The Hunt for Web Traffic

Websites come in all different flavors and types. There is one common denominator that all websites are looking for. They are looking for web traffic. You can have the best, most well designed site on the web, but if it doesn’t get any traffic, it is worthless.

Website owners are trying all kinds of ways to get traffic coming to their sites. One of the first ways to get web traffic is to post new information on the site. Content is the foundation of the web. People are looking for information and you need to have some information on your site. So what is the information that people are looking for? You can easily find this information by going to This will tell you the current hot searches online. You can also use google keyword search tool to see what the local and global search counts are for different keywords.

Content is king on the web and people have a short attention span, so you have to find a way to get attention. You post on your site and hope that people will show up. This might get you some traffic, or it could still leave your site standing in the corner alone at the dance. When you are creating content, it might help to think about the checkout line at your local supermarket. While other people are purchasing their items, you stand in line with the magazine rack right in your line of sight. Then you see the headlines and the pictures of the latest gossip and news. The headlines are ridiculous and you know that the story can’t be true, but you still read the headline and wonder what details the story holds. That is what you content needs to do.

You need to catch attention. The only difference between the supermarket and your website is that there is a captive audience in line at the supermarket. A similar online option would be a mailing list. A mailing list has a bunch of people that are interested in a specific topic. The bunch of people in the store are looking to buy food and other items. The people on the mailing list are looking to get information. There is a difference. How motivated are the people that are looking for the information? They need to be ready to get what you are providing.

People are looking for information in multiple formats. Some people like to listen to audio podcasts, while others might want to watch videos on youtube. Are you using the different methods to try to connect with your audience? Making videos and podcasts might be a new experience for you, but there are simple ways to get started. This is all about finding new traffic sources. Writing articles and posting them on the article directories is fine and dandy, but have the results been what you expected? After you spend a lot of time writing articles and then don’t see any real traffic coming to your site, you may want to start trying other more effective traffic generation methods. Article marketing can still be a long term strategy but you want to get web traffic right now. Like today.

The only way to find out what really works is to try new things and see the results of your efforts. Are you going on other blogs and leaving helpful comments? Are you guest blog posting to help get access to new audiences? Are you taking it to another level by doing offline marketing efforts to get traffic to your online sites?

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