Website Building

Website building is not the hard task of the past. You can get online today and have a site created that looks like a professional did it. The tools are making the difference these days. The basic structure of a website is simple. Now all the guesswork has been reduced and you can really just follow a few simple steps to be on the road to your new web site.

Adding a Header

A header is at the top of your website. Some templates and blog systems will have an area dedicated for a header image. Some programs will allow you to choose between using a text header or an image header. They will give you the size requirements for the header image to make sure that it fits the design. A text header is just simple written text.

Adding Text

The body of the website will usually be text. Most web building software will make it simple to update the site in this section. If you already have a lot of text that you want to use, it can be a simple copy and paste job. When you update the site, you might have to go back to check that the formatting is correct, but for the most part, it should almost be like updating a regular word document.

Adding Images

Websites are not built just with text in mind. Adding images to your web site can help add context to your writing and design features. Adding images to a site might require a little more work on your part. Know where you have your images saved on your computer. You might have to use a ftp program to upload your images to your new website. Another common strategy with images is to host them on another site and use an html link code to get the image to show up.

Adding a Mailing List

Most websites are built to provide information and to get prospects to take an action. Adding a mailing list to your website is good option for this. There are lots of email marketing companies that provide simple web forms that you can copy and paste into your site. Just a few lines of code can allow your prospects to enter their email address and name. When they hit the submit button that information can be transfered to a database where you can start a new relationship with them.

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