Web Traffic without Search Engine Traffic

How can you get traffic without the help of the search engines? When you turn on your computer in the morning, do you always go to the search engine to get to your favorite websites?

Some sites get sticky in your mind. You visit the site a few times and then you know the web address. You might even bookmark the site to make it easy to jump there. People go to the search engines when they want to learn something.

Email Marketing

What comes to mind when you think about email marketing?  SPAM.  All of those unwanted emails that contain links to stuff that you don’t want.  People still check their emails and it is another way to generate web traffic without search engines.  You might want to add an email signature.

Video Marketing

Creating videos is a way to generate traffic without the search engines.  Making a video is really simple.  There are different tools that you can use.  A smartphone might come equipped with a video option.  You can also create screen capture videos or use software to create videos from your pictures.

Offline Marketing

Take your marketing efforts offline into the real world.  Generate web traffic the old way.  Use flyers and other printed marketing materials to get web traffic.  The real estate industry still uses signs big time.  What about including your web address on your printed materials or signs?  You can make it easy for people to get to your site even if you have a long and complicated web address.  You can get a qr code or quick response code and add that to your marketing.  The people that are up to speed on technology with smartphones can scan the qr code and get redirected to your web address.

Forum Marketing

What about joining online forums?  These are websites were people come together to share information about a topic.  You can find forums on all kinds of niches.  Check the forum rules about forum signature files.  Interacting on a forum might generate more web traffic.  Forum signatures are just like email signatures.  When you make a post, the forum signature will show up for the forum readers to see after your comments.  If you are active on the forum, each post gives you a new chance to get more web visitors.

If you are not getting web traffic love from the search engines, you have to think about other ways to generate web traffic.  Free traffic might not be the only option, you might have to start investing in paid advertising options too.

Web Traffic Secrets

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Are you looking for web traffic secrets? You are not alone. People from around the internet want to get more traffic. They want the process to be really easy and free. Is it realistic to think that there is a big internet marketing secret that you are missing?

Web Traffic Secrets – Keep asking questions

Take a look at how you use the internet. Are you going to the search engines all the time to find information? Do you have a lot of sites that you already know and just type into the address bar? How do you find new websites to visit? Keep asking questions.

Web Traffic Secrets – Provide Good Information

What are people visiting websites for? They might have a really tough problem that they need to fix. Do you have information that fills a need on your site? People search for all kinds of stuff. They might be looking for information on products that they have already purchased. They might need to find replacement parts for something that broke. They might be looking for cheap deals or services that they are in desperate need of. Providing good information is one step in the right direction.

Web Traffic Secrets – Using Your Social Networks

Try to use your social networking accounts to get more traffic for your sites.  Post your web url in your profile.  You don’t have to talk about your web address all the time.  Just use the social networks like they were designed to be used.  Post status updates.  Share information and interact online.  You might get some extra traffic coming to your site from your social media interactions.  If you are doing article marketing and posting on directories, include your social media profiles and websites in those profile areas too.

Web Traffic Secrets – Create documents and presentations

Create some free information that you can give away in pdf format.  You can call it an ebook or just a presentation.  Tackle a subject and provide some good info.  You can create documents easily with microsoft word or your favorite doc software.  Include links that send the traffic where you want it to go.  Send it to a blog.  Send it to your email signup sheet.  You might even send the traffic directly to your affiliate links.

Trying PPC for Traffic to a Blog

I still have a few dollars left on my google adwords account and decided to test again. I have a website called www.ukdealsblog.com. The site is really simple and it has a little bit of content and a few cost per action offers on it.

Google adwords has the ability to target specific traffic. I changed the region from the united states to the united kingdom. I also made sure to change the languages from all to english. Setting up a campaign in adwords still takes some time to get use to.

Getting everything done was not that much of an issue and I thought I was on the right track. I immediately noticed that the ads were not showing and there was a message stating that the site was going to be reviewed within a few days.

I opened up my email software program and found a note saying that the site violated the terms. They called it a bridge page. I had this happen one time before. This time I responded quickly to the site not being approved. I zapped that campaign and ads quickly.

Now I have to go back to the drawing board on this campaign. Getting more quality content for the site and turning it into a better blog is probably going to be the remedy. Writing all the content myself is probably not going to be on the table.

There are lots of places on the web where you can buy content. I might try using private label rights content or even getting some written content from freelance writing sites. Right now I don’t have any google ads on the site. The bottom line is that the site is going to need more content content to have a chance.

42 Ways to Get Web Traffic



  1. Ezinearticles
  2. Post on your blog
  3. Twitter Tweets
  4. Facebook Updates
  5. Youtube Videos
  6. Craigslist Free Ads
  7. Backpage Free Classified Ads
  8. Yahoo Answers
  9. Business Cards
  10. Flyers
  11. Postcards
  12. T-Shirts
  13. Email Newsletters
  14. Pay per click ads
  15. Pay per view ads
  16. Webinar
  17. Joint Venture
  18. Affiliate Program
  19. Real Estate Type Signs
  20. Cold calling
  21. articles in magazines
  22. free ebooks
  23. self published book
  24. forum marketing
  25. pictures and images with your web address included
  26. pinterest
  27. linkedin
  28. blog commenting
  29. qr codes
  30. media buying
  31. cds
  32. dvds
  33. audio podcasts
  34. billboards
  35. software applications
  36. mobile apps
  37. bulletin boards
  38. bumper stickers
  39. forwarded domain names
  40. membership sites
  41. seo / search engine optimization
  42. fiverr gigs

Web Traffic for Your CPA Offers

Getting web traffic for your cpa offers is a question that many new cpa marketers have to deal with. What is the best way to get web traffic in the first place? Without web traffic, you don’t have a chance to get a sales conversion for your offers.

Article writing for web traffic means thinking about search engine optimization. The cost is low when it comes to spending your money, but there is another factor that you have to consider. You are spending a lot of time that you cannot get back when you use article marketing as a strategy. Posting articles on the article directories and blogging are options that new cpa marketers employ. Getting articles approved can be difficult at the article directories and there is no guarantee that you are going to get any converting traffic as a result.

There are lots of different kinds of cpa offers and you need to really think about the person on the other end of the screen. Are your prospects really going to want to read a long blog post about a topic? You might need to try to approach your prospects through other methods besides just writing articles and posting them online.

Video is a popular way to get content. There are lots of people that don’t want to read and if all you are doing is posting articles, then you are missing this traffic. The thing to remember is that videos pop up during web searches. Short videos might get watched while a long blog post on a directory may get ignored. When you write blog posts, you may do a lot of keyword research. It is not a bad idea to do the same research for your videos. Find highly searched keywords and include them in your tags and titles. Share your videos online. When you are writing content for web traffic, you have to be concerned about the duplicate content rules and running into issues with the search engines. When you are posting video, you are not worried about it.

Posting videos to your free blogs gives you a few advantages. You can break up the format on your blog. Give your readers something to watch instead of just a lot of writing. You can use your videos to educate and inform your audience. People turn to the web to learn and a tutorial can be a good way to share your information without doing any hard selling.

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Your Home Biz Website – SEO for Your Online Blog

Microsoft Store

You have a blog and you want to get more traffic.  There are many ways to drive traffic to your site.  A lot of people have blogs, so they are all interested in this topic.  Do you want to pay for traffic? Probably not.  Most people want to get traffic for free.  How can you get traffic for free? You can do it by creating information that people want to read online.  This can be done with the help of the search engines.  Search engines direct a lot of traffic online.  Just like the traffic guard at a busy intersection, the search engines send web users ( traffic ) towards their online destinations.

How can you help the search engines?  There is a lot of content on the web.  You can help the search engines by optimizing your site with seo. SEO is all about putting your site in a better position in the index.  Just like the old days of appearing in the A section of the yellowpages, you want to close to the top of the list.  You want prospects and clients to find your site fast.  Higher listings might give you a better chance of winning the business race.

Looking for some simple steps to optimize your blog or site?

Step 1: Change your site to include optimized content.  You should use keyword tools to find highly searched terms related to your content.  Add those keywords in your titles and inside your updated content.

Step 2:  Tag your content.  Update your meta tags, heading tags and title tags.  Don’t forget to tag your images with keywords that are related.  Remember that you are try to help the search engines know what your pages and content is about.

Step 3: Build Links to your content. Are people linking to your content?  This can tell the search engines that your content is being shared online.  Your content needs to be good enough to share.

Step 4:  Add your website to your business cards and printed materials.  Don’t forget about offline marketing opportunities.  There are lots of people that might just type your domain name into the web browser.

Optimizing your website means that you have to deal with offline and online traffic.  Generating web traffic might also let the search engines know that your pages are important.  Think about the keywords related to your niche.  What are your prospects searching for online?  Make sure that the information is available on your blog or website.


Web Traffic – Still Struggling to get web traffic

Are you stuggling with getting web traffic? You are not alone. Internet marketing is something that a lot of companies online are trying to do. In order to make any money, you need traffic.

Many online business owners will start by setting up a site. But what happens after that. No traffic shows up. Then all your attention turns to traffic generation methods. Starting a marketing plan without spending any money is what most people are searching for.

Searching for web traffic secrets online will lead you to the same information. You know that you have heard it all before. Start a blog. Write some content and wait for the traffic to show up. Have you followed that method? What were your results?

Setting up a blog still might not result in getting the traffic that you desire. Are you blogging till the wee hours in the morning? Doesn’t it just drive you mad to check your stats to see that nobody is coming to your site?

Online business owners keep trying the same free marketing methods without getting any good results. So what is the next step. Are you starting to cut corners with your content creation?

You keep hearing that article marketing is the way to get free traffic. But when it doesn’t work for you, you start to wonder if there is a better way to get traffic to your site.

Have you ever thought about turning to paid traffic? It might be time to dust off one of those free vouchers to get started with pay per click ads.  Pay per click probably scares a lot of online business owner because it is something that is unfamiliar.  It helps to have a free voucher to help you learn how to use the program.

Setting up pay per clicks ads can start to feel light placing a regular ad in the newspaper.  You come up with a headline and a few lines of text for the ad. Finally, you have a all to action with your web address.  Pay per click is different because it is all online and you will have lots of data that you can monitor.  When you put an ad in the newspaper, all you might get is a phone call to your business.

One real benefit of using pay per click ads is that the results can be quick.  You place the ad and if it is approved, your site can get traffic like right now.

Drive Web Traffic – Ideas for driving web traffic

Get creative about where you promote your home business website. Sometimes you might be overlooking instances when you can drop your web url into your prospects head. Make it easy for people to remember your home business website.

Drive Web Traffic – Add your website to your email signature

Your email address is one way of marketing your home business. You might love google gmail as your email program. Think about linking your home business domain to a google apps account. You still get the benefits of gmail and can have a professional looking email account instead of having mail come from a gmail account. Add a signature to your email that includes your web address. Each time you send out an email, your web url will be present.

Drive Web Traffic – Add your web address on your printed materials

When you are creating documents make sure that you include links to your home business web address. It is not hard to make the simple change from text to a hyperlink. Just check the program that you are using to make documents. Microsoft word or google docs will make it easy to create hyperlinks. Place a link to your web address in the header or footer area.

Drive Web Traffic – Add your web address to your social media profile

Most social media apps will give you an area for profile information. Add a link to your home business website or blog. If you can create a hyperlink instead of just text do it. Make it easy for people to get to your site.

Drive Web Traffic – Add your web address in your videos

When you are creating videos for your home business, placing a link in the description area is a must. Don’t forget to put your web url inside the content of your video. If people are embedding your video, they might not get to see the description and other information that is on youtube. Make sure that they can see your web url a few times before your video is over.

Drive Web Traffic – Add your web address in your photo tags

Are you creating photos and images for your home business? You might be using a simple graphics program to create images to include on your blog or website. Add small text to your image with your web url. You can place it at the edge of your image. When you are inserting images into your blog posts, add your web url to the caption area.

Drive Web Traffic – Add your web address in audio podcasts

Making audio podcasts can be a great way to get more mileage out of your content. Turning those blog posts into audio is a great idea. Just don’t forget to mention your web address a few times before you sign off. Make sure that you keep a note close by when you are recording.

Web Traffic Questions

Why should web visitors come to your pages? What is special about them? There are so many pages online that contain information.

Posting information on article directories puts you right next to all of your competition. How can you break out of the box and get real web traffic coming to your site? Targeted web traffic is what most online business owners are looking for. Getting web traffic but not making any sales is worthless too. That might make you even more frustrated online.

You are expecting people to land on your websites and immediately click on a link or click the buy button for the products that you are promoting. Do you act like this in the real world? Do you see something one time and immediately buy it right then and there? Or do you take your time to learn about the thing that you are interested in? Read a few reviews first. See what other people have to say about the product?

Some items that you really want might not get a lot of scrutiny before you buy it. If it is something that you have bought in the past, you might not have any hesitation when it is time to pull out your credit card.

The other time when you don’t pump the brakes when it comes to buying is when it is something that you really need. You might be driving around in your car and know that the gas tank is getting close to empty. Your options become limited. High gas prices might be on every sign that you see. You might want to search for the lowest gas prices, but if you want to stay on the road and not be pushing your car down the street, you have to make a purchase. Sometimes circumstances will force you to make purchases.

What are some of those purchases that you have to make online? Domain name renewals. Web hosting fees. Are any of the services that you offer online really needed by people on the web? Think about some of your online behaviors. Will you buy domain names just because there is a promo code? Do you offer any impulse buys to people on your website or blog?