What Football can Teach You About Running a Home Business

People love football.  Does football have any clues that can help you with running your home business?  Take the different positions on a football team and think about their assignments.  Your business has different tasks and you need all the parts working together to be successful.

Don’t miss your assignments.

Have you ever seen a quarterback drop back to pass the football and the running back in the backfield doesn’t see a defender running through the line right at the quarterback?  It might end up on sportcenter with the a big hit and the line you got jacked up.  You need to know what your assignments are for your home business.  If you got get your assignments handled, your business could get jacked up.

Don’t fumble the ball.

This is a really big no no in football.  You have to keep a good hold on the football when you have it.  There are going to be some hits and contact.  You must make sure to keep the ball protected.  How does this apply to your home business?  Think about protecting your files and your business.  Get anti-virus protection for your computer systems.  Get business insurance.  Get backup devices for your most important parts of your business.

Be prepared to take the hit.

Football is a contact sport.  You have to be ready to take a hit and you have to deliver blocks and hits also.  Your home business will require some contact.  You have to be ready to put yourself out there.  Making phone calls and getting rejections is part of business.  You have to make presentations and offer products and services.  It is not all going to go your way.  Put your best foot forward and stay focused on your goals.

Have a clear vision.

Football teams both have the same idea before a game.  They want to win.  What do they do before the game is ever played?  They plan and they prepare.  The teams come up with  a game plan.  They study the opposing team.  They look at tapes from past games.  They come up with a plan to handle what the other team will try to do.  How can you use this information in your home business?  Are you creating business plans for your home business?  Do you have your own version of a training camp to get ready for business?  Are you keeping track of your competition and make adjustments?  Start with vision for your business and then take a look at your competition.

Be ready to make adjustments.

Football teams can have a great plan, but the game still has to be played.  The plan gets put into action and you get to see the results.  A team might have a great plan, but the other team might have a better solution.  Football teams know that an initial good start to a game is not enough.  Football teams and coaches have to be ready to make adjustments.  Your home business might start with one strategy and find after testing that it is not working correctly.  You might have to adjust your home business towards something new.  You might see that more people are using mobile computers now and you need to update your site to handle the change to mobile devices.

Know the down and distance.

The offense of a football team gets four downs to pick up ten yards.  After each play, the offense needs to know how much yardage they need to keep going.  There can be penalties that push a team back or forward.  The offense could advance the ball or lose a down.  It is really important to know how many downs are left and the amount of yardage needed to keep playing.  Your home business needs goals.  You need to know deadlines and you need to implement project management.  Keeping track of money and important dates is crucial to your business.  Use project management and time management systems to help stay on track.

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