Have you watched any webinars lately? I just got finished watching one a few hours ago. It was centered around internet marketing, but it was focused on real estate professionals. They went through lots of information really quickly, but I must admit that it was well put together.

Do you learn anything from Webinars? They can be really good tools for sharing information. When you watch webinars, you know that there is going to be something for sale at the end of the presentation. Have you ever purchased a product because of a webinar? Even if you don’t buy anything that the webinar is promoting, you are still getting a lot of value. The webinar host is building a relationship.

The focus of the webinar was internet marketing. They showed a lot of different ways that a company could get online. A large number of websites were getting thrown out right and left. The presentation was not rushed though. They just moved from one site to the next at a quick pace.

It just goes to show that there are a lot of moving parts in internet marketing. It also showed that everybody is not at the same level when it comes to understanding internet marketing. Make sure to include the basics and step people through the process. Don’t take it for granted that everybody is up to speed.

Another big concept discussed was outsourcing the work. Outsourcing internet marketing tasks just makes sense for a lot of people in this niche. They want to use internet marketing to get leads and work the leads. They don’t really want to do all the ground work for getting the leads. Article marketing, video marketing, blogging and creating newsletters seems outside of the scope for the group. This is why outsoucing plays such a big role in the internet marketing sector.

The bottom line is that internet marketing is working for some folks. List building and lead generation are topics that will not go away. Watching that webinar also showed me that there are good ways to promote your affiliate products through webinars. The webinar hosts were not selling during the presentation, but you could easily see how with just one step, they might create affiliate sales.
Think about adding webinars to your home business marketing portfolio.

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