Ugly Websites

Do you ever pull up websites and see that they are really ugly? Ugly websites are not uncommon. Why do some people still have ugly websites these days? People still have ugly websites because people get comfortable.

There are lots of business owners that don’t like having to deal with technology. They might get a website done for their business and they didn’t like the experience. They might have paid a lot of money to get the site developed. At the end of the process, they were probably just glad to have the whole thing done.

Ugly websites might still be effective. Basic sites that provide information is all that some business owners want. Just simply getting online might be enough for them.

The truth is that they don’t have to have ugly websites anymore. Blogs and content management systems are easy to setup and easy to use and maintain. They don’t have to worry about getting taken to the cleaners by designers or web programmers every time they need to make a change to the site.

What are content management systems? Content management systems keep your information organized online. They make it simple for regular people to add into to your business pages. You might have a large office with lots of different areas. Content management systems can allow you to setup users that can create and update information on your sites without having to know a lot of technical details.

WordPress is a blogging system and a content management program. It can be a great way to start a website online. A well designed site can be had fresh out of the box. The other great part about using wordpress is that the software doesn’t cost you money. You just need to have web hosting that can support a wordpress installation.

Some business owners might be happy with their ugly websites. It might seem like too much trouble to get a modern web system like wordpress. The phrase if it’s not broke, don’t fix it might come to mind. Business owners might need to start thinking about their websites like cars. Sure you could have a classic car that you have just fallen in love with, but over time there are many new designs and safety features that get added with each new model year. In web terms, it doesn’t cost much to go from a hyuandai excel to a mercedes benz s550.

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