Teespring – Starting Your First T-Shirt or Hoodie Campaign

Have you ever bought a t-shirt or a hoodie?  These are common pieces of clothing that people buy all the time.  Now, you too can get in on the clothing business.

Technology is changing everything and the clothing business is not immune.  You can create your own designs and sell them online.  Join the teespring website and start your first campaign.

Teespring works a little bit different than the old way of selling t-shirts.  You don’t have to pay for a bunch of t-shirts and then attempt to sell them later to get your money back.  With teespring, you create your online design and when you sell enough of your t-shirts they are printed up and shipped to the end buyer.

You can create both t-shirts and hoodies.  There are lots of different strategies that can be used when it comes to getting traffic.  Some like to focus on facebook fan pages and fb ads for traffic.

Take a look at the video below to see the possibilities with teespring and social marketing.

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