What is your blogging routine?

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Do you have a blogging routine? Blogs are always in need of new content. How do you go about blogging? Do you just sit down at the computer, get a cup of starbucks and start to write. Do you search for the ads that you want to include in your blog post before you create your article?

One of the easiest ways to create a blog post is to open up your blogging system and then start brainstorming the topic that you want to cover. Just start writing a sentence or two about each topic. This can help you come up with a long article in just about no time. After you have all of your topics selected, you just start writing on the topic selected. Then move on to the next one. You don’t even have to pay attention to the word count at the bottom of the screen. You just cover the topic until you feel that it is complete.

Do you use private label rights content to help you through the tough spots when you can’t come up with something to say on your blog? Not all plr is that good, but even the bad stuff can help you come up with a blog post. It is happening right now. I am talking about the bad plr that I have encountered in the past and using it to create something new. PLR can give you some ideas that you can bounce around and even if you don’t agree with the subject matter, you could come at the topic from a different point of view. Add plr to your blogging routine.

Is there a specific time of the day that you like to write? You might not have a routine when it comes to your writing time. Some people like to write whenever they have the free time or whenever the writing bug decides to hit. Something might happen during your day that gets you inspired to write a blog post on a new topic. Maybe it is the high price of gas, or maybe it is the high price of laser inkjet toner. You never know what can be the catalyst for getting your writing juices flowing. Your blog is going to always need some good content. Sometimes you might get inspired to write more than just one blog post in a day. You have a couple of choices when this happens. Post them all on the same day or start to schedule the posts over multiple days in the future. It is probably best to load your blog up for posts into the future. This can help show that your blog is active.

Are you doing keyword research before writing your posts or just writing what you want and saying forget the search engines? Writing what you want and not focusing on the search engines is where I tend to go. Search engine optimization can take some time and it could be something that you do after you have written your post. You are going to need to tag your blog post with keywords. The only thing about search engine optimization is that it is always changing. New search engine rules keep popping up and it seems like a moving target. It is probably better to start thinking about building your own mailing list and connecting with your audience that way.

Does it really matter if you have a blogging routine? Not really. This is the internet and you can do what you want. If you want to be systematic, you can. If you want to post when you want, you can. That is the beauty of blogging and the web. You can do what you like.

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