Targeting your market with seo keywords

When you are driving your car and you don’t know the way, you look at the signs.  Really, that is how people did it in the old days.  Now, more people have access to technology and they can just pull up or ask a question to siri.  People have certain words that they use when they want to get information.   Keywords. Keywords. Keywords.

You can talk about topics is general terms or you can get right to the point and deal with the right keywords.  Let’s say that you are a big professional football fan.  What is important to a fan?  They might be interested in their favorite football team.  What are some keywords that big football fans might search for?  They might be looking for scores, schedules, rankings and more.  The name of their favorite football team is probably going to be a search term.


Create your content, but search for keywords that your audience might use.  Don’t forget that people are not perfect.  Did you learn how to type correctly all the time?  Did you ever make mistakes when spelling words?  People are human and they can do the same thing.  Don’t forget to think about using keywords that are misspelled.  You might pick up on some extra traffic.

Use software tools to help with your keyword search.  You might find some keyword ideas that you might miss just thinking about them yourself.  People might only assume that you need to do keyword research for your written content, but don’t forget about videos and audios too.  Your headlines for videos are just as important as for the articles that you create.

Search engine optimization is a keyword that most website owners and bloggers are familiar with.  All website owners are looking for a way to get ahead with seo of the online competition.

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