Web Traffic without Search Engine Traffic

How can you get traffic without the help of the search engines? When you turn on your computer in the morning, do you always go to the search engine to get to your favorite websites?

Some sites get sticky in your mind. You visit the site a few times and then you know the web address. You might even bookmark the site to make it easy to jump there. People go to the search engines when they want to learn something.

Email Marketing

What comes to mind when you think about email marketing?  SPAM.  All of those unwanted emails that contain links to stuff that you don’t want.  People still check their emails and it is another way to generate web traffic without search engines.  You might want to add an email signature.

Video Marketing

Creating videos is a way to generate traffic without the search engines.  Making a video is really simple.  There are different tools that you can use.  A smartphone might come equipped with a video option.  You can also create screen capture videos or use software to create videos from your pictures.

Offline Marketing

Take your marketing efforts offline into the real world.  Generate web traffic the old way.  Use flyers and other printed marketing materials to get web traffic.  The real estate industry still uses signs big time.  What about including your web address on your printed materials or signs?  You can make it easy for people to get to your site even if you have a long and complicated web address.  You can get a qr code or quick response code and add that to your marketing.  The people that are up to speed on technology with smartphones can scan the qr code and get redirected to your web address.

Forum Marketing

What about joining online forums?  These are websites were people come together to share information about a topic.  You can find forums on all kinds of niches.  Check the forum rules about forum signature files.  Interacting on a forum might generate more web traffic.  Forum signatures are just like email signatures.  When you make a post, the forum signature will show up for the forum readers to see after your comments.  If you are active on the forum, each post gives you a new chance to get more web visitors.

If you are not getting web traffic love from the search engines, you have to think about other ways to generate web traffic.  Free traffic might not be the only option, you might have to start investing in paid advertising options too.

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