Internet Marketing Tips – Keep Pushing Forward with Your Site

Internet Marketing Tips – Setup websites

  1. Find good web hosting
  2. Pick a good web address
  3. Get content for your site
  4. Schedule Your Blog posts
  5. Use WordPress or Joomla
  6. Find a good niche
  7. Get private label rights content
  8. Create landing pages
  9. Setup a mobile website

Internet Marketing Tips – Make Videos

  1. Create slideshow videos
  2. Post videos on youtube
  3. Use screen capture videos
  4. Take lots of photos and turn them into videos
  5. Buy Videos on Fiverr
  6. Create tutorials
  7. Create entertaining videos

Internet Marketing Tips – Mailing Lists

  1. Get plr articles
  2. Get aweber or getresponse
  3. Use autoresponders
  4. Build relationship with your list

Internet Marketing Tips – Domain Forwarding

  1. Buy domain names at a discount
  2. Learn how to forward domains
  3. Use subdomains

The main thing to remember is to keep pushing forward with your sites.  You might not be getting the love that you expect from the search engines.  Don’t worry about it.  Keep learning and progressing with your online efforts.

Content is an important part of the online world.  Make sure that you keep adding new information that is relevant to your potential audience.  Promote your content online where you can.  Write articles.  Make blog posts.  Use social media updates.  The key is to keep on moving forward one step at a time.

Invest in your online business.  You have to take your online site seriously.  Paying for advertising is a part of business.  If you are not getting the traffic that you want from free methods, start using other methods to get your traffic.

You have to keep working towards your goals.  Failure is a part of the learning process.  You are going to hit some stumbling blocks.  You cannot focus on the temporary setbacks.  You have to keep moving forward knowing that you are going to make it.

Try new things and keep inching closer to your goals.  Every little bit of progress is a step closer to getting there.  No matter how small, you are getting closer and that is the point to remember.

Make sure that you write down your road to success.  Are you frustrated by your lack of results from article marketing?   It might require taking a different approach.  You have to start looking for the opportunities in everything that is happening.  Are there other uses for your time that can be more productive?  Do something different.  Go watch a video on youtube that is in your area of focus.  Watch a video that is not related to your business.  You might still get some nuggets that can be applied to your online business situation.

Internet marketing is always changing.  Don’t even keep yourself contained to internet marketing.  What about offline marketing methods?  Could it be the answer you are looking for when it comes to generating web traffic?  Keep your eyes open for solutions to the problems that you are experiencing.

No Love From the Search Engines


What are you going to do if you don’t get traffic from the search engines? It happens all the time. You might already have a few sites and you are posting content regularly. It seems like no one is coming to your site and you are not getting any help. Just keep plugging away at building your site and continue to link to your content.

Another option is to start buying traffic to your site. Check to see if you can find one of those coupons for setting up a pay per click account. Search for keywords related to your site and give the pay per click ads a try. This is not a long term solution, but at least you can start getting people to visit your site.

Continue to market your content through social media and article directories. The traffic might not show up overnight, but you have to keep adding content for a chance to break through. Free article directories are the place that other website owners and ezine owners go for content. Your content might find an audience there that leads to more traffic.

Free social media and web 2.0 sites might also get you some more views for your site. Try using squidoo, hubpages and other sites that allow you to publish content. It is free and they have some active members. Go to youtube and start posting videos. Create quick videos and link back to your site.

If you are not getting traffic, you could take a look at your keywords. The seo game keeps changing, but it couldn’t hurt to learn more about seo and seo writing. Make sure that you are tagging your information with high search keywords. Use those tags on your content. Think about using offline marketing tactics. Promote your web address on your flyers. Get qr codes for your flyers to make it easy for people to get to your site.

Don’t wait on the search engines to deliver your traffic. Try multiple ways of getting traffic to your sites. Buy traffic, use social media, and go offline if you have to.

Mobile Marketing Tips – Home Business and Mobile Marketing Opportunities USA, LLC

  1. Setup a facebook page for your home business
  2. Setup a twitter page
  3. Get a smartphone
  4. Get a tablet computer
  5. Create a blogger blog for your home business
  6. Check your sites with smartphones and tablets
  7. Get qr codes / quick response codes
  8. Add qr codes to your offline marketing pieces
  9. Use offline flyers
  10. Create a mailing list
  11. Use social media to keep clients engaged
  12. Create home business videos
  13. Post videos on different video hosting sites
  14. Take pictures
  15. Tag your information with keywords
  16. Create free information products
  17. Distribute articles on article directory sites
  18. Update business cards with social media, mobile domain names and qr codes
  19. Add blogging to your home business tasks
  20. Watch online and offline marketing tips on youtube and add comments

Offline Web Traffic – Driving Offline Traffic to Online Blogs and Websites USA, LLC

Getting your blogs setup is only half of the problem. You can get the best designed blog and have the top graphics and content, but the flip side of the equation is getting traffic to the new site. Lots of internet marketers are focused on the web for their web traffic, but they might be forgetting about offline marketing methods.

Offline marketing has been around for a long time and it will not go away. Remember that there was marketing long before there was an internet. People used all kinds of different methods to help prospects buy products.

Offline methods have been transferred to the online advertising area. Marketers are finding ways to take the old marketing ways and translate them into the new digital age. Change is happening all the time. All you have to do is think about the print publishing area. People have been reading books and magazines for a long time. Now there are digital devices and mobile devices that are changing the way that people consume information. Just because the methods are changing doesn’t mean that you can not still have success with offline marketing.

Why is offline marketing still a viable solution? When you are sitting in your home office, reading information online, you might forget that there are real people getting out of the house and walking around, enjoying their lives. People are riding buses. They are driving cars. They are walking through malls and they are going to work. You might not think about this everyday but they are real prospects for marketing messages.

High traffic areas are perfect for offline marketing opportunities. Have you ever seen a billboard? They are not going away anytime soon. What about people that ride the bus? Have you ever noticed a bus bench advertisement? They are still going strong.

Offline marketing is not really going away. Offline marketing is just adapting to the new digital marketing tools that are available. Have you heard about quick response codes? They are digital bar codes that mobile users can snap a picture of and get transferred to an online website. All you have to do is look around and you will start seeing how offline marketing is driving traffic back online.

There are many options when it comes to offline marketing. It can be a simple as creating a simple flyer that includes your internet domain name or web address. This is putting your contact information right into the palms of your prospects hands. Offline marketing is much more hands on and close to the end user.

Internet marketing is popular and it is going to stay that way. The web makes it cheap to promote products and target prospects. Offline marketing has much more of a human element. Creating good attention grabbing headlines and putting the marketing pieces in areas that have high foot traffic are essential.

If you are currently trying internet marketing methods without getting the results that you are looking for, you might want to dive into offline web marketing. There is nothing wrong with giving it a try. The next time that you are walking around town, see if you can stop offline internet marketing methods.

Generate Web Traffic – Turn Your Online Ghost Town into The Online Hot Spot

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Everyday someone decides to take the jump of placing a website or a blog online. There are so many people with hopes and dreams of making it big online. You read the blogs of some of the top marketing people online and wonder if you will ever be able to join those ranks.

There are lots of websites and blogs that start off on the right foot with enthusiasm and vigor and after a while they turn into online ghost towns. The idea has faded and the site is not getting updated anymore. This happens a lot online. The passion for the site starts to fade quickly when the website or blog owner checks to see that there is no traffic and no comments.

Is your blog or website an online ghost town? Is there anything that you can do to turn it around? It might take some serious work to breathe some life back into a website or blog that has been abandoned. Creating content that people want to read is the new starting point. Let the search engines know that you are back on the scene and adding content.

Get active on other blogs. Keeping content flowing on your own site is great, but blogging is about connecting with others online too. What are some of your favorite blogs online? Have you ever posted a comment? It might be time to stop lurking online and join in the conversation. Get in on the talk on large sites. Enter your site information in the comment section where allowed. Sites usually ask you for your name, email and website. If you contribute to the conversation, some other visitors might decide to check out your blog to learn more about you and your views.

Posting information on your site might be going down the drain if your site is not indexed. See what the search engines think about your site. Google Webmaster Tools is a good tool to use. See how many links are indexed on your site. If your site is not indexed, you might have some work to do. Even if the search engines don’t like your site, you still can’t stop. Start looking at other ways to get web traffic.

Article marketing can be another one of your tools for getting the ball rolling. Article directories are tougher on submissions, but learn the ropes and get your content into the mix. Take it to the next level and start approaching other blogs for guest blogging opportunities. It is a way to get your content in front of a new audience without having to fork over some of your cash. It works for both parties. You get to showcase your talent in a new venue and the site owner gets some good content without having to write it.

If you can’t get the traffic on your own, you could always pay for it. What about jumping into the paid traffic lane? Pay per click and pay per view companies can deliver traffic to your site. Think about setting up an email list and capturing leads.

Social media is another potential source of web traffic. Post your blog information in your profile area. When you post updates, link to your blog or website. It doesn’t have to cost you any money and it can help you generate web traffic. Use twitter ( @homebizcashinfo ) and facebook to share information about what is happening on your site or blog.

Take your traffic off of the web page completely. Think about making videos and audio programs to get traffic coming back to your site. Go even further off the web with offline marketing. Create your own flyers and promote your blog or site.

Start trying new things to turn your online ghost town back into an online hot spot. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing one method to control your web traffic.

Offline Marketing – Flyer and Postcard Marketing for Your Home Business

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Online marketing and offline marketing are tools that you can use for promoting your business. Creating flyers for your home business is nothing new. You have plenty of options when it comes to making flyers. You can fire up your favorite word processing program and do it yourself or you can use a vendor to create your flyers.

A simple flyer can be in black and white with your basic services and your contact information. You could also really go over the top with a full color flyer that catches attention. Are you going to be sending your flyers through the mail or are you going to be handing them out? Are you going to post them in high traffic areas? These are some things to think about when it comes to flyer marketing. Some people get their flyers and head outside to give them out. You might also notice flyers on bulletin boards or sign posts.

Flyer marketing is old school marketing but it still works. Getting your flyers into the hands of people that want your services can be hit or miss. Flyer marketing is something that doesn’t have to break your bank and it could get you the prospects that you need for your business.

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If you don’t want full page flyers, you can always go for the friendly postcard instead. There is less room to put your information, but they are smaller to handle. Take your flyer and postcard marketing to the next level by adding new mobile marketing options. Insert a quick response code on your flyers in addition to your web address. People with smartphones and tablet computers can quickly scan your flyer and land on your business landing page. You might want to consider expanding your online web page offerings by creating mobile optimized web sites that show up properly when people use their smartphones and tablet computers.

Postcards and flyers can be another option for marketing your business. You can test out different headlines and see which ones are more effective in generating web traffic and phone calls. Online marketing efforts are great, but you might want to consider going after the offline market.

Clickbank – The easy way to get started with affiliate marketing

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Clickbank is one of the easy ways to get started with affiliate marketing. Signing up for the site is easy and you don’t even have to have a website. There are lots of affiliate programs and networks online. Some can make it really difficult to get started, clickbank is not one of those networks.

Just fill out the information and get your clickbank id. This is the key to using the clickbank system. It will be the way that clickbank knows that you were the affiliate that generated the sale. After you get approved for clickbank, you can start to search the clickbank marketplace. This is the area where you can search for products to promote.

Promoting clickbank products is really simple. Just find the products that are interesting to you and check the sales page. This is the page that your prospects and clients will see when they click your affiliate links. How does the sales page look? Not all sales pages are the same. Some clickbank vendors take a lot of time to create really good looking sales pages with really good sales copy to help people take the jump and buy the product. After you have viewed the sales page, you can go ahead and create your affiliate links.

Creating your affiliate links is easy with clickbank. Just hit the promote button. A new window will pop up and ask for your clickbank id. Just enter your clickbank id and generate your affiliate link. There is also an option for tracking that you can enter. This can help if you are using a lot of different marketing channels and you want to know where the sales are coming from. But when you are just getting started, you are probably not going to use this information. Once you hit the promote button, a new link will be created for the clickbank product. You want to copy and save this information in a safe place. Now you have what it takes to start earning affiliate commissions.

Your clickbank affiliate links are just text links that you can add to your blog or website. There are some clickbank vendors that give you more marketing options. They will create banner ads, text ads, email copy and sometimes even videos that can help you sell the product. Check for an affiliate section on the vendor product page. You will want to bookmark the affiliate page, so you can go back to it, if necessary.

Now you have everything that you need to get started with affiliate marketing. You could get back to your regular blogging activities and include banner ads in the sidebar. You could also start adding text links in some of your articles or on other sections of your blog. You might not even be limited to using your clickbank links on your website. People have created ebooks and other free marketing materials like spreadsheets or powerpoint presentations and included affiliate links in them.

Now all you have to do is start generating traffic to your affiliate links. Take a creative approach and think outside of the box. You could start creating videos. You could even setup your own domain and start sending traffic directly to the affiliate offer. Some marketers even take the whole marketing process offline. Another big way to get traffic is to build your own email list and add affiliate offers in with the content of the newsletter.

Clickbank is an easy way to get started with affiliate marketing. Get your affiliate links and start promoting online and offline.

Offline Marketing

There are a lot of businesses that are not on the internet. This presents a large market for your online business. Consulting is a business that is in high demand all of the time. No matter what is going on in the economy, there will be businesses that want and need to learn new information.

Everyday there is a new business that gets started. Someone could be sitting at the kitchen table and decide that it is time to go into business for themselves. Every person is different and they have different skills and abilities. If you have good online skills, you could offer to help these businesses get online.

Yes, there are businesses that don’t have websites. Yes, there are businesses that don’t have blogs. These are your potential customers and clients. Offline marketing involves getting out there in the real world and getting clients.

Getting a business online is just the tip of the iceberg. What happens after a business gets a website developed? They might not make changes to a website for years. There are all kinds of advancements that the business could be missing out on. Could you help these business owners with new tools that are simple and easy to use. They would not have to wait and hire a programmer or web developer to make changes to their sites.

Think about all of those ugly websites that are online that were built years ago. There is so much opportunity online for website redesign. You need to learn the places online that offer the best deals on website hosting, domain names, and email list management. These are the tools that businesses are going to need to get online.

Another crucial part of the online puzzle is content. Business owners know how to do their jobs, but they might not be great at creating content. Do you know how to get high quality content developed quickly for a good price? Don’t forget about another key element online. What about keyword research and search engine optimization. These are topics that most business owners will have no clue about. Educate yourself about these important topics and put yourself at the top of the game.

Home Business – Be Agile and Embrace Change

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Creating goals for your business requires coming up with a plan. What do you want to get out of your business this year. The year is already just about halfway over. Are you close to meeting your targets? If you are not then it might be time to start thinking about changing your strategies.

Marketing your business the old fashioned way might not work as well these days. Your customers and clients are starting to gravitate to new devices. If you are running an offline business, it might be time to start venturing into the online world of marketing. This could include setting up your own website, starting a blog and even rolling out a newsletter.

Customers are not in the dark ages. New technology is getting cheaper and stronger every year. Your business has to be able to deal with them on these new marketing arenas. Sure, there are still going to be a lot of people that dread learning how to use a smartphone or even the internet for that matter, but the generations are changing and using new mobile devices is becoming old hat.

Think about investing in your business with new technology. A website alone is not going to do the trick. What about a mobile optimized site that allows people with apple iphones, ipads or google android devices to be able to communicate with your business? Smartphones are becoming more affordable and as time goes forward, more people will be switching over to use them. It only makes sense to start getting your business ready now before it is too late and the horse is out of the yard.

Don’t think that you just have to come up with a mobile site. You too need to get prepared to use and understand these new devices. You don’t what you look clueless when your customers ask you to text them some information and you have idea of how to do it. Invest in some of these mobile devices for your own business and get to know them. Make sure to note what you like and don’t like about the devices. This can give you a clue to how your customers think. Also think about how these new mobile devices can help you in your business. Tablet computers might allow you to take your business on the road and become more mobile. You can even accept credit cards with new readers that can be attached to your smartphone or tablet computer. Square and Paypal have devices that are easy to attach.

Offline marketing methods like business cards and flyers can still work, but you need to think about getting your business ready for the near future. Even your flyers and business cards should be updated with new technology features like qr codes and your websites and blogs. qr codes or quick response codes are small bar codes that can be scanned which can take a user to your website without having to remember a long web address url.

If your current marketing methods are not working, it might be time to for a change. Take a look at what is working and consider if it is time for a technology makeover for your business. Change is happening fast and you don’t want to be like the frog that is slowly getting cooked in the pot. Embrace change before it is too late.

Are you ready to try offline marketing for your home business?

Marketing your home business online is probably the first thoughts for home business owners. The internet is an inexpensive way to share information. In the quest to get a lot of web traffic online, home business owners may be forgetting some of the tried and true methods of marketing in the real world.

120x60 Logo in blue and organge

When you think of marketing your home business what are some of the first ways that you spread the word about your business? Did you create business cards and hand them out face to face to people that you know? Did you create simple flyers that explained your products and services? Marketing in the real world has a new catch phrase. It is called offline marketing. Flyers, business cards and other marketing methods that you use in to get in front of people are getting another look from business owners. These methods really never went away but more attention seems to be heading over to online marketing due to the lower cost and potential free marketing methods that are available.

Flyer marketing is still something that can be done. The only issue with offline marketing is that it might take some upfront cash and a lot of home business owners might not have the resources to pursuit it. Making your own flyers and business cards could be a solution to help you save some money.

Social media and internet marketing might get you some traffic to your online site, but offline marketing puts you right in front of your target market. Are you ready to start handing out flyers for your business? Finding high traffic areas and getting in front of people takes a certain kind of person. Are you ready to deal with rejection? When you are creating content and placing it online, there is a disconnect between you and your prospects If you are actively marketing in the offline world, you are right in the thick of things.

People love internet marketing because they can do it from anywhere and not have to deal directly with people. You can still go after the offline marketing world and outsource jobs too. There are plenty of people that are looking for work. They might be the stand in that can distribute information about your business. There is always a risk when you outsource the work to someone else. Will they do a good job of handing out your information? Will they take the flyers that you have created and dump them into the garbage can? How can you track to make sure that they are doing what they said they would do?

Offline marketing can also consist of signs.  Real estate agents are notorious for using signs to get people to come to open houses.  Don’t forget also about the people that stand at the corners and intersections twirling signs to get attention.  Do you really pay attention to what they are advertising or do you pay attention to them?

Marketing your business offline can still have a little bit of the new technology added to it.  Think about adding a quick response or qr code to your flyers for those tech savvy customers.  Adding a barcode to your flyer might help drive web traffic to your site.  Smartphones are becoming the standard in today’s society.  Tablet computers like the apple ipad are also popular.  Give your offline marketing efforts the added boost to make it easy for people to find your online information.  Using a qr code can reduce the chances of someone entering the wrong url  and ending up on some other website.

Are you ready to start offline marketing? Even if you don’t do it right now, you have the option of always putting it back on the table. You might decide to give it a try if your online marketing methods are not giving you the results that you are looking for. It doesn’t hurt to test out new methods and see the results.