Drive Web Traffic – Get Your Website Into The Flow of Traffic

What are you currently doing to get traffic to your website?

Take a look at all the things that you are doing online. Are you blogging? Are you writing ebooks? Are you consistently adding new information online that leads back to your website? Start taking a hard look at where you are spending your time when it comes to online marketing efforts.

Are you doing lead capture on your sites? Are you missing the big picture and focusing too much on getting new visitors instead of making the most of the traffic that you are getting now. Are you getting them into your newsletter funnel. Why is this important? If you have a newsletter or email marketing system, you can send messages directly. You don’t have to hope for traffic.

Finding Your audience online

Where does your online audience reside online? Does your online audience mirror you? Think about the sites that you like to visit? Check the site demographics for the sites that you like. Are you willing to spend money to advertise on these sites?

Get good content sources

Is your content not good enough? How often are you creating new information or posting it to your site? Could you be losing potential traffic because you are not posting on a regular schedule. If you went to the huffingtonpost today, they would have new articles. Is your site losing because you are not adding enough content?

Try different marketing methods.

Take a hard look at what you are doing right now to drive traffic. Are you waiting for the search engines to give you traffic for your writing efforts? Don’t try to build your online business from outside sources. What if they decide to change their minds about sending you traffic?

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Are you using videos?

A great idea is turning some of your written content into video content. Do you think your videos could reach a wider audience than the written content that is sitting on your blog? Take some time during your week to find good articles that you have written and start turning them into video content.

Make Money Blogging

Companies want to make money using the internet. Regular people want to make money using the internet. Are you one of those groups that want to leverage internet technology and turn it into your own new way of making money.  You are not going to be alone.

Blogging has really caught on and lots of people setup their own blog sites.  With blogging, you can create content and post it online in a quick fashion.  The real question is how are you going to make money from your blogging?

Topical Blog Posts

Talk about current topics.  This might help you get some traffic around recent events.  You might want to check up on social media to see what people are discussing.  Getting in on the discussions happening right now might lead to some traffic from people that want to get different view points on current events.

Polling Questions

You might learn something by putting questions to your audience by asking polling questions.  You might notice a poll question on some of your favorite websites.  This is a great way to see what your audience is thinking.  You are giving them different options for polling questions and they can respond.  One part of blogging is getting interaction.  A polling question might be the first step in getting your online audience to start participating.  They might start by answering a poll, but they might get more involved on your site.  Who knows, they might even start adding comments to your blog posts.


What is a blog without the writing?  Come up with a plan for your blogging efforts.  Schedule your blog posts.  There are a number of different content sources available.  You don’t have to just write your blog with your own efforts.

  1. Write blog posts YOURSELF
  2. BUY Private label rights content
  3. Republish ARTICLES from article directories
  4. Use GUEST BLOGGERS on your site
  5. HIRE Freelance writers to create content

Your writing content is going to be valuable in a few different ways.  Content can help drive traffic.  Your content can also be leveraged when it comes to ads.  There are different types of advertising programs.  Contextual ads might search your written content to determine the kinds of ads that are displayed.  You might also use affiliate programs to leverage your written content.  Getting a solid foundation of content is essential for blogging.


Email is another important part of blogging.  Make your offers and ask your readers to sign up for your newsletter.  The people that land on your website are looking for information so offer it to them through a newsletter.  A newsletter can keep them informed of new information without them having to come to your website.  If they sign up for your newsletter, you don’t have to worry about them forgetting your website name.  They get top quality content delivered right to their email box.  You might give some brief summaries of the new content that you have or some of the great offers that have come to your attention.  Your newsletter is a quick way to keep your readers informed.

List Building – Starting Your Online Business

Starting your online business is really simple these days.  Don’t get your business started off on the wrong foot online.  All you need to do is visit a few of the top online marketer sites and see what they have to say about the biggest mistakes that they have made.  Even if you don’t go to the top online marketers, you will still hear something time and time again about doing business online.  You will hear that the money is in the list.

What is this list that they are talking about?  They are talking about building an email list.  There is a simple truth online and you probably already know it for yourself.  Most people are going to wake up everyday and turn on their computer and check their email. Your email account is something that is personal and something that you will check regularly.  It is not uncommon for someone to check their email a few times a day.  That is why list building is important.  You have a direct line of communication with your prospects.

An email list gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your subscribers.  They are signing up to your list because they want the information that you have to offer.  This means that you have to come up with good information on a consistent basis to keep them informed.

Creating an email list is like building your own asset.  After you start collecting email addresses and building your relationships, the list will be the perfect way to help your audience with products and services that can help them solve their problems.

How do you get people to sign up for your list.  When people visit your website or blog, you want to give them something for free for joining. You will often notice a simple sign up box for a newsletter on most blogs online.  Top mailing list companies are available online and the cost to get started with building a list should not break your bank account.

Content will be an important part of your list building.  One way to make sure that you have content that your list needs is to use private label rights content.  The content is low cost and can be just what the doctor ordered for your mailing list subscribers.

Blogging Made Easy

Blogs are the simple way to handle web development. Blogging can be easy. Don’t think just because you are using a blog for a website that it can’t be powerful.

Writing content and publishing it in a blog format is a great way to post your information online.  One advantage of using a blog is that designs are really starting to expand into different areas.  You don’t have to have a regular looking blog anymore.  Now you can get a custom blog theme that makes your site look just as good as sites from big named publishing companies and newspapers.

Get a good domain name and solid web hosting to give your blog the professional look and feel that it deserves.  Blog designs don’t have to be too expensive and they can be customized into the form and functions that you like.

A blog can be an information super store online.  Start posting your content and get readers.  Find your audience online and keep the well crafted content flowing on a regular schedule.  Your blog could be just like an online magazine.  Schedule your blog posts and cover the topics that are important to your niche.  Interact with your readers and exchange ideas.

Your blog could be the perfect vehicle for your affiliate marketing efforts to.  People establish blogs for a number of reasons and making money is one of them.  What if your blog becomes really popular and you start getting a sizable amount of web traffic?  You could leverage that traffic in a number of different ways.

Leveraging internet traffic with your blog is a position that many online would like to be in.  There are different ad programs that you can join that are simple to implement.  You could use contextual ad programs like google adsense to display text link and banner ads that fits your target audience.  You could join affiliate networks or even cost per action networks to earn money with your newly found web traffic.  Another option could be to leverage your blog traffic into an email magazine / ezine or newsletter.  Blogging can open up a number of different doors to potential income.

The key is to stay focused on providing the high quality content that your audience has come to expect.  Writing a blog by yourself is doable, but over time, you might want to look into other options for maintaining a high quality blog site.  Outsourcing, guest blogging and private label rights content might all be options that you leverage in the future.

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7 Reasons to create free ebooks for your home business

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Free electronic ebooks might be just what you need for your online business. You don’t have to worry about shipping or producing a physical copy of the book. There are lots of internet users that can download your free ebooks. If you are not currently using ebooks in your online business, you should give these items some real thought. Are you missing out on a great way to share information online with ebooks?

Free Ebooks can build your email list

You have seen it time and time again when visiting blogs and websites. The website owners and bloggers want to build an email list and they use free ebooks to do it. All the web visitors have to do is enter their email address and the free ebook is delivered to their email account or they get a link that they can click to download it.

A free ebook download lets you know that there are people interested in your topic. If your free ebook is getting a lot of downloads, it might make you wonder if you have information that is good enough to sell. Builing an email list is a big deal online. Once your list grows, you have a real asset. You can build up a relationship with your list for the long term.

Free Ebooks build your authority

You might be a little blogger just starting out, but you never know when it comes to free ebooks. What if your small free ebook becomes an online hit? You might not be known at the beginning but it doesn’t have to stay that way. A free ebook could put you at the top of the list for your niche.

Giving away good information in the form of an ebook can help you in a number of different ways. First, you are grabbing the attention of the reader. There are lots of people writing blog posts that go unviewed. Just getting someone to listen to what you have to say is half of the battle. When someone is downloading and reading your ebook, you are becoming the person of authority.

Free Ebooks can drive web traffic

People are looking for all kinds of ways to get web traffic. They might go to the search engines and pay for traffic with pay per click advertising. They might try blogging. With free ebooks, you can include links back to your sites and blogs. You could also include links to other information that you think is helpful to the reader.

You don’t have to just link to your website or blog. You could link to free videos that you have on youtube or to audio podcasts that give the reader even more information. The free ebook is a perfect way to link to other helpful information for your readers.

Free Ebooks are easy to create

Sure blog posts are easy to create. You can hit the publish button and share your information with the world. With free ebooks, you can use software that you already have to create pdf documents that are easily shared online. Google docs and microsoft word are popular programs. All you have to do is turn your regular documents into pdfs.

You might have a lot of blog posts and articles that are not getting the attention that they deserve. Why not turn them into ebooks? The information is still good and ebooks are easy to create. Sometimes all it takes is changing the headlines and providing the information in a new format that can make all the difference.

Free Ebooks can be passive future income

Are you having a hard time trying to come up with ways to use affiliate marketing? Ebooks might be just what you are looking for. Free ebooks might deliver affiliate clicks for some time into the future. People are downloading ebooks on their smartphones and tablet computers. Placing a resources page at the end of your free ebook with links to attractive offers is a great idea.

Share your free ebook online through your websites and blogs. Promote your free ebook with articles that you post on article directories. Your free ebook article could get picked up by web developers or ezine owners that are looking for new content. Free ebooks are a great way to link to affiliate offers.

Free Ebooks can target specific audiences

Create great titles for your free ebooks that address the needs of your target audience. Ebooks don’t have to be full length novels. You can attack a topic with laser like precision with your ebooks. Tackle the common problems for your niche with ebooks.

Ebooks allow you to zero in on the specific audience that you are looking for. The next step is to make sure that your target audience has a chance to grab your great information. You might even want invest in a few cheap domain names that help drive traffic to your free ebooks. Think outside of the box when it comes to sharing your ebooks with your people.

Free Ebooks can be short and effective

Free ebooks don’t have to be super long and drawn out. Ebooks can be short and to the point. That is what people are looking for online. You don’t have to give people a lot of filler content that they are not interested in. Make your free ebooks just like concentrated orange juice. You want the free ebook to be solid and powerful information.

Think about pulling together different blog posts that you have written on a specific topic. Is there a way that you can transform those articles into a power packed short ebook? Ebooks that solve problems can become really popular.

Start adding ebooks to your online business strategy today. Free ebooks can be a powerful marketing tool. People are constantly searching for information and your ebooks can fill the need. Get started with free ebooks today.

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Create Info Products for Your Home Biz

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Are you making information products for your home business? Ebooks are a simple way to leverage your skills. Dust off your writing skills and create short reports or ebooks that can help your market.

Giving away ebooks or reports can be the way to open the door to new prospects. If your information product is free, it lowers the barrier for your prospect. Free reports can be used in a number of different ways.

Use your free information product to get people to sign up for your mailing list. This is common online. You will visit a company website and see a free report offered in exchange for joining a newsletter list. It is a good trade off. The prospect gives you access to them on a daily basis with your emails and they get the information that they desire.

Information products don’t just have to be written reports or ebooks. You could also create information products with video or audio. There are different programs that you can use to create your information products.

After you get your info products created, you have something of value. Some companies do decide to sell an info product to create a new revenue stream. Some even take it up a notch by using affiliate networks to help generate more sales.

Do you have an info product for your business? It might be time to get started on creating an info product. Invest the time to create the product once and reap the benefits in the future.