Work From No Home

I just finished watching a video on using clickbank to make money online. The video showed a guy from asia that came to california on vacation. He setup a clickbank account and then proceeded to make money from scratch. Don’t you just love watching those videos.

The video never showed what tips and tricks that he used to get those sales. He kept checking in day after day and he kept on making more clickbank sales. I really wonder what he is using to get people to buy. Do you already have a clickbank account? Are you making web sales? I have had a clickbank account for many months and have placed plenty of affiliate links on blogs but they never seem to result in making any money.

Watching those videos really got me interested in knowing the traffic source that the guy is using. He says that you don’t need to be a tech wiz to get started and that should get a lot of people willing to take a look. When you see videos like this it just makes you wonder what part of the puzzle that you are missing. Writing a ton of articles and they still don’t give you the results that you are looking for. This guy comes to the united states and is basically on vacation and shows that internet marketing is working for some people. Who knows what the secret is? I wonder if he already has a large email list. Maybe he is a big joint venture broker that can drive a lot of traffic with just a couple of emails to important internet marketers.

You can checkout the video yourself here. Is it really that easy to make money using the web? Just with a laptop and an internet connection. I must be doing something wrong.


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