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The way that people connect to the internet is changing.  You don’t have to jump through as many hoops to get things done. In the past, you needed to have some skills to get things done on the computer.  You needed to know how to type or it could take you a long time to get things done.

Now we have tablet computers and smartphones.  This opens computing to more people.  Have you seen the tv commercials that show babies using tablet computers like the apple ipad?  It is really so easy that even a baby could use it.  That is the promise of tablet computers.  They are still expensive, but they are a much needed change that opens computing up to a wider audience.

Cheap Tablet Computers

You can find some cheap tablet computers.  They might not be the bigger named brands and they might not have all of the functions of the top of the line tablet computers, but they could get the basic job done.  Touchscreens are really adding more people to the online market.

You don’t need to know how to type anymore.  You can just use your fingers to get things done.  Now companies are starting to adapt to this new mobile marketplace.  Apps are becoming the way to connect with consumers and mobile webpages are a first step in connecting with the next generation of web users.

Your home business is not trapped online.  It is now available to people that are walking around the streets.  They can pull up your information in an instant.  Just make sure that your sites are mobile ready.  If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you could miss out on potential business opportunities.

The web is a 24 hour selling tool.  You can setup sites and let them help you promote your products and services.  How can you leverage the mobile web if you don’t have a mobile website?  You could get a mobile optimized blog.  It could be as easy as adding a wordpress plugin.

Your home business cannot afford to ignore the mobile internet market.  More people are ditching their regular cell phones for smartphones and tablet computers.  They are jumping on to the internet with faster internet speeds and getting access to the information that they want.  Another benefit of mobile devices is using geo location services.  They can pull up information on the businesses that are close by their location.  Business owners can take a proactive approach to learning more about mobile devices and how it can effect business prospects.

Local Mobile Marketing Tips

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Do you really care about adding mobile marketing for your business? It is hard to deny that there are people using the internet on mobile devices. Does it make sense to make sure that you have a website that is readable by smartphones and tablets?

Technology is always moving forward, but you want to get a solution that is affordable and provides some results. There is always some new technology that pops up and articles are telling you that it is the hottest thing going and you need one.

Local Mobile Marketing Tips – Is mobile local marketing just hype

There are people in your local area. They might have the new apple iphone or the latest tablet technology. They are surfing the internet. They are pulling up webpages on those devices. Older websites might not be ready to deal with the mobile internet browsers. Do you want your website to show up correctly when local mobile users type in your web address? If the site doesn’t load properly, what do you think those prospect think about your business. They might immediately hit the back button and visit another site. Is that a lost opportunity?

Local mobile internet marketing is the latest in a series of internet buzz words. People are using their mobile devices to find information. Your potential customers have the internet sitting right in their pockets and hands. You want to make sure that your site is appealing and ready to communicate your products and services effectively.

Local Mobile Marketing Tips – simple ways to setup a mobile website

Setting up a mobile website? You might not be tech savvy and maybe even had problems setting up your regular website in the first place. Now the technology is moving faster and you need to get a mobile website created. You can just hear the money creeping out of your bank account. How much is a mobile website going to cost? How long does it take to create a mobile website? The questions just keep coming at you around this whole new world of mobile and local marketing. You just want customers to get in contact with you, you don’t really care about all of the technology stuff.

Local Mobile Marketing Tips – getting content for your mobile site

Are you going to create a mobile website that is different from your regular website? Are you going to come up with content that is different from your main site? The questions keep coming, but as a business owner, you have to start addressing them. Some business owners might decide to let the mobile local marketing options shake out to find the winners. Could you be missing out on new business prospects by sitting on the sidelines? The business owners that get in there first and start testing might get a head up on what is working and where the mistakes are being made. One thing is certain, content is going to be important on your regular website and your mobile local site.

Selling Products and Services Online

Selling products and services online with internet marketing is a basic business. Now more people have access to more technology. Mobile devices and smartphones are bringing the internet to just about every situation.

The internet is available just about all the time and that can be a big help to businesses. People can shop on their own timeline using the web. A store owner can create content and add images online that can serve as an online salesperson 24 hours a day. People can look at products and services online and have them shipped to their home address.

The real benefit of an online operation is the low cost of startup and maintenance. Websites and blogs can be launched for really affordable amounts of money. Content can be purchased and added to sites without much of a problem. Inexpensive cameras and smartphones might allow a business person to run an online service with ease.

If taking pictures is not enough, there is also room for making videos of products and services. Video cameras can show a full view of the product. Online shops are giving the brick and mortar stores a real run for their money.

Mobile devices allow potential customers to get real time access to information using the web. They could be walking through store aisles and checking websites for better pricing. Online stores have the advantage of lower costs in this case.

Web stores also have the potential to reach a global marketplace. There could be prospects searching online from long distance. The web makes it easy for them to find and purchase products. Mobile marketing and internet stores are making it even easier on buyers with quick response codes. How many times have you typed in a web address and ended up at the wrong place or a broken link. Smartphone users can scan a qr bar code just like the people at the supermarket and get delivered right to the correct online location.


Domain names are getting more expensive. One good benefit of using online forums and just checking online in general is you come across domain name coupons sometimes. how to get a tablet computer dot com is one of those domains that I picked up. It cost me under two dollars.

Tablet computers are popular devices that people are starting to gravitate to. They have commercials where even little kids can use them. The reason that they are simple to use is because you don’t have to use a keyboard to input information. Touching the screen is simple and easy.

The cost of the domain name was really attractive and you have to keep looking for deals. Just a few days later a domain name deal popped up for even less money. When you find those domain name coupons you have to really jump on them. Sometimes they have a limit on the number of times the coupons can be used.

Now all I have to do is drive web traffic to the new website and it can become profitable with just two conversions. There are plenty of people looking for a new tablet computer. Small business owners and even new college graduates will want a tablet computer.

I might even write a short free ebook on the topic and post it on a site like scribd. Another way to drive traffic could be a simple youtube video. Youtube can play into the whole social media thing and get views. People love viewing videos and they will leave comments. Offline marketing is one more option. Writing articles is always good too.


Get Your Business Ready for Mobile Marketing

You already know that people are starting to use more mobile technology. They are not just phones anymore they are really just small computers that give people much more flexibility when they are on the go. These devices are smaller lighter and more powerful and people are starting to take advantage of them. Companies are starting to take notice of this.

Are you starting to notice the new applications that are being rolled out for smart devices. Companies are creating software applications specifically for the apple iphone, ipad, and andriod. These devices are starting to sell and its a new way to interact with their customers.

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You don’t want to be behind the curve on mobile marketing. Your competitors are starting to look at mobile marketing and how they can use it as a point of advantage. People are using smartphones and mobile devices like the ipad while they are on the move. You have social network applications that are connecting people in new ways. You don’t want people coming to your site and not being able to view your information because its not optimized for mobile devices.

What can you do to prepare yourself? watch this video!