Video Marketing – Are you going to join the social media video craze?

Social media with snapchat, periscope and youtube making videos.  The online niche of blogging and coming up with new informational and fun videos might lead to experimenting with new topics.

Sitting at the computer and thinking about a plan.  Starting with an overall marketing goal and thinking about where things are.  The online web is global and there is no telling who is going to be watching your videos.  Video marketing is also long term marketing.  The videos are going to be online like little pieces of popcorn that lead back to a main road.


What is going to be your main road for the videos that you are placing online?  It might be blogs with more video content or blogs with lots of article content.  Mailing lists could also be part of this plan.  The videos posted on the web hosted on platforms, but you don’t own them.  Some of the video channels have been pulled down.

Keeping backups of the videos created seems like a good idea.  People hear about channels getting closed, but they still ignore it as a real chance of happening.  Backing up information applies to everything.  Just like backing up your computer is a good idea, doing it for the videos that are created also falls into this category.


Making videos with different types is a good idea.  Take a look at some of the videos that are getting lots of views.  Some videos might be viral while others might be on topics that people are interested in learning about.  Educational videos or how to videos seem like a good option for long term viewer video traffic.  It might be videos on hot trending topics like python programming language or mongodb.  People want to learn and the internet videos on mobile devices make educational videos a real option.

One of the hot topics these days is snapchat.  Are you thinking about snapchat?  Some might not know what do snapchat ghost mean.  Some might be thinking about access snapchat photo.  While you might have no clue about snapchat username lookup, other people are learning about snapchat trohpy case topic and jumping in.

Video Marketing – Are you using videos for marketing purposes?

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Filling your blog up with really good content is job one and everybody knows it. Video marketing is on the rise. Mobile devices and video are becoming essential to online marketing too.

Have you ever went to a video site to learn more information about a product or just to get access to more free and cheap entertainment? Would you rather read a long blog post detailing how to do something or would a video walking you through the process be easier?

Video is an important piece of the online marketing puzzle. You can’t ignore it. More people are getting smartphones and ditching the regular old cell phones. More people are starting to pick up tablet computers. They want to see videos. Are you creating videos for your online business? Are you missing out?

Click the image below to start getting on the right track with your online video marketing efforts.

Video Marketing

What are the keys to video marketing?


Getting Web Traffic to Your Offers

No matter what you are trying to sell online, you are going to need web traffic.  how to get web traffic is one of those evergreen topics that will continue to get interest year after year.

The equation is simple. You have to have the web traffic to have any chance of getting a conversion. Many online business owners are trying to get web traffic for free. Free web traffic might be the only option for lots of marketers from around the globe.

Free web traffic does not mean easy. You still have to work to try to get free web traffic. There is a lot of time spent trying to get traffic with free methods. Some of the free marketing methods include writing articles, making videos, and blogging. These are all time consuming tasks.

There is one more fact that has to be said that often gets ignored. Just because you use free marketing methods does not mean that the traffic will show up. You might spend lots of hours at your computer hammering away at your keyboard creating articles. You might be submitting those articles to directories. After going through all the trouble, you still have to wait. The traffic might not show up quickly. So you will have to wait some more.

Free marketing methods don’t always fail. You might be surprised to find that a free marketing method actually brings in a conversion. One free marketing option that should be used it video. Video traffic might be easier to create than opening your laptop and trying to create a bunch of articles.

Getting web traffic to your offers is the main goal. You have to think about the long term prospects of your marketing. You don’t want to wait forever to get new prospects to sign up. It might take trying different types of marketing to see what is the most effective for your projects.

Video does not have to take long. You can use video creation software to help cut down on the time involved. Animoto is one popular service. You can use photos or text to create quick videos that can help drive traffic for the long haul.

Golden Internet Income – Youtube and Pay Per Call Marketing

Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

Getting internet income is something that people from around the globe are interested in. Who has not thought about building an internet business and making money using the web. There are lots of options for getting started through online services. The idea of writing for generating new business leads is not an old one. The internet is changing and people love watching videos and movies. This could be a good way to promote offers online using online sources like youtube and other top video sites.

Internet Marketing Options for Generating Income

When you think about internet marketing, you might be thinking about banner ads or text links. There are more ways to earn internet money. Mobile marketing is starting to take hold and you cannot deny the impact of all the new mobile devices that are hitting the market.

Mobile Devices – The Future is Now

Smartphones and tablet computers are becoming the way to connect to the web. People love these devices and they keep them close by almost 24 hours a day. Can you reach out and touch your smartphone right now? Enter a new way to use the web to earn. What about using videos for pay per call ads?

Create Videos Fast

You can create videos quickly through a number of different services. You can appear on the videos or you can use software to get them done. Pay per call is a basic service. Think about all the cell phones that are in service. If you have a phone number on your video, your prospects can quickly type in those numbers and get access to your offers.

Getting Traffic for Your Videos

How are people going to find your videos? You can create videos fast, but you have to be concerned with getting web traffic to them. You have probably heard of seo and might be using it to get traffic to your blogs or websites. Now the question is how to use seo for your videos. There are lots of services that you can use to help get more web visitors to view your videos.

At Home Biz – Have you set home business goals for the new year?

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The new year is almost here. Have you started planning for the new home business year yet? Making a plan is not hard to do. Just sit down and do it. What are the things that you want to accomplish in the coming year? All you have to do is write them down. This can help you with focusing on what is important in your home business.

If you don’t have home business goals, you can take a look at a few of these and see if they make sense. Goal setting is something that all businesses can do and it doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. So lets jump in.

At Home Biz – Goal 1 – Make More Affiliate Sales

Are you using affiliate marketing in your home business? Affiliate marketing leverages the web traffic and the relationships that you have and turns it into income. People tell their friends about the products and services that they like all the time. What if just referring information could lead to income? There is a way to do it called affiliate marketing. Getting started is not that hard and it might be just what your home business has been looking for.

At Home Biz – Goal 2 – Do more with Video Marketing

Marketing is always a focus of home business. People market businesses in many different ways. There is a big change going on these days. More people are getting into mobile computing. They have smartphones and tablets and they are watching videos. Don’t miss the new marketing train that is video marketing. There are lots of ways to create videos and getting started is not hard to do.

At Home Biz – Goal 3 – Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Marketing with email is not going away. Are you focusing on email marketing? Email marketing is here to stay. You probably still have an email account and you are probably checking it everyday. Think about adding email marketing to your home business goals. Newsletters and ezines can get delivered right to your prospects email box. There are more than a few email newsletter companies that you can try. You might not even have to do a lot of the writing yourself, if you use private label rights content. This can also help you with your home business affiliate marketing efforts.

At Home Biz – Goal 4 – Leverage Social Media

Are you getting the most out of social media applications? Getting a facebook and twitter account is not enough. You have to learn how to really use them for your home business. What if you don’t know where to start with social media? There are lots of resources online that you can find. If you still don’t want to spend the majority of your time typing updates on tweetdeck, you could put your business person hat on an find a social media service or consultant that can get the job done.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing Options From Home

Does it really matter where you do your business? It really should not matter as long as you get the work completed and you get the results that matter. Affiliate marketing can be done from your office or from your home. The bottom line is going to be determined by the actual people that buy products through your affiliate links.

Internet marketing can be done from home.  There  are lots of different ways that you can get your marketing messages in front of potential clients and prospects.  Take your marketing to multiple fronts.  Don’t just focus on article marketing. Article marketing is free cost wise but it can take up a lot of time and all of your prospects might not want to read a lot of long articles.  Think about making your own videos and posting them online.  There are free ways to make videos.

One easy way to make videos is to use the Microsoft Movie Maker software.  You don’t have to be a big time studio producer to create videos.  Your videos can be as short or as long as you want them to be.  You could create simple graphics using microsoft paint or your favorite image editing program.  Create a virtual slideshow and turn it into a movie using microsoft movie maker.  Then you could upload  your video to online video hosting sites like youtube.

Making video can be a good way to market your own information products or even cost per action marketing links.  Just create videos that are related to your cpa offers.  Make sure to tag your videos with highly searched keywords related to your topic.

The internet is a great place to learn and you should start sharing your information online.  You know a lot of information about a lot of different topics.  Start sharing some of your passions online and see if there are affiliate marketing opportunities that you can leverage.

Take your talents to the web and you can do it all from home.  Now there are so many different options for creating content.  You don’t even have to stay in front of the home computer in your office.  You can create content using mobile devices if you have to.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

New blogs are getting started everyday. One of the items that comes up for discussion a lot online is how to get traffic to a blog. You will find this question asked over and over again on forums and websites. There are many different ways to get traffic to a blog.

Writing good content and updating your blog is one way to get traffic. You have to make people aware of your information. The search engines are paying attention to the sites that are getting updated with new information. If you are not updating your site on a regular basis, you could be missing out on some new internet traffic.

Create content that is good enough that people will want to link to it on their sites. Other blogs have blog rolls of sites that they enjoy. When those blog readers view the site, they might take a look at the blog roll to see what other information might be worth checking out.

Link to your blog through other sites and documents. You can create videos, audio podcasts and pdfs that link back to your blog. Use document sharing sites and make sure to include the links back to your blog. When you create videos, make sure to mention your blog and its web address. Give away free ebooks that are niche specific and make sure to include links back to your blog.

Writing articles and posting them in article directories is another option. Create quick and easy content that is entertaining and educational. There are lots of sites online that are searching for good information to share with their targeted audiences. Think about web developers and ezine owners that have huge lists of followers. They might need content for an ezine. Think about the needs of the niche and the type of information that they are searching for. Develop that content and include it on your blogs and sites first. Then add content to the article directory with links back to your sites and blogs.

Paying for traffic is another alternative. You could buy banner space on other popular sites online or you could get your site traffic by using pay per click advertising. Many blog owners might not want to invest money is driving traffic to the blog. Free traffic methods using search engine optimization, article marketing, and video marketing might be more in line with upstart site owners marketing budgets. Pay per click advertising has its upsides. You can generate a lot of web traffic fast to your site. There are lots of options for paid traffic sources that you can investigate.

Driving traffic to a blog is going to be an ongoing discussion online. Everyday new blog owners enter the online market and they will want to learn effective and inexpensive ways of getting people to visit their blogs. Driving traffic to a blog might not happen overnight for many blog owners. It will take some time and dedication to start seeing some results.

Generate Web Traffic – Turn Your Online Ghost Town into The Online Hot Spot

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Everyday someone decides to take the jump of placing a website or a blog online. There are so many people with hopes and dreams of making it big online. You read the blogs of some of the top marketing people online and wonder if you will ever be able to join those ranks.

There are lots of websites and blogs that start off on the right foot with enthusiasm and vigor and after a while they turn into online ghost towns. The idea has faded and the site is not getting updated anymore. This happens a lot online. The passion for the site starts to fade quickly when the website or blog owner checks to see that there is no traffic and no comments.

Is your blog or website an online ghost town? Is there anything that you can do to turn it around? It might take some serious work to breathe some life back into a website or blog that has been abandoned. Creating content that people want to read is the new starting point. Let the search engines know that you are back on the scene and adding content.

Get active on other blogs. Keeping content flowing on your own site is great, but blogging is about connecting with others online too. What are some of your favorite blogs online? Have you ever posted a comment? It might be time to stop lurking online and join in the conversation. Get in on the talk on large sites. Enter your site information in the comment section where allowed. Sites usually ask you for your name, email and website. If you contribute to the conversation, some other visitors might decide to check out your blog to learn more about you and your views.

Posting information on your site might be going down the drain if your site is not indexed. See what the search engines think about your site. Google Webmaster Tools is a good tool to use. See how many links are indexed on your site. If your site is not indexed, you might have some work to do. Even if the search engines don’t like your site, you still can’t stop. Start looking at other ways to get web traffic.

Article marketing can be another one of your tools for getting the ball rolling. Article directories are tougher on submissions, but learn the ropes and get your content into the mix. Take it to the next level and start approaching other blogs for guest blogging opportunities. It is a way to get your content in front of a new audience without having to fork over some of your cash. It works for both parties. You get to showcase your talent in a new venue and the site owner gets some good content without having to write it.

If you can’t get the traffic on your own, you could always pay for it. What about jumping into the paid traffic lane? Pay per click and pay per view companies can deliver traffic to your site. Think about setting up an email list and capturing leads.

Social media is another potential source of web traffic. Post your blog information in your profile area. When you post updates, link to your blog or website. It doesn’t have to cost you any money and it can help you generate web traffic. Use twitter ( @homebizcashinfo ) and facebook to share information about what is happening on your site or blog.

Take your traffic off of the web page completely. Think about making videos and audio programs to get traffic coming back to your site. Go even further off the web with offline marketing. Create your own flyers and promote your blog or site.

Start trying new things to turn your online ghost town back into an online hot spot. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing one method to control your web traffic.