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The way that people connect to the internet is changing.  You don’t have to jump through as many hoops to get things done. In the past, you needed to have some skills to get things done on the computer.  You needed to know how to type or it could take you a long time to get things done.

Now we have tablet computers and smartphones.  This opens computing to more people.  Have you seen the tv commercials that show babies using tablet computers like the apple ipad?  It is really so easy that even a baby could use it.  That is the promise of tablet computers.  They are still expensive, but they are a much needed change that opens computing up to a wider audience.

Cheap Tablet Computers

You can find some cheap tablet computers.  They might not be the bigger named brands and they might not have all of the functions of the top of the line tablet computers, but they could get the basic job done.  Touchscreens are really adding more people to the online market.

You don’t need to know how to type anymore.  You can just use your fingers to get things done.  Now companies are starting to adapt to this new mobile marketplace.  Apps are becoming the way to connect with consumers and mobile webpages are a first step in connecting with the next generation of web users.

Your home business is not trapped online.  It is now available to people that are walking around the streets.  They can pull up your information in an instant.  Just make sure that your sites are mobile ready.  If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you could miss out on potential business opportunities.

The web is a 24 hour selling tool.  You can setup sites and let them help you promote your products and services.  How can you leverage the mobile web if you don’t have a mobile website?  You could get a mobile optimized blog.  It could be as easy as adding a wordpress plugin.

Your home business cannot afford to ignore the mobile internet market.  More people are ditching their regular cell phones for smartphones and tablet computers.  They are jumping on to the internet with faster internet speeds and getting access to the information that they want.  Another benefit of mobile devices is using geo location services.  They can pull up information on the businesses that are close by their location.  Business owners can take a proactive approach to learning more about mobile devices and how it can effect business prospects.

Mobile Websites for Your Home Business

Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

There are a lot of business owners that understand that they need a webpage. A webpage can be an online brochure for your company. It doesn’t have to be just your basic contact information. Some webpages can serve as much more.

The internet is evolving and the rules have changed a lot since the web first got started.  Internet web pages might have only had basic static text on them in the past.  People were connecting to the internet from their computers at home or at work.  Computers were expensive in the past, but now with new technology computers are getting cheaper and smaller.

Just a few years ago, it would be crazy to think that people would have mobile computers.  Laptops hit the market and they were expensive.  Businesses that had a real need to be mobile might equip their business users with laptops to get business done.  As the years progressed, the cost of computers continued to drop.  At the same time, cell phones started to take off.  You remember the first cell phones.  They were big and bulky.  They looked like the bricks that make a house.  Business people were the first ones to get them too.  You might remember seeing these types of cell phones in some of the old tv shows like LA Law.  The business professionals were the first ones to get access to these expensive devices.

Now the game has completely changed.  Just move forward a few years and it seems like we have moved at warp speed to this new computer age that we are living in.  The top line computer market has changed from business to consumer.  Now your prospects and regular people are walking around with some of the top of the line computer products on the market.

Cellphones have changed like transformers from big bulky bricks to small powerful smartphones with fast processors, big screens and multi-use functions.  Now smartphones are really powerful computers that are sitting in the palm of your prospects hands.  As all of this change has been happening, most of the business owners with a basic internet website have been asleep at the switch.

How often do you update your website?  Some business owners got their website created a long time ago and never decided to touch it again.  They might have hired someone to create the site for them and they never learned how to update or maintain it.  They might have spent a lot of money to get the site created a long time ago and didn’t want to go back and have another expensive experience again.  So there are probably a lot of websites that were created a long time ago that have not be brought up to the new realities of this current mobile standard.

Are you ignoring mobile devices?

Your clients and prospects are walking around with computers.  They have internet access and they can make buying decisions on the go.  They don’t have to wait to go home to dial up America Online anymore. They can make quick decisions on purchases in an instant.  Mobile devices are more than just a way to get quick entertainment.  Business owners can think of them as small digital wallets.  A business owner has to think about the new mobile device market and how it can effect their business.

A mobile website is the starting point that a business owner has to investigate.  Why is a mobile website an essential part of the new online marketing plan?  All a business owner has to do is think of the following scenario.  A prospect is searching for a product.  They don’t have to sit at home.  They could be walking down the street and see something that triggers their want or desire for a product.  They can reach into their pocket and pull out a smartphone with internet access.  They can immediately do a mobile web search to look for the product that they want.  A list of websites will get presented to them.  Now the prospect is presented with a list of websites to visit.  The user can click on the link and get redirected to the business owners site.  After the user clicks, they land on a page that is not optimized for mobile devices.  What do you think that buyer prospect is going to do?

The internet is filled with businesses selling products.  What would you do if you pulled up a website and it didn’t show up correctly?  Would you stay on that webpage for long?  Probably not.  The internet browser has a feature that only one click away that can have a big impact on your business.  Do you want to know what that feature is?  It is called the back button.  The web user can easily hit the back button on the mobile web browser and get access to some other companies that have the item that they are looking for.  All it takes is an instant and the chance for the sale is gone for good.

Don’t ignore the new mobile internet market.  Some companies are jumping in and getting their mobile websites created to take advantage of this new opportunity.  The way that people connect is changing.  People keep their mobile devices close to them always.  The internet is only a few feet away.  Make sure that your business is ready to handle the new mobile prospect market.

Home Business Mobile Marketing

Home business owners want to learn more about mobile.  The question that is on every business owners mind is…How to make money with mobile?

There are lots of prospects that are walking around with mobile devices.  It seems just like every few months there is a new hot mobile device that is getting all the news attention.  Business owners want to be ready to deal with these mobile prospects on their own terms.

What are the different mobile devices that business owners need to be concerned with?  Everybody knows about the apple iphone.  The apple iphone really broke the mold.  They turned mobile telephone into a real computing device.

The apple smartphone is probably the most widely known type of smartphone.  There are other brands of smartphones with different operating systems.  Google android phones are another large part of the mobile device market.  How should business owners consider getting into mobile marketing?

Smartphones are not the only game in town.  Tablet computers are also in the hands of your prospects.  What happens when they pull up your website and your website is not ready to handle a mobile browser?  Is the game over.  Prospects that are searching the web might do what you would do.  They just hit the back button and try another site.  Now you are opening the door for all of your competitors that have spend the time and invested in building a mobile site.

What about creating mobile apps for your business?  Smartphone users can download mobile apps and have quick access to your business.  You have to consider the different operating systems again.  Google Android and the Apple world are the two big options.

Think about what you want your prospects to do.  Do you just want them to use their mobile phone to give you a call?  Are you trying to use mobile apps for generating new leads?  These are just a couple of questions that you have to answer.

Setting up mobile websites or creating mobile apps might be out of your task level as a business owner.  You can search the web to find people that can create mobile apps and sites.  You might be able to get away with using qr codes and blogs.  Some blogging systems have software that you can install to make your blog mobile ready.  Don’t forget about offline marketing options that focus on mobile devices.  Get qr codes or quick response codes that mobile device owners can use to get to your sites.

The mobile device market is constantly changing.  Home and small business owners should learn more about what is possible.  Think about what you want to accomplish with mobile marketing.  Are you looking to generate immediate sales or are you trying to get more leads for your business?  There are lots of questions that have to get answered.

Free Ebooks – It is hard to beat free information online

Revolutionize your Classroom: Fast, Easy, and Safe Websites

Free Ebooks

There are lots of different ways to get information. You probably have visited a few sites online and were offered a free ebook when joining a mailing list. A free ebook makes it hard for people to not download and view it.

Free ebooks are a great way to share information and they are not hard to create. People can’t really even complain about a bad ebook. It was free! Have you ever opened up an ebook and soon realized that it was not of the highest quality?

Ebooks don’t have to be really long. Just provide the information that prospects are looking for. Most times when you open a free ebook, it won’t give you all the answers that you are looking for. The free ebook might give a few details and resources that can help. The free information might also just be the first nuggets of gold that are revealed in a full product.

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Creating a free ebook is working for others, so you should try it for yourself. Creating a document and turning it into an ebook is not that hard. You could write up your content or compile some of your blog posts into a pdf. Include links in a resources section and get some simple graphics made to make it look more professional.

Giving away your ebook removes the barrier. When items cost money, it might be the factor that keeps people from moving forward with getting your information. If the information is free, you have your first chance of building a relationship.

Electronic books are becoming more common. More people are getting their hands on mobile devices. This should help motivate you to get your ebook ready and available for download. Those amazon kindle fires and barnes and noble nooks are just the tip of the iceberg. Apple ipads and samsung galaxy tabs are getting into the hands of more people and it is only going to grow.

People want information to add to these devices and they might be interested in your niche. You could create a good free electronic book and get more followers. They might not buy from you immediately, but you might get new online followers or new email list readers. Getting that first vote of confidence is a good sign.

You can create ebooks on just about any topic. They are not hard to create and there are a few other advantages. Think about the difficulty in getting your articles approved at the top article directories. With ebooks, you are in complete control of the publishing. You don’t have to wait for approval from somebody sitting on the other side of the web. You don’t have limits to the topics you can cover and you are not concerned with the number or types of links that you can add to your document.


Domain names are getting more expensive. One good benefit of using online forums and just checking online in general is you come across domain name coupons sometimes. how to get a tablet computer dot com is one of those domains that I picked up. It cost me under two dollars.

Tablet computers are popular devices that people are starting to gravitate to. They have commercials where even little kids can use them. The reason that they are simple to use is because you don’t have to use a keyboard to input information. Touching the screen is simple and easy.

The cost of the domain name was really attractive and you have to keep looking for deals. Just a few days later a domain name deal popped up for even less money. When you find those domain name coupons you have to really jump on them. Sometimes they have a limit on the number of times the coupons can be used.

Now all I have to do is drive web traffic to the new website and it can become profitable with just two conversions. There are plenty of people looking for a new tablet computer. Small business owners and even new college graduates will want a tablet computer.

I might even write a short free ebook on the topic and post it on a site like scribd. Another way to drive traffic could be a simple youtube video. Youtube can play into the whole social media thing and get views. People love viewing videos and they will leave comments. Offline marketing is one more option. Writing articles is always good too.


Ultrabooks – Light and Powerful Laptop Computers

One of the essential tools in a home business is the laptop computer. You can spend a lot of time using ti to check your email, surf the web and perform the services for your business. A laptop gives you more flexibility on where you can work. Instead of sitting in the home office, you can take your laptop outside and still get your important work done.

One area of concern with laptops is the battery life. If you could only work on a laptop for a couple of hours outside of the office, it might not be enough. The computer companies have started to listen to what business owners want. They want laptops that are not heavy. They want laptops that are powerful and they want laptops that have a longer battery life.

There have been many attempts to get this functionality right. Remember the netbooks from a few years ago. They were small, light computers with smaller screens but really easy on the mobile professional. The only problem was that they lacked the computing power to really get things done.

Smartphones like the apple iphone and google android phones are great mobile devices for the home business owner but the screens are small and they are not really a device to spend long periods of time working on.

Tablet computers have made an entrance into the home business market and they may be great for doing a presentation or light internet searches and running applications but they don’t come up with a keyboard.

Now there is a new player in the mobile market for home business owners and mobile professionals. The ultrabook is a light and powerful computer that gives you what you are looking for. Power, battery life, and a keyboard may make this a winner in the eyes of business owners.

Mobile Devices changing home business

New mobile devices are changing the way things get done. Devices like the apple ipad are a new way to use computing. No keyboard, no mouse just your finger to navigate and interact. Touch screen computers like the apple ipad and android tablets are easy to carry around and they are a new way to surf the internet and use applications.

But what if you do want to type out a longer email? There are bluetooth devices that can work with these new types of computers. Bluetooth Keyboards are just one way to get information into a tablet. There are other mobile devices like the netbook computers that are really small laptop computers.

Netbook computers have really small keyboards. It can be difficult to type on these machines. They are good for light web surfing and checking email, but doing development on them might be pushing it. Sometimes you don’t want a desktop replacement laptop computer, just something light and easy to carry to stay in touch and see what is happening on the web.

Smaller computers like netbooks have smaller screens and less space so using bluetooth devices to extend what you can do can become important. What if you want to create some documents? Writing on a netbook could be uncomfortable with all the small keys. A Bluetooth Keyboards might give you a little more room and comfort to operate.

Small business owners really have a lot of choices when it comes to mobile computing devices now.  There are smartphones like the iphone and android phones, there are tablet pcs and the ipad, and there are netbooks and super small laptops that can call be useful in a small or home business.

These new devices mean that you don’t have to be cooped up in the home office.  You can go outside and still get your work done.