Drive Web Traffic – Get Your Website Into The Flow of Traffic

What are you currently doing to get traffic to your website?

Take a look at all the things that you are doing online. Are you blogging? Are you writing ebooks? Are you consistently adding new information online that leads back to your website? Start taking a hard look at where you are spending your time when it comes to online marketing efforts.

Are you doing lead capture on your sites? Are you missing the big picture and focusing too much on getting new visitors instead of making the most of the traffic that you are getting now. Are you getting them into your newsletter funnel. Why is this important? If you have a newsletter or email marketing system, you can send messages directly. You don’t have to hope for traffic.

Finding Your audience online

Where does your online audience reside online? Does your online audience mirror you? Think about the sites that you like to visit? Check the site demographics for the sites that you like. Are you willing to spend money to advertise on these sites?

Get good content sources

Is your content not good enough? How often are you creating new information or posting it to your site? Could you be losing potential traffic because you are not posting on a regular schedule. If you went to the huffingtonpost today, they would have new articles. Is your site losing because you are not adding enough content?

Try different marketing methods.

Take a hard look at what you are doing right now to drive traffic. Are you waiting for the search engines to give you traffic for your writing efforts? Don’t try to build your online business from outside sources. What if they decide to change their minds about sending you traffic?

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Are you using videos?

A great idea is turning some of your written content into video content. Do you think your videos could reach a wider audience than the written content that is sitting on your blog? Take some time during your week to find good articles that you have written and start turning them into video content.

Start Your Website the Easy Way

Websites are easy to create. You can get one started in just a few minutes. Get your cup of coffee and get ready to get down to business. The real work starts after you have a site up. You have to come up with content and you have to drive traffic to your site.

Learn what people are searching for online. How does it relate to your website? You can find this information by using the google free keyword tool. These are the word searches that people are typing into the search bar. Target the keywords that have a high number of searches and a low amount of competition.

Get traffic to your website by posting articles and blog posts on your site. Keep your new site updated. Make sure to include the keywords that you are targeting in the titles and inside of the article. This type of writing is called seo writing. Your articles should be informative and get the reader wanting to learn more. Provide a balance between writing articles for seo purposes and the actual reader of your site.

What if writing is not your thing, but you still want to get traffic to your site?  You don’t have to be shakespear or hemmingway.  You can start using your smartphone camera or a cheap video camera.  Those are not the only two options.  You want to turn your attention to creating videos.  All you have to do is search the web and you will find articles that talk about how more people are getting on the web using mobile technology.  This is a chance to capture a mobile market that with video.  Do you really want to read a long blog post?  You could do it, but a video is a much better option.  Think about it.  People are conditioned to sit and watch tv or videos for hours at a time.  Completely jump over the article writing by using videos.

One final tip is to start your own email list. When you get traffic coming to your site, you want to think about the long term. If you can get people to sign up for your list, you can open a line of communication and build a long term relationship. Create a free product to give away in exchange for joining your list.

Marketing Online and Offline – What are the options for online businesses?

It seems like just about everybody is using wordpress these days. Web development with a blog is the way to go. Sure, some people might still choose to use joomla to create a site, but wordpress just seems to be a little more flexible. You can change the design fast and you can add more functionality with wordpress plugins. Getting a content management system can really change your focus from web development to content creation. A good looking website is now possible for novice regular web users.

Once you get online, you can focus on blogging. Lots of people that setup websites want to earn income with it. Adding advertising code to a blog is simple. Starting with google adsense is probably the first step. Quick setup and little effort to maintain the code makes it a perfect fit for beginners. New website or blog owners should not ignore list building. Growing a list of newsletter subscribers should be a part of any online business venture. Email marketing is a solid strategy and should be taken seriously.

Video is another growing opportunity. All you need to do is visit youtube and see how powerful video is becoming. A simple video can have a chance at going viral and generating a lot of web traffic at little to no cost. Some website owners might want to focus more on search engine optimization, but video might be the better solution. The search engines have been in the habit of changing the rules often. Do you want to keep jumping through the constantly changing hoops associated with seo? Some site owners are starting to take marketing into their own hands and are opting to use offline marketing in the real world. This could be a low cost option for generating traffic for online sites.

There are lots of different ways to market a business online. Try not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Find the methods that deliver the best results for you. Video, email, and content writing are all good options for spreading the word about your online business.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – The affiliate marketing process

Affiliate marketing is a process. You can get started with affiliate marketing rather easily. You don’t have to have a website. You could create a blog or you could market using article marketing efforts.

The first step is joining affiliate networks. There are a ton of them to choose from. The process will usually require an application and an approval process. Some affiliate networks won’t make you jump through hoops to get going. Just enter your information and get access to products to promote.

An affiliate just brings two parties together. Just like a broker. They bring traffic to offers and when sales happen, they earn a commission. There are affiliate programs for all kinds of products. You can sell physical or digital products with affiliate marketing.

It all comes down to someone buying through your affiliate links or affiliate codes. Affiliate links or banners are easy to use. Just copy and paste them. Another way to use affiliate links is to mask them with a domain name. Affiliate links can be long and ugly to the naked eye. You can buy a domain name and have it forwarded to your affiliate links. This looks much better to people. A dot com website address looks much more professional.


All affiliate marketing breaks down to is relaying information. You might have just watched a great movie and you decide to tell your best friend or family member about it. It doesn’t have to be really formal or anything, you are just giving your real opinion about it. The only difference between letting your friends and family members get your review is that with affiliate marketing, you might get something for it.

Just remember that you must be honest about what you are saying. Have you ever had a friend tell you about something that they considered was great, but for you it turned out to be less than up to par? Your friends might have liked a restaurant, but when you tried it, it didn’t do anything for you. Everybody is not going to like the offers that you refer them to. Just keep that in mind. You can think of affiliate marketing just as sharing information.

Where can you start with affiliate offers? Have you ever bought anything? say yes. You can look at the products that you really like and see if there is an affiliate program that offers the product. You might find a direct affiliate program or there could be an affiliate network that has access. Send in an application and see if they will let you promote the product. You could give honest opinions about the products and include your affiliate links. Learn the rules of the affiliate program and stay on the right side of the terms and conditions.

Learn more about affiliate marketing by watching the video below.

Take Photos to make videos

Home Office Home Business

Home Business Cash –

Put your smartphone or camera to use. Start taking pictures that you can use in a slideshow video. You can find cheap cameras or you might have a very good camera on your smartphone. All you have to do is take pictures.

After you take your pictures, you can store them on your computer or upload them to photo sharing sites. You want to make sure that you tag your new pictures with keywords and the right information. Taking pictures is not very hard to do and you can use it for your marketing purposes.

learn more about taking pictures

Adding pictures to your home business plan is a good idea. You can snap photos and then use them for your blog posts. Uploading your photos to your blog is not difficult or you can upload your photos to a file sharing site and link to your blog posts.


Your photos can be turned into a video slideshow easily. You can sign up for the site called animoto. They offer free 30 second videos. You can add sound and text to your pictures to make a really good looking slideshow video fast.

check smartphone prices

How many pictures do you think you can take? Keep your camera handy and start snapping images. Your photo gallery can start to fill up fast. Now you can start pulling together different image collections and turn them into a number of different videos. Your images can also be used to break up some of the text on your blogs and sites.

check current camera prices

It is also a good idea to get a little bit extra from your photos. You can use graphics programs to take your images to the next level. You can start altering your images to create even more content. What about adding captions to some of your photos. People do this all the time online. They are called memes.

Cameras don’t have to cost a lot of money and you might have one laying around the house that is not getting used. Pick that camera up and start taking pictures. They can be used in a number of different ways for your online business purposes.

Working From Your Home Office – Writing Content, Video, and Web Development

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The internet makes it easy to work. You don’t have to travel to an office space to get things done. Now the web brings all the information together in one place. You can do lots of work offline and then just use a computer system connected to the web to make things happen.

Working From Your Home Office – Writing Your Own Ebook

Do you have an idea for a book? You can create your own ebook from home. There are a lot of reasons to write your own ebook. Write it to drive traffic to your blog. Write it to build your mailing list. Write the book to make online sales. Write the book to make money with affiliate marketing.

Working From Your Home Office – Web Development

  1. Create blogs from home – Make free blogs and get your own web hosting to setup blogs.  Learn the process and unlock the doors to online income options.  Setup one blog and remove your fears about doing web development.  Now the software makes it easy to create sites fast with the right blogging solution. Use wordpress, blogger or a number of other blogging platforms to create good looking sites.
  2. Sell Your Blogs to other businesses – There are lots of businesses and organizations that are looking for a good website solution.  They might not have people inside the business that can handle the web development issues.  Take your knowledge of setting up websites and offer services to those small businesses and organizations that need the help.
  3. Create simple software from home – Learn real web development skills and put them to work.  You could learn the technology that is running under the hood in wordpress.  Pick up php and learn the rules of web development.  You could take your skills and create wordpress themes or wordpress plugins that give wordpress users more flexibility.  There are lots of wordpress users around the globe.
  4. Buy domain names from home – Find good domain names and purchase them.  Good domain names are not always difficult to find.  You can keep watch for expired domain names or just come up with good combinations of words to create general domain names.  You might even be able to pick up domain names for less than the regular price with domain name discount codes.
  5. Setup Domain name forwarding – Affiliate marketing is something that you can do from home.  The affiliate links that the affiliate companies give you can be long and ugly.  You can clean up your affiliate links and make them more presentable to your  prospects by adding a good looking domain name.
  6. Use templates to create simple websites – This is another option for web development.  You don’t have to know anything special.  You can just add content in the right places and add the advertising that you want to include.  The one problem with using templates is that you can break the design if you remove important information or codes.

Working From Your Home Office – Writing Content

  1. Write Blog Content from Home – Writing content from home is possible.  Blogs are the popular way to create sites and they all have something in common.  Blogs need to new content.  With blogging, you can write about just anything.  Blogs can focus on all kinds of topics, so you can write to your passions from home.
  2. Create PLR Articles – Private label rights content is another option.  Instead of writing your content and selling it one time, you sell the same content over and over again.  PLR is cheap, but it is a head start for other writers.  They can use plr to create more articles.
  3. Write Articles for Article Directories – Article directories can be another destination for your writing content.  The hope with this option is getting your content in front of large newsletter audiences or blog audiences.  You get to place a link in your content.  You could drive the traffic to your own blog or to an affiliate link.
  4. Write Newsletter and Ezine Content – Email marketing and ezine marketing is still an option.  Ezines and newsletters are published on schedules just like a regular magazine.  They need good articles and advertisements.  Build up a good email list and then provide them with good content to help build a long term relationship.
  5. Rewrite PLR Content for Your Blog – Now you don’t have to worry about what to write.  You can get plr content and rewrite it for your blog and other purposes.  PLR comes in different quality levels.  You can rewrite bad plr and turn it into something you could use on your blogs and sites.

Working From Your Home Office – Video Marketing

  1. Make Screen Capture Videos – Create tutorial videos.  People that don’t want to read a lot can turn to your videos to guide them through problem areas.  Use screen capture software to tape your movements and audio.
  2. Videos with Your Camcorder – Pick up your camcorder and start putting it to good use.  Record videos.
  3. Create Videos with Online Software – Use software to convert your photos and short videos into great looking slideshow videos.

Mobile Marketing Tips – Home Business and Mobile Marketing Opportunities USA, LLC

  1. Setup a facebook page for your home business
  2. Setup a twitter page
  3. Get a smartphone
  4. Get a tablet computer
  5. Create a blogger blog for your home business
  6. Check your sites with smartphones and tablets
  7. Get qr codes / quick response codes
  8. Add qr codes to your offline marketing pieces
  9. Use offline flyers
  10. Create a mailing list
  11. Use social media to keep clients engaged
  12. Create home business videos
  13. Post videos on different video hosting sites
  14. Take pictures
  15. Tag your information with keywords
  16. Create free information products
  17. Distribute articles on article directory sites
  18. Update business cards with social media, mobile domain names and qr codes
  19. Add blogging to your home business tasks
  20. Watch online and offline marketing tips on youtube and add comments

Golden Internet Income – Youtube and Pay Per Call Marketing

Webmasters Make $$$
Webmasters Make $$$

Getting internet income is something that people from around the globe are interested in. Who has not thought about building an internet business and making money using the web. There are lots of options for getting started through online services. The idea of writing for generating new business leads is not an old one. The internet is changing and people love watching videos and movies. This could be a good way to promote offers online using online sources like youtube and other top video sites.

Internet Marketing Options for Generating Income

When you think about internet marketing, you might be thinking about banner ads or text links. There are more ways to earn internet money. Mobile marketing is starting to take hold and you cannot deny the impact of all the new mobile devices that are hitting the market.

Mobile Devices – The Future is Now

Smartphones and tablet computers are becoming the way to connect to the web. People love these devices and they keep them close by almost 24 hours a day. Can you reach out and touch your smartphone right now? Enter a new way to use the web to earn. What about using videos for pay per call ads?

Create Videos Fast

You can create videos quickly through a number of different services. You can appear on the videos or you can use software to get them done. Pay per call is a basic service. Think about all the cell phones that are in service. If you have a phone number on your video, your prospects can quickly type in those numbers and get access to your offers.

Getting Traffic for Your Videos

How are people going to find your videos? You can create videos fast, but you have to be concerned with getting web traffic to them. You have probably heard of seo and might be using it to get traffic to your blogs or websites. Now the question is how to use seo for your videos. There are lots of services that you can use to help get more web visitors to view your videos.

Making Videos with Animoto

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Making videos with animoto is a great way to get started with videos.  You don’t have to appear on camera and you can get the videos done.  Video marketing is only going to grow more popular as people recognize the need to use video for business marketing.

Where can you get the content for making your online videos?  You probably already have access to lots of written content that can help you make your videos.  Pull up some of your favorite blog posts that you find are really helpful for your audience.  Pull some of the best material or the key highlights and turn them into videos.

Animoto videos are not like feature films or anything. They are just slideshows that are created from images, text and other short videos.  Do you have pictures that express information about your current video topic.  Adding them to animoto is easy.  Even if you don’t have your own photos, you can use images that are supplied by animoto.

What are you going to say on your video?  With animoto, you don’t have to worry about using your own voice for the video production.  They have lots of music that you can choose to use for the background music.

Slideshows can be a good way to share information online.  They get the point across without taking all day like a blog post or a long movie.  Use your creativity to come up with quick videos that your prospects will love.  Turn those long blog posts into something visually pleasing and quick to consume.

Video marketing is growing.  You don’t have to get rid of your article marketing efforts, but you can start branching off into new marketing methods.  Adding video to your online marketing toolkit is just another good idea.  Leverage all of the content that you have created over the years. Remember that some people might want to watch a video instead of reading a long article.

The added advantage of using video is that it is quickly accessed by people from around the globe.  People can watch and get the message faster than trying to follow a long blog post.  Video marketing also opens the door for your content going viral.  What if your video becomes an online sensation.  You produce videos on evergreen topics and you don’t know where their potential reach will end around the globe.

Animoto is just one way to use video.  Getting the videos completed is just the first step.  There are also lots of tips that come into play with video.  After the video is done, marketing rules still need to be applied.  Get information on leveraging youtube and seo.