Web Traffic Questions

Why should web visitors come to your pages? What is special about them? There are so many pages online that contain information.

Posting information on article directories puts you right next to all of your competition. How can you break out of the box and get real web traffic coming to your site? Targeted web traffic is what most online business owners are looking for. Getting web traffic but not making any sales is worthless too. That might make you even more frustrated online.

You are expecting people to land on your websites and immediately click on a link or click the buy button for the products that you are promoting. Do you act like this in the real world? Do you see something one time and immediately buy it right then and there? Or do you take your time to learn about the thing that you are interested in? Read a few reviews first. See what other people have to say about the product?

Some items that you really want might not get a lot of scrutiny before you buy it. If it is something that you have bought in the past, you might not have any hesitation when it is time to pull out your credit card.

The other time when you don’t pump the brakes when it comes to buying is when it is something that you really need. You might be driving around in your car and know that the gas tank is getting close to empty. Your options become limited. High gas prices might be on every sign that you see. You might want to search for the lowest gas prices, but if you want to stay on the road and not be pushing your car down the street, you have to make a purchase. Sometimes circumstances will force you to make purchases.

What are some of those purchases that you have to make online? Domain name renewals. Web hosting fees. Are any of the services that you offer online really needed by people on the web? Think about some of your online behaviors. Will you buy domain names just because there is a promo code? Do you offer any impulse buys to people on your website or blog?

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