Using a business credit or debit card to track your spending

Home business cards can help you keep better track of your expenses. When you are just starting out with your home business you might still be using cash and Business Checks. Trying to keep up with all those receipts can be a pain in the you know what. The only thing about receipts is that over time they can start to fade.

It can be frustrating to open up your receipts and see that you can’t tell what a purchase was for or when the transaction took place. One benefit of using business credit and debit cards is that you can have an electronic record of what you have done in the past.

Some cards make it easy to categorize the purchases that have been made. It is much better to log into a website and do a online search than trying to go back and search through a pile of papers. It can be a real time saver. Another upside of using business credit cards is that you can get the equipment or products that you need right now and extend the payments out over time. What happens when you have a project that you need to get done but you don’t have the resources? Missed opportunities.

Using a business credit or debit card to make your normal purchases could also be a good idea. Some items like gas or office supplies are going to be purchased anyway, so why not use the business card? Business cards can help you keep better track of what you are buying in your business. If you are just using paper to keep track of your expenses you might not be able to notice trends in your business spending patterns.

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