Use the Summer to Get More Business Information

Read some business books this summer.  The summer is almost over, but you can still add something good to your summer reading list.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to learn something new during the summer.  Why not visit your local library?  There are lots of good books that you can checkout when you have a library card.

You can find lots of low cost good books if you look in the right places.  Do you want to know where you can pick up books for a super low price?   You might be able to get them for less than a high priced cup of starbucks coffee.  Check your local goodwill store.  You will be shocked at what you can find in the books section.  You might come across books that are brand new.  You can find all kinds of books. Textbooks, Financial books and business books are usually available.

Check amazon for good book deals.  Get the kindle software for your computer.  You can download the software and open the doors to lots of good information.  You can find lots of kindle books on business and strategy.  There are a lot of kindle titles that are really cheap and in some cases free.  Learn more about business on amazon.

One place that I have not checked, but I am going to add to the book search is garage sales.  You can go to your local craigslist page and see lots of garage and yards sales on the weekend.  Do you think some of those yard sales will have books that are dirt cheap?  If you are into the yard sale thing, you might come up on a few gems.

Even if you don’t get physical books during the summer, you can still use your time to learn new information.  Don’t forget about using online sites and blogs to get the information that you need to advance your business.

Videos are another information source that cannot be ignored.  There are a lot of great videos on youtube that discuss topics that are related to your business.  Use youtube for more than just the latest entertaining viral video.  Use youtube to brush up your math skills or to learn some new marketing tactics and strategies.

The summer is almost over,  but you can start getting into better business shape.  Even if you are not keeping up your exercise schedule, you can put yourself into a better frame of mind for getting your business moving in the right direction.

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