Home Business Tips – Using Youtube for Business Training


What are you going to do to build your internet marketing business today?  I am spending more time using youtube as a learning tool.  I still watch videos for entertainment, but there is a much bigger opportunity to use youtube for educational purposes.

What kind of videos are you watching?  You have plenty of options.  Instead of just watching videos that are from your specific business niche, why not try to learn from other areas.  I always like to watch videos that discuss business development.  I like watching the videos that talk about success and personal development.  This means that I watch jim rohn, t harv eker, tony robbins, jay abraham and more.

What are you learning by watching free videos on youtube?  The big takeaway that I have been getting recently is the way that you are thinking about business and the mindset that you have to have.  Another item that I am noticing is the importance of language.  I suggest that you take a look at some of the videos from Holton Boggs.  I am not in network marketing business, but taking the time to watch some of the training videos can be very informational.  Instead of focusing on the business that they are trying to promote, think about the message and how it can apply to your business in general.  It is all about marketing.  The products that they are promoting don’t matter.

How are you using Youtube for Training in Your Business?  Instead of watching music videos all the time, it is helpful to type in a current interesting topic that you want to learn more about.  Big data is something that is getting some attention, but probably not by small business or home business owners.  Mobile marketing is also a topic that I like to pull up on youtube.  You can find lots of presentations on youtube that can help fill in the gaps.

Using the internet for your business training is great opportunity.  You have access to lots of information.  All you have to do is log on and start to tap this important resource.  Information is at your fingertips in an instant.  Getting access to the information is available, you have to take the additional step of putting the information that you learn to use in your business.


No Love From the Search Engines


What are you going to do if you don’t get traffic from the search engines? It happens all the time. You might already have a few sites and you are posting content regularly. It seems like no one is coming to your site and you are not getting any help. Just keep plugging away at building your site and continue to link to your content.

Another option is to start buying traffic to your site. Check to see if you can find one of those coupons for setting up a pay per click account. Search for keywords related to your site and give the pay per click ads a try. This is not a long term solution, but at least you can start getting people to visit your site.

Continue to market your content through social media and article directories. The traffic might not show up overnight, but you have to keep adding content for a chance to break through. Free article directories are the place that other website owners and ezine owners go for content. Your content might find an audience there that leads to more traffic.

Free social media and web 2.0 sites might also get you some more views for your site. Try using squidoo, hubpages and other sites that allow you to publish content. It is free and they have some active members. Go to youtube and start posting videos. Create quick videos and link back to your site.

If you are not getting traffic, you could take a look at your keywords. The seo game keeps changing, but it couldn’t hurt to learn more about seo and seo writing. Make sure that you are tagging your information with high search keywords. Use those tags on your content. Think about using offline marketing tactics. Promote your web address on your flyers. Get qr codes for your flyers to make it easy for people to get to your site.

Don’t wait on the search engines to deliver your traffic. Try multiple ways of getting traffic to your sites. Buy traffic, use social media, and go offline if you have to.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Are you sitting back and missing the social marketing opportunities? Don’t pass up on a free way to share information about your business and services. You might be currently writing a lot of content and posting it on your blog. That is all well and good. Just don’t forget to use social media to market your services.

Social Media Marketing Tips – Find social media options and use them

People are using these services to check up on news, information and entertainment. Don’t let your business miss the chance to interact through these new channels. You know that social media is really taking off. If you don’t believe me, just watch your local news tonight. They are starting to make sure that they get responses from people watching the show. Now instead of email accounts, they are showing their social media handles. Social media is not something that just the kids are interested in.

Social Media Marketing Tips – Search for free information first

You can find lots of information on social media just by getting online and looking. You can do a quick search and find plenty of blogs and free ebooks that explain how to use social media for your home business. If that is not enough to get you started, you can find books on amazon that can go more in depth.

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Social Media Marketing Tips – Try multiple social media options

There are a few top social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn are some of the first that you should get to know. Why do you want to focus on the top social media networks? The answer is simple, it is where the people are. These sites are established and that is where you want to be.

Social Media Marketing Tips – Take it to the next level

Get the basics of using social media sites under your belt. You can then take it to the next level. Once you learn how to update your status and how to create pages for your home business, you will be ahead of the pack.

Once you get your profiles setup, you can start mixing it with your other online sites. Attach your social media profiles to your blogs and sites. Use plugins and software to help automate the process. Social media is just one more way to promote your business and services.

Golden Internet Income – Youtube and Pay Per Call Marketing

Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

Getting internet income is something that people from around the globe are interested in. Who has not thought about building an internet business and making money using the web. There are lots of options for getting started through online services. The idea of writing for generating new business leads is not an old one. The internet is changing and people love watching videos and movies. This could be a good way to promote offers online using online sources like youtube and other top video sites.

Internet Marketing Options for Generating Income

When you think about internet marketing, you might be thinking about banner ads or text links. There are more ways to earn internet money. Mobile marketing is starting to take hold and you cannot deny the impact of all the new mobile devices that are hitting the market.

Mobile Devices – The Future is Now

Smartphones and tablet computers are becoming the way to connect to the web. People love these devices and they keep them close by almost 24 hours a day. Can you reach out and touch your smartphone right now? Enter a new way to use the web to earn. What about using videos for pay per call ads?

Create Videos Fast

You can create videos quickly through a number of different services. You can appear on the videos or you can use software to get them done. Pay per call is a basic service. Think about all the cell phones that are in service. If you have a phone number on your video, your prospects can quickly type in those numbers and get access to your offers.

Getting Traffic for Your Videos

How are people going to find your videos? You can create videos fast, but you have to be concerned with getting web traffic to them. You have probably heard of seo and might be using it to get traffic to your blogs or websites. Now the question is how to use seo for your videos. There are lots of services that you can use to help get more web visitors to view your videos.

At Home Biz – Have you set home business goals for the new year?

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The new year is almost here. Have you started planning for the new home business year yet? Making a plan is not hard to do. Just sit down and do it. What are the things that you want to accomplish in the coming year? All you have to do is write them down. This can help you with focusing on what is important in your home business.

If you don’t have home business goals, you can take a look at a few of these and see if they make sense. Goal setting is something that all businesses can do and it doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. So lets jump in.

At Home Biz – Goal 1 – Make More Affiliate Sales

Are you using affiliate marketing in your home business? Affiliate marketing leverages the web traffic and the relationships that you have and turns it into income. People tell their friends about the products and services that they like all the time. What if just referring information could lead to income? There is a way to do it called affiliate marketing. Getting started is not that hard and it might be just what your home business has been looking for.

At Home Biz – Goal 2 – Do more with Video Marketing

Marketing is always a focus of home business. People market businesses in many different ways. There is a big change going on these days. More people are getting into mobile computing. They have smartphones and tablets and they are watching videos. Don’t miss the new marketing train that is video marketing. There are lots of ways to create videos and getting started is not hard to do.

At Home Biz – Goal 3 – Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Marketing with email is not going away. Are you focusing on email marketing? Email marketing is here to stay. You probably still have an email account and you are probably checking it everyday. Think about adding email marketing to your home business goals. Newsletters and ezines can get delivered right to your prospects email box. There are more than a few email newsletter companies that you can try. You might not even have to do a lot of the writing yourself, if you use private label rights content. This can also help you with your home business affiliate marketing efforts.

At Home Biz – Goal 4 – Leverage Social Media

Are you getting the most out of social media applications? Getting a facebook and twitter account is not enough. You have to learn how to really use them for your home business. What if you don’t know where to start with social media? There are lots of resources online that you can find. If you still don’t want to spend the majority of your time typing updates on tweetdeck, you could put your business person hat on an find a social media service or consultant that can get the job done.

Making Videos for Your Online Home Business

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There are still a lot of home business owners that are behind the times when it comes to technology. Do you know that there are still home businesses without a website? Home business owners need to get up to speed with the latest and greatest marketing methods. One marketing option cannot be ignored and it is called video.

Video is a powerful medium. It is sound and vision and a perfect way to share information about your home business. Home business owners are looking for free ways to spread the word about their great business and they should not forget about video.

Leverage Video for Your Online Business

How can a home business owner get started with making videos? First decide to do it. You might already have some of the tools that you need to get started. Do you have a smartphone? Do you have a video camera? If you have one and a computer then you are ready to get started. Now when I talk about home business videos, I am talking about videos to get you in the game. These are not videos that are going to win you an award. You just need a good quality video to make sure your business is represented online.

Different Kinds of Videos You Can Make

What kinds of videos do you want to make for your home business? You could create videos that do hard sells or you can do videos that provide educational value. It all depends on what you want to accomplish. You don’t even have to be really serious with your videos. You could go with the comedy route to get people interested in learning more about your company. The thing to remember is that people online are there usually for a reason. They might be online for entertainment or they might be looking for a specific piece of information. Start thinking about your ideal visitor before you even get started with your videos.

Tutorials are huge online. Do you have a solution to a common problem? Sit down at your computer and use screen capture software to walk your visitors through to the answers they need. With screen capture software, you don’t have to appear on camera. You can just talk into the microphone and record everything that you are doing on-screen.


Making Videos is Easy

How can you make videos the easy way? If you really don’t want to be in front of the camera, you still have options. You can sign up for a service called animoto to create your videos. Animoto takes your pictures and text and turns them into slideshows. It is a great way to make quick videos that you can post online. They make it really simple to connect it with your youtube account. Animoto offers free videos up to 30 seconds, but you can upgrade your account to make longer videos.

Your Home Business Video is Social Marketing

People are looking for information online and video is viable option. When you go to google and do a search, you might see videos in the results. Video marketing is social. When people find videos that they like, they might send a link to a friend. When you post a video on Youtube, there is a place below the video for other users to make comments. It can be interactive and social. So you have to get videos online for your home business. Make sure that you tag your videos with the right keywords, and create powerful titles for your movies.

If you can find a way to link your videos to popular topics, the better the opportunity for getting views. You will know rather quickly if you have a real winner on your hands. If after a few days, you still don’t have any views, then you might not have your video titled and tagged properly.

======> Get a hd video camera

So now it is time to dust of that video camera that you have sitting in your office desk drawer. Get the software that you need to start making videos. Are you still wondering what you could base your videos on? If you have a blog, go back to some of your old blog posts. Create a slideshow and record the audio while you flip through the slides. Now you have a simple tutorial that covers your blog topic. How many times could you do that with your content? You might even be able to turn your videos into a product to sell.

Get Screen Capture Software ====>  camtasia