Upgrading to a Smartphone

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Walmart had a really great deal on a smartphone. They offered the Boost Mobile Galaxy Prevail for just 68 dollars if you could get one. Smartphones are taking over. Sure you can get cheap flip phones for under 50 bucks but now a phone is for doing much more than making phone calls.

Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android Smartphone (Boost Mobile)

Mobile devices are allowing people to check email, surf the internet, and run mobile web applications. The Walmart deal from Black Friday is over but there are still some good deals on smartphones available for Cyber Monday.

You can still find a good price on the Boost Mobile Galaxy Prevail at Amazon but its almost twice the price from Walmart on Black Friday. QVC looks like they have a pretty good deal on it and they have an option where you could pay for the phone in multiple payments.

If you missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday hopefully there will be more deals as we get closer to the end of the year. This is the year to upgrade to a smarthphone. Don’t forget to include a bluetooth headset with your purchase. There should be some great deals on those for Cyber Monday too.

Everything is going mobile now. Boost Mobile might not be the biggest baddest cell phone company but if you are trying to upgrade from old school cell phones then it might be your jumping in point.

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