Using Squidoo for web pages

Squidoo is an onilne web 2.0 website that allows you to create pages online. The site is free to use and it you can use it to make some money online.

Building a Squidoo Lens

Squidoo webpages are called something different. They are referred to as squidoo lenses. You can create a squidoo lens on just about any subject that you want. It is really easy to make them. If you were trying to create a website from scratch, you would need to know a lot about html and maybe even php. Squidoo makes it easy for the novice to get a page online.

Squidoo uses Modules

A Squidoo Lens is a combination of a bunch of different modules that allow you to add content. You can add text modules, amazon modules, and many other module types to your lens. Your initial lens will need to have some basic information. An introduction and a few text modules will go a long way toward getting your lens completed. Squidoo will even let you know the kind of information that they look for when you are ready to publish your lens.

Squidoo shares income with you

When you setup a squidoo account, you can let them know about some of your other online profiles. Are you already setup with amazon associates? Do you have a google adsense account? You might want to include your information in your squidoo profile information. Squidoo lenses can earn you some money. Enter your paypal information and start driving some traffic to your lenses.

Squidoo publishing

Wben you initially create a lens, it will be published and available for internet views to see. Squidoo has changed the way that lens are featured on the site now. If your lens falls below a certain rank, it won’t be featured anymore. Squidoo wants you to promote your lens and send traffic to it. If you log into your squidoo account and see that a red stop sign is next to your lens then you know that it is not featured. If a green light is next to your lens title then people can view it.

If your lens is not featured, you can go in and make some updates to it. Add more content to your lens and keep it updated with new images, and content. Think about adding some video modules or maybe putting a guestbook module on it. Do something to your lens to keep it active and ranked high enough to be visible.

Squidoo Levels

Squdioo has different levels of users. As you do things around the site, you get upgraded to higher levels. When you reach new levels, you might unlock more modules that you can use when create lenses. You can get points for logging into the site multiple days in a row, commenting on other lenses and much more. Take a look at the different levels and see what you can get.

Squidoo is a community type of website. It is not a strictly blogging site. So sign up and take a look at other lenses on the site. Make some comments, sign some guestbooks and learn something new. If you are really into business information, you can check out their new online business magazine called upmarket. Here is an example of an upmarket squidoo lens.

UpMarket is a collection of squidoo lenses that are focused on business. You can learn a lot of information just by checking out a few of them. Give Squidoo a try. It is simple and easy to get started. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get online, squidoo might be the answer that you have been looking for.

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