Web Writing for Traffic

Article writing is real labor. People think that free internet marketing or bum marketing really is free but it is not.  You are spending a lot of time coming up with content.  There are lots of different forms of content but many will turn to writing articles to get traffic online  The idea is not that bad when you think about it.  Written content can stand the test of time.  It all depends on how you are going to use your content.

Writing content and posting it on article directories is a common way of trying to get more web traffic.  The idea behind it is to give away your content in the hopes that it will land in front of high traffic sites or newsletters.  The content has to be good and it has to get the attention of the influencers that can deliver you traffic.

Writing articles is not the only way to use your content.  There are more and more people around the globe that are joining the whole mobile craze.  Now people are getting their information through ebooks.

Free pdfs could also be a good use of your writing talents.  When you think about books, you know that they can have real staying power.  People are buying those amazon kindle and apple ipads on a regular basis and they are going to want to fill them up with content.

Writing content takes creativity and you can explore new ways of going into subjects. You don’t just have to write boring and dry texts. Writing boring content is probably as bad as writing no content at all.  You don’t have a long time to grab attention online.  People are searching the web for info and you have to be concerned about the back button.  They can take that mouse and be back at looking at other sites in no time flat.  Your writing has to make them focus.

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