cheap but solid web hosting

You are going to need a place to put your online files for your website.  WordPress is a popular blogging software that many are using to setup their sites.  Make sure that you choose your web hosting company wisely.  You will start to find the same web hosting company names online when you search and listen to customers.

Get a paypal account

Make sure that you have a way to get payments online.  Getting a paypal account is a good idea for your home business efforts.  Signing up is quick and there are lots of people that use it as a payment method.

Build a website

The simple answer is wordpress.  You can install it quickly and you can have a great looking home business site in no time flat.  Pick a good looking wordpress theme and get down to business.

Get more content for your sites

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