The Power of Referrals

It really helps when you know people.  You are a part of a group and that group provides some benefits.  Sharing is one part of belonging to a group.  We live in the internet age and the power of information and referrals means that information can travel fast.

You can be connected to lots of  people through the web.  You might live on one side of the country and your family could live on the other.  The web connects us.  What if you got a great deal on a product?  You could pick up the phone and tell your friends and family about it and they could take advantage of it too.  Now think about if you could earn money for it.  That is the power of referrals.

Some people might immediately stop you if you start talking about business.  It is okay if they don’t get it.  They are simply giving away money and they don’t know it.  They are leaving money on the table.  How can this be the case?  The reason is simple.  They are already spilling the beans and promoting products all day long.

People have no choice but to talk about the stuff going on in their lives.  They are constantly talking all the time.  There are plenty of people that are getting the full use of those unlimited cell phone calling plans.  They talk about everything.   So you know that products and services are going to pop up all the time.  They might be on the phone talking about one thing and then in the next minute they jump to a problem they are having with the cable tv.  They might be talking about a relative that is getting ready to go to college and in the next minute talk about the newest dvd releases or their favorite tv show.  What about who got voted off dancing with the stars?  You get the idea, people talk about all kinds of crap.  What if people realized that they could turn some of those conversations into a chance to earn income?

It all starts by joining affiliate programs.  You are not forcing someone to buy something.  You are just sharing information.  No pushy hard sales tactics.  It might something as simple as saying your domain name where they can get more info.  It might be as easy as creating a promo code and telling them that code.

Referrals are happening all the time.  Sometimes your friends and family will ask you your opinion about the best service providers or even the best restaurants in your area.  How would you normally respond to one of those questions?  Would you completely ignore them or give them your top picks?

You might even want to take it to the next level and create your own online site or blog.  There are lots of people that do affiliate marketing as a real business.

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