WordPress Tutorial – Getting Started with the WordPress Dashboard and Blog Posts

Have you started using wordpress yet?  What are you waiting for?  Once you make the jump to wordpress, you can start posting information and you will love it.  You don’t have to spend lots of money to create websites.  You can just use wordpress and be on your way.

When you install wordpress, you will get a username and a password.  You need to keep this information in a safe place. These are the keys to your online blogging experience.  Once you successfully enter your username and password, you will enter the wordpress dashboard.  There is a lot of information there and it is your command center for getting things done on your blog.

Your blog will be setup with the default info when you start, but you can make changes here on the dashboard.


Menu on the left side of the screen will show the menu item posts.  Click this menu item and you will be able to create and manage your blog posts.  Your blog was setup with a sample blog post.  A blog post has a title and a body. You can also tag your blog post with keywords.

You have lots of options when it comes to your blog posts.  You can create a new blog post.  You can save it to edit it later by saving it in draft mode.  You can publish your blog post and have it show up on your site.  You can also schedule the blog post to appear at a date of your choosing.

The posts editor should seem familiar.  It is just like working on a document in a word processing program.  You have the option of organizing your blog posts with categories. When you are done with your blog post, you can click the visual tab to see how it will look.  You can switch back and forth between the visual and text tabs with a mouse click.

Before you publish your blog post, you might to see how it will appear.  Sometimes, you can miss a few details and the preview button is there to give you a view of your work.  Click the preview button and you will see how it looks.  If you are ready to post it online, you can just hit the publish button and you are done.


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