Wasting Your Monthly Faxes

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When you have an online fax service like myfax, you get a certain amount of incoming and outgoing faxes per month. There was a time when we received a lot of faxes on the regular fax machine. Everyday, we would check the fax and it would have a lot of faxes that came in from all over the plan. Many of the faxes were spammy type faxes and it wasted up a lot of paper and fax toner. Then we came across services like efax and myfax.

The pricing was right and it let you eliminate some of the costs of printing and toner. It is a difference because you are switching from a fixed cost of buying a fax machine to using an internet service to get your faxes through email on a monthly subscription. But the ability to zap junk faxes without wasting paper was ideal.

Over time the number of faxes received and sent has dropped dramatically. Once you get a email fax number, you kind of want to keep it. Plus it is a good backup plan just in case you need it. It does seem like a waste sometimes though when you open your account and see that you have barely used your online fax service.

I still think that online fax programs are a good idea. If you do get faxes, they sit in your email account until you decide to do something with them. If you are in a business like real estate and you need to keep up with important documents, an online fax program can be a big help. I guess that technology changes so fast that new ways of getting stuff done become more popular. Now when you think of sending a document the first thought is to create a pdf and email it. I have a 100 faxes per month that I could be sending and each month they are wasting away. Maybe I need to check to see if I can get another plan that will reduce the monthly cost for my service.

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