Video Marketing – Are you going to join the social media video craze?

Social media with snapchat, periscope and youtube making videos.  The online niche of blogging and coming up with new informational and fun videos might lead to experimenting with new topics.

Sitting at the computer and thinking about a plan.  Starting with an overall marketing goal and thinking about where things are.  The online web is global and there is no telling who is going to be watching your videos.  Video marketing is also long term marketing.  The videos are going to be online like little pieces of popcorn that lead back to a main road.


What is going to be your main road for the videos that you are placing online?  It might be blogs with more video content or blogs with lots of article content.  Mailing lists could also be part of this plan.  The videos posted on the web hosted on platforms, but you don’t own them.  Some of the video channels have been pulled down.

Keeping backups of the videos created seems like a good idea.  People hear about channels getting closed, but they still ignore it as a real chance of happening.  Backing up information applies to everything.  Just like backing up your computer is a good idea, doing it for the videos that are created also falls into this category.


Making videos with different types is a good idea.  Take a look at some of the videos that are getting lots of views.  Some videos might be viral while others might be on topics that people are interested in learning about.  Educational videos or how to videos seem like a good option for long term viewer video traffic.  It might be videos on hot trending topics like python programming language or mongodb.  People want to learn and the internet videos on mobile devices make educational videos a real option.

One of the hot topics these days is snapchat.  Are you thinking about snapchat?  Some might not know what do snapchat ghost mean.  Some might be thinking about access snapchat photo.  While you might have no clue about snapchat username lookup, other people are learning about snapchat trohpy case topic and jumping in.

Internet Marketing Tips – Social Media Traffic, Video Traffic and Blogging Traffic

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One of the areas that don’t get much focus is social media traffic. You probably already know a lot of people. Connecting with your friends online is the basis of social media traffic. There are lots of different social media networks where people like to share information. You knew that it would not be long before people and businesses found a way to make money with social media traffic.

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Interacting with your friends and creating information is just a fun way to do things these days. in the past, information was really flowing in one direction. You would get your information from tv or the newspaper without a real way to interact. Technology has really changed this dynamic. Now you can interact through blogs and social media and get instant results.

Blogs can generate blogging traffic that opens the doors to new communication channels. A blogger might submit a story with a certain point of view, but the readers might have a completely different voice. With blogs, they can jump into the conversation. Blogging traffic can act as a sounding board. Your ideas can get challenged in the new form of communicating. Blogs are low cost and they are a good way to share information and bring about discussions. Keeping a blog updated is essential to the plan of generating blogging traffic.

TV was the old way of getting information. It is still popular, but it is really limited. The web again brings more people into the fold. Now, you can be the person on the camera. Don’t miss the big change with video traffic. People like to read, but just think about all the people that would much rather watch a video. Video traffic is not really hard to get. All you need to do is start creating videos and people will watch them.

Web Traffic Secrets

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Are you looking for web traffic secrets? You are not alone. People from around the internet want to get more traffic. They want the process to be really easy and free. Is it realistic to think that there is a big internet marketing secret that you are missing?

Web Traffic Secrets – Keep asking questions

Take a look at how you use the internet. Are you going to the search engines all the time to find information? Do you have a lot of sites that you already know and just type into the address bar? How do you find new websites to visit? Keep asking questions.

Web Traffic Secrets – Provide Good Information

What are people visiting websites for? They might have a really tough problem that they need to fix. Do you have information that fills a need on your site? People search for all kinds of stuff. They might be looking for information on products that they have already purchased. They might need to find replacement parts for something that broke. They might be looking for cheap deals or services that they are in desperate need of. Providing good information is one step in the right direction.

Web Traffic Secrets – Using Your Social Networks

Try to use your social networking accounts to get more traffic for your sites.  Post your web url in your profile.  You don’t have to talk about your web address all the time.  Just use the social networks like they were designed to be used.  Post status updates.  Share information and interact online.  You might get some extra traffic coming to your site from your social media interactions.  If you are doing article marketing and posting on directories, include your social media profiles and websites in those profile areas too.

Web Traffic Secrets – Create documents and presentations

Create some free information that you can give away in pdf format.  You can call it an ebook or just a presentation.  Tackle a subject and provide some good info.  You can create documents easily with microsoft word or your favorite doc software.  Include links that send the traffic where you want it to go.  Send it to a blog.  Send it to your email signup sheet.  You might even send the traffic directly to your affiliate links.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Are you sitting back and missing the social marketing opportunities? Don’t pass up on a free way to share information about your business and services. You might be currently writing a lot of content and posting it on your blog. That is all well and good. Just don’t forget to use social media to market your services.

Social Media Marketing Tips – Find social media options and use them

People are using these services to check up on news, information and entertainment. Don’t let your business miss the chance to interact through these new channels. You know that social media is really taking off. If you don’t believe me, just watch your local news tonight. They are starting to make sure that they get responses from people watching the show. Now instead of email accounts, they are showing their social media handles. Social media is not something that just the kids are interested in.

Social Media Marketing Tips – Search for free information first

You can find lots of information on social media just by getting online and looking. You can do a quick search and find plenty of blogs and free ebooks that explain how to use social media for your home business. If that is not enough to get you started, you can find books on amazon that can go more in depth.

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Social Media Marketing Tips – Try multiple social media options

There are a few top social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn are some of the first that you should get to know. Why do you want to focus on the top social media networks? The answer is simple, it is where the people are. These sites are established and that is where you want to be.

Social Media Marketing Tips – Take it to the next level

Get the basics of using social media sites under your belt. You can then take it to the next level. Once you learn how to update your status and how to create pages for your home business, you will be ahead of the pack.

Once you get your profiles setup, you can start mixing it with your other online sites. Attach your social media profiles to your blogs and sites. Use plugins and software to help automate the process. Social media is just one more way to promote your business and services.

At Home Biz – Have you set home business goals for the new year?

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The new year is almost here. Have you started planning for the new home business year yet? Making a plan is not hard to do. Just sit down and do it. What are the things that you want to accomplish in the coming year? All you have to do is write them down. This can help you with focusing on what is important in your home business.

If you don’t have home business goals, you can take a look at a few of these and see if they make sense. Goal setting is something that all businesses can do and it doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. So lets jump in.

At Home Biz – Goal 1 – Make More Affiliate Sales

Are you using affiliate marketing in your home business? Affiliate marketing leverages the web traffic and the relationships that you have and turns it into income. People tell their friends about the products and services that they like all the time. What if just referring information could lead to income? There is a way to do it called affiliate marketing. Getting started is not that hard and it might be just what your home business has been looking for.

At Home Biz – Goal 2 – Do more with Video Marketing

Marketing is always a focus of home business. People market businesses in many different ways. There is a big change going on these days. More people are getting into mobile computing. They have smartphones and tablets and they are watching videos. Don’t miss the new marketing train that is video marketing. There are lots of ways to create videos and getting started is not hard to do.

At Home Biz – Goal 3 – Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Marketing with email is not going away. Are you focusing on email marketing? Email marketing is here to stay. You probably still have an email account and you are probably checking it everyday. Think about adding email marketing to your home business goals. Newsletters and ezines can get delivered right to your prospects email box. There are more than a few email newsletter companies that you can try. You might not even have to do a lot of the writing yourself, if you use private label rights content. This can also help you with your home business affiliate marketing efforts.

At Home Biz – Goal 4 – Leverage Social Media

Are you getting the most out of social media applications? Getting a facebook and twitter account is not enough. You have to learn how to really use them for your home business. What if you don’t know where to start with social media? There are lots of resources online that you can find. If you still don’t want to spend the majority of your time typing updates on tweetdeck, you could put your business person hat on an find a social media service or consultant that can get the job done.

Internet Traffic Tips – Web Traffic without the Search Engines

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Web traffic is on the minds of just about everybody that decides to start a blog or a website.  Getting a blog or site created is not a tough job anymore.  In the past, it would be a big deal just getting a webpage formatted properly.  Now the real chips are in getting traffic to the site after it is published online.

Search engines determine a lot of the winners and losers online.  People go to search engines when they want to learn information about a subject.  One of the ways that people land on web pages is by being directed to sites by the search engines.  They determine the rankings and they determine how high up in the results pages your site will be placed.

There are other ways to get traffic to a website or a blog.  You could have a domain name that is really easy to remember or is what people immediately think of when they think of your topic.  Short domain names or domain names that are easy to remember could lead to some traffic.

Printing your domain name on your business cards or stationery is a common practice.  Some businesses use direct mail or offline marketing methods to get people to come and visit their web pages.  There really are a lot of different ways to get traffic to a site without using a search engine.

The web is all about connecting information and a newer way to get traffic is to leverage social media networks.  There are applications like facebook and twitter that could help you land traffic to your site.  You will often see links to websites and blogs on social media profiles.

Posting content online inside article directories is another option for generating web traffic.  The hope of using article directories is to get your articles published on other websites and ezines that have large subscriber lists.   The hope is that getting in front of these audiences can lead to more traffic for your blog.

Take blogging to another level by doing more than just writing articles and posting them on your blog.  Blog commenting is another area to increase your online relationships and add links back to your blog or website.  Most commenting systems provide an area where you can include you web address.  When other blog readers view your comments, they could click on your link and get even more information from your website.