Use Your Blog Post Dashboard

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Are you using some of the html tags for your blog posts?

Bold important concepts

Make your readers take notice with italics

Say it without saying it with a strikethrough point.

Remember to outline your work

Create a numbered list

  1. Great for hitting the important topics
  2. Keeps you on task
  3. Good way to keep your articles at a niche length

Do an unordered list

  • Make as many points as you need
  • building lists is easy
  • It makes creating an article go faster

Underline information that is important – Some people might think its a link

Back to your outline

Use the Headers

Main Point using H1

Important Point using H2

Subpoint using H3

Tagging your information helps your readers get to the info they are looking for quickly.

Create categories

Just a few tips to get you started.

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