No Love From the Search Engines


What are you going to do if you don’t get traffic from the search engines? It happens all the time. You might already have a few sites and you are posting content regularly. It seems like no one is coming to your site and you are not getting any help. Just keep plugging away at building your site and continue to link to your content.

Another option is to start buying traffic to your site. Check to see if you can find one of those coupons for setting up a pay per click account. Search for keywords related to your site and give the pay per click ads a try. This is not a long term solution, but at least you can start getting people to visit your site.

Continue to market your content through social media and article directories. The traffic might not show up overnight, but you have to keep adding content for a chance to break through. Free article directories are the place that other website owners and ezine owners go for content. Your content might find an audience there that leads to more traffic.

Free social media and web 2.0 sites might also get you some more views for your site. Try using squidoo, hubpages and other sites that allow you to publish content. It is free and they have some active members. Go to youtube and start posting videos. Create quick videos and link back to your site.

If you are not getting traffic, you could take a look at your keywords. The seo game keeps changing, but it couldn’t hurt to learn more about seo and seo writing. Make sure that you are tagging your information with high search keywords. Use those tags on your content. Think about using offline marketing tactics. Promote your web address on your flyers. Get qr codes for your flyers to make it easy for people to get to your site.

Don’t wait on the search engines to deliver your traffic. Try multiple ways of getting traffic to your sites. Buy traffic, use social media, and go offline if you have to.

Article Marketing – Using Your Writing Skills by Writing Squidoo Lenses

Writing content to drive traffic to your sites is a constant challenge. Where should you post your content? Posting articles at article directories is one common way of attempting to get traffic. All article sites are not on the same level. You can post content there and not see the results that you are looking for. It might be time to try some of the web 2.0 sites for your article marketing efforts. Squidoo is an online community where you can post your high quality unique content.

Creating a squidoo lens is simple. You don’t need to know much html to get things done. Start by selecting a squidoo lens title. This includes picking a url where your new squidoo page will be located. Squidoo usually places dashes between each word in your title, but I learned that you can change the url. After selecting a url, you will need to assign your lens to a category.

Just like the rest of the web, squidoo keeps the information organized. The next step is picking keywords for your new squidoo lens. You can pull up your favorite keyword tool and get the best keywords available. There are plenty of free keyword tools to choose from like the google keyword tool or traffic travis.

Squidoo lenses are a little bit different from what you might expect at an article directory. Squidoo an online community. There are squidoo points and levels that allow you to get access to more items on the squidoo site.

What exactly is a squidoo lens and how is it different from a regular blog post or article? A squidoo lens is really a group of modules that are placed together to form a page. There are lots of different squidoo modules that you can add, move or change. Squidoo makes it easy to add modules for amazon, ebay and lots of other options.

The squidoo text module is commonly used. If you have lots of text that you want to add to your squidoo page, the text module is going to become your close friend. The text module has a title and description area and a body area where you can write to your hearts desire.

Squidoo is all about the user experience and they encourage the use of photos and videos on squidoo pages. They give you extra points for adding images to your squidoo pages. Squidoo can be used without a lot of knowledge of html, but it could come in handy when it comes to formatting.

You can get more out of your squidoo lens by using some of the other sites related to squidoo. Squidutils is one site that you should checkout. You can copy and paste html code and alter it for your pages. This can cut down on the time to create your squidoo pages.

Are you an affiliate marketer? Squidoo doesn’t look down on people that want to earn a little bit of extra income using the web. They actually encourage it. You can share in the wealth. Squidoo makes it easy to add amazon associates links and ebay links to your pages. You can even post your own affiliate links in your squidoo pages.

Squidoo is a great place to post content online. You can create high quality content and link back to your own websites and blogs. Squidoo pages get views and people place comments and share the content through social media applications. If you are writing original content for the web, you should take a look at using squidoo.

Create Squidoo Lens for your home business

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Squidoo is a place that you can add content online. It is not really an article directory, but a place to share information and be social online. You will notice as soon as you sign up that squidoo is a little different. They have strange names for articles. They setup articles differently than article directories. Instead of just creating your content with a regular text editor, squidoo has a bunch of different building blocks called modules.

Modules are the foundation of a squidoo lens. Some basic modules are the text module, amazon module, and ebay module. Squidoo makes it really easy to create information. Just select the module and add it to your lens. You can sort the modules by dragging and dropping them on the sidebar.

Squidoo has levels and points that help you unlock more tools that you can use to build lenses. You get points for doing stuff on the site. You can get points for viewing other squidoo lenses, answering quizzes and signing guestbooks. ( Hint: Do the quizzes for more points, they can add up quickly )

Creating lenses will get easier with time. Think about your keywords before you create a new lens. You select a url when you create a new lens, so it helps to create a url that is seo friendly. You also can create keyword tags and categories for your new information.

You can create lenses for your home business and you can even include a few affiliate links. Squidoo allows you to share in the money that is generated with your lenses. Make sure to include your google adsense id in your settings. Do you have an amazon associates account? There are amazon modules that you can include on your lenses.

Customer Feedback

Creating squidoo pages related to your home business topics can be a good practice. Home business owners might be use to doing article marketing by posting articles on directories, but they may not have heard of squidoo. It is a community and it helps to participate. You can search squidoo for information related to your topic and learn a lot.

Signing up with squidoo is really easy. You can even log in with your facebook or twitter accounts. After you complete your squidoo pages, you will need to monitor them. Squidoo has a ranking system and if your pages don’t get much traffic, they can lose their luster. Squidoo has a system that tells you whether your lenses are up to par. If there is a green light next to your lens name in the dashboard area, you are all good, and your lens is visible. If you see a red sign / stop sign, it means that your lens could use some work.

Promote your squidoo lenses off of the squidoo website. Include links on your blogs and share links to your squidoo pages in your social media pages. You might even want to include a few links back to your squidoo lenses in articles that you submit to directories.

Squidoo can be a great place to include your information and you don’t even have to pay for web hosting. Test out some of your ideas with squidoo pages. If you have a passion for writing, it could be a good match.

Squidoo – Are you using Squidoo for your home business Gift Card

Squidoo is an online website where you can post information online. It really has a social component to it too. You create articles called lenses that are made up of different modules. There are text modules and amazon modules and all kinds of special modules that give your lens more appeal.

Get Higher – Squidoo Levels and Points

There are different levels in squidoo too. The more you use the site and interact, the higher your membership level. So you can get points for things like signing the guestbook on other lenses that you come across or for viewing a number of lenses in a row. There are also squidoo quests. They ask you to perform a certain task on the squidoo site and when you complete it, you might earn some extra points. This can be as simple as reading a lens on how to make better lenses.

Create Squidoo Lenses for Your Home Business

Publishing your own squidoo lenses can also result in you earning some income. You can provide links to products on amazon through your own amazon associates account or through using the squidoo amazon links. They have a lot of different modules that can help you earn income.

There are still a lot of people that don’t have websites and squidoo can be a way to get online and start earning. Squidoo use to just allow you to publish a lens and that was it. You didn’t have to worry about keeping it updated. When it was live, it was live for good. Now they have a newer system for what gets shown on the squidoo site.

Squidoo lenses have different themes that are available to you. This way all of your lenses won’t look the same. As you get higher levels in squidoo, they release more lens themes for you. They have some really good looking lens themes.

Squidoo Lens Traffic and Rankings

So if your lens is not getting traffic and it falls under ranking number, it might get the dreaded red minus sign. It seems just like a red stop light for your lens. You have to keep updating your lens and keep promoting it to keep it in front of web users. I don’t really like having to do this, but if you want to use the squidoo system, this is now a part of the game.

Squidoo Profile Information

You can also include links to your blogs, websites and social media applications inside of squidoo. This can be a good way for people to connect with you off the site. So if you have social media accounts at twitter, facebook, myspace or google plus, you can add them under the settings tab.

Squidoo is just one more way that you can add content to the web without having to open your wallet. So if you don’t want to create a full fledged blog or design a website yourself, you can just start creating squidoo lenses and get online fast.

Using Squidoo for web pages

Squidoo is an onilne web 2.0 website that allows you to create pages online. The site is free to use and it you can use it to make some money online.

Building a Squidoo Lens

Squidoo webpages are called something different. They are referred to as squidoo lenses. You can create a squidoo lens on just about any subject that you want. It is really easy to make them. If you were trying to create a website from scratch, you would need to know a lot about html and maybe even php. Squidoo makes it easy for the novice to get a page online.

Squidoo uses Modules

A Squidoo Lens is a combination of a bunch of different modules that allow you to add content. You can add text modules, amazon modules, and many other module types to your lens. Your initial lens will need to have some basic information. An introduction and a few text modules will go a long way toward getting your lens completed. Squidoo will even let you know the kind of information that they look for when you are ready to publish your lens.

Squidoo shares income with you

When you setup a squidoo account, you can let them know about some of your other online profiles. Are you already setup with amazon associates? Do you have a google adsense account? You might want to include your information in your squidoo profile information. Squidoo lenses can earn you some money. Enter your paypal information and start driving some traffic to your lenses.

Squidoo publishing

Wben you initially create a lens, it will be published and available for internet views to see. Squidoo has changed the way that lens are featured on the site now. If your lens falls below a certain rank, it won’t be featured anymore. Squidoo wants you to promote your lens and send traffic to it. If you log into your squidoo account and see that a red stop sign is next to your lens then you know that it is not featured. If a green light is next to your lens title then people can view it.

If your lens is not featured, you can go in and make some updates to it. Add more content to your lens and keep it updated with new images, and content. Think about adding some video modules or maybe putting a guestbook module on it. Do something to your lens to keep it active and ranked high enough to be visible.

Squidoo Levels

Squdioo has different levels of users. As you do things around the site, you get upgraded to higher levels. When you reach new levels, you might unlock more modules that you can use when create lenses. You can get points for logging into the site multiple days in a row, commenting on other lenses and much more. Take a look at the different levels and see what you can get.

Squidoo is a community type of website. It is not a strictly blogging site. So sign up and take a look at other lenses on the site. Make some comments, sign some guestbooks and learn something new. If you are really into business information, you can check out their new online business magazine called upmarket. Here is an example of an upmarket squidoo lens.

UpMarket is a collection of squidoo lenses that are focused on business. You can learn a lot of information just by checking out a few of them. Give Squidoo a try. It is simple and easy to get started. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get online, squidoo might be the answer that you have been looking for.

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