Take Steps Forward for Your Business

Are you going to get pro active when it comes to marketing your writing?  Starting a writing business means jumping into a crowded online marketing race.  There are lots of people that have good writing skills.  What are you going to do to get the business?

What side of the line are you going to stand on?  You can go the route of using other services to help get business or you can take your writing directly to the marketplace.  Are you really going to get into business or just sit back and hope to find some work?

What about online promotions?  Marketing with your writing is one way to help promote your services.  The free article directories are there, but they are just as crowded as other online sites.  Put your content in areas where you can get some attention from the crowd that you want to attract.

What about offline promotions?  Create your own business cards and start offering your services.  Are you good with talking to people?  This might be an issue that you have to overcome.  Being in business really means being in sales.  You have to step out of your comfort zone and realize that business is about making contacts, making decisions and winning over rejection.

What if you don’t want to do all of this stuff?  Start getting creative and start finding other professionals that have the skills and services that you need.  See if you can trade services.  What if you find a good web developer or web designer?  See if they need a good writer for blogging and newsletter articles.

Make up your mind to give your business the attention that it needs.  Start creating your plans and putting them into action.


Turn the World Into Your Office