WordPress – The Simple Way to Make Powerful Websites

Creating a website can be a huge task for someone that is not familiar with web development. Creating a well-designed site with minimal tech expertise can cause some people to completely shut down and put off the idea of building a site. There is hope for the tech challenged person that wants to get online. The simple solution is wordpress.

Building a website from the ground up using traditional web development methods can be costly and time consuming. Custom designed websites can be expensive. Website templates are another low cost option but make the wrong changes to the underlying code and the site can become unreadable. What happens when changes need to be made to the site? Hiring designers and programmers can get expensive and become too much of a hassle. What happens if the web development project goes over the budget? WordPress is a powerful blogging platform that can be the cost effective solution to your problem.

WordPress Setup: Create a site without the wait

Setup a WordPress site in record time with a web hosting account optimized for WordPress. The normal process for creating a site includes downloading the software online and uploading it to a web hosting account. This can be a lot to ask of a non technical user. Zipping and unzipping files and knowing how to use file transfer programs may be be too much for the average internet user to handle. There is a faster and easier way to get this task accomplished with WordPress Quick Installs.

Supply the basic information required to create a WordPress installation using WordPress Quick Install and have a site ready in minutes. Basic information includes the new site name, a working email account and the domain name that you want the site to use. The administrator username and password will be sent to the email supplied during the site creation process. This site administration information is really important and needs to be kept in a safe place.

WordPress Dashboard: Your Website Control Center

The WordPress Dashboard is the central location for making changes to the site. Use the username and password supplied and look around to see all the things that are available from dashboard.

The dashboard includes the appearance, plugins, users, tools and settings that make up the site. The appearance tab manages the themes, widgets, and menus. These options control how the site looks when an online visitor lands on the page. Themes are designs that change the way a site looks. Widgets are small pieces of code that can add more options for the site. Menus are groups of links to information.

WordPress Plugins: Make your new WordPress site do more

A basic WordPress site comes with plenty of tools out of the box. Software developers and designers create small programs called wordpress plugins that can give site owners even more functionality. Plugins can be found on large range of topics. WordPress administrators can search for plugins from inside the software. Installing and activating a plugin can be accomplished in just a few short steps.

WordPress Themes: Change the Look and Feel with Just a few Clicks

Themes change the way a wordpress site looks. There are numerous free wordpress themes and premium wordpress themes. WordPress really makes changing a site design simple. With just a few clicks of the mouse button, a wordpress site can look completely different.

WordPress is the simple and easy way to create websites fast. Create websites that look professional in a matter of minutes. Control everything needed from the WordPress dashboard. Reduce your web development costs and take control of your online presence.

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