Marketing Course

Setting your marketing course can start with something simple.  Free classified ads are an inexpensive way to start testing your messages.  There is not telling how far your marketing message will reach through free classified ads.

Another low cost marketing method is blogging.  Outsourcing your article writing can free up some of your time.  Setting up a domain for a niche blog can be done really quickly even if you don’t have the top tech skills.

Buy a domain name that is easy to remember and then start filling it with your new articles.  Are you going to post all of your content on one day?  It might be better to add your content over time in a drip fashion.

Marketing with a blog can also be helped with videos and images.  You don’t just have to focus completely on adding text.  Make sure that you can reach a wider audience through different media options.

Marketing with social media is another choice.  Take advantage of twitter, facebook and linkedin.  There are lots of people that love using these services.  You can find ways to interact online and share information about your business without coming across as a salesperson.

Marketing with free document sites is easy to do.  Scribd and slideshare are two places that you want to post relevant content.  This is another free option for placing helpful and informative content.  Making pdfs is super simple.  Just save your documents in the pdf format.  You can use the open office software or google docs.

Marketing with images. Can you use software to create good looking images and pictures? Take pictures and make sure to add your url. Sharing photos is something that lots of people like to do these days. Take a look at sites like pinterest. Use software to make images for your blog posts.

Remember to use leverage.  How can you get more traffic for your sites?  Keep looking at marketing and how you can use it to attract the right prospects.

Email Marketing – Build Lists and Use Affiliate, CPA and Pay Per Call Numbers

There is another way to get do your affiliate marketing. You don’t just have to slap ads on the front of your blog. You can do your marketing with email. This can allow your blog to look cleaner to the regular person that comes to your site. People still love their email accounts and they also love to get stuff for free. Enter email marketing messages.

If you are already feeling like you are up to your limit with writing content for your blog, you might be ready to call it quits with more writing.  You are going to need to hve content for ezine articles.  The term ezine is short for electronic magazine.  People might not want to pull out their credit card or fill out on of those paper inserts to sign up for a subscription to a snail mail magazine, but giving an email account is easy.  The cost for running a mailing list is really low when you think about it.  The question that lingers is how to come up with all the content for email marketing.  Email messages don’t have to be as long as articles.  They can be short and to the point.  You can find cheap content marketing with mailing lists.

People love free, free, free.  Just turn over the email address and send them a high powered pdf.  Free information for mailing list signups is a straight forward way of providing a direct link to potential customers.  They might not like every offer that you have, but when you have a good email address, you can keep sending information and great offers.  People expect to see offers in a magazine and you are just doing an online version.  Think about the niche and the best marketing messages through the mail.

Affiliates are searching for ways to drive traffic and creating a mailing list is a push button traffic source.   Keep growing your mailing list and you have a perfect place to add affiliate marketing with email.  Don’t forget to use those cpa accounts that you have.  Cost per action marketing allows you to earn money without having to make a sale.  What about adding those cpa offers inside your mailings?

Are you still wondering how to do ezine marketing?  Get the inside secrets by joining a few mailing lists in your niche.  Start opening up those emails that you get to see the how the whole system works.  What are the headlines?  How long are the articles?  Can you see how you could use cheap ezine content to build your business?  You might even be able to earn and get paid with telephone numbers through pay per call numbers

Free Marketing Options for Your Business

Free classified ads

Think about how you can use free marketing with free classified ads.  You can include images and text to promote your products and services.  The process for signing up is easy and you can even include a link back to your sites.  Some might want to just include a phone number that your prospects can use to get in touch with you.  If you are not doing free classified ad marketing, you should think about adding it.  It could be just one more potential client income stream.

Free video marketing

Don’t miss the train on free video marketing.  What is the big deal about video?  It is quicker to get started.  You don’t have to be a good writer.  You don’t have to take all day to get your videos done.  Video is something that can spread really quickly.  You have heard of the site called Youtube.  What if you don’t want to be on camera?  There are a number of different solutions to this.  You can get started with video marketing and it is constantly growing.

Free article marketing

Are you a really fast typer?  Do you have a bunch of stories that you can rattle off without stopping?  You might want to focus on using your writing skills.  Article marketing can be your marketing method of choice.  Writing is a skill that doesn’t run out of style.  You can use article directories to help spread your marketing message.

Free ebooks

Writing articles is not the only option.  You could use your writing talents to create ebooks.  Free ebooks are a great way to drive traffic to your sites.  Free is hard to beat.  With free ebooks, you don’t have to worry about jumping through the hoops of the article directories.  You can leverage your writing talent and use your free ebooks to drive traffic to the sources that you want.  Use free sharing sites to help your ebooks get more attention online.

Free blogs

You don’t even have to pay for web hosting.  Use free blogs.  There are some risks with using free blogs.  They might shut your site down if you are promoting too many affiliate links or if they get complaints about your site.  When you are just getting started, a free blog is great way to learn the basics.  You can build up some traffic with your blog and learn and grow.   You can always create a regular blog with paid hosting down the line for more online freedom.  Your free blog might be a simple learning tool and a place that you can get subscribers to your mailing list.

Home Business Tips – Using Youtube for Business Training


What are you going to do to build your internet marketing business today?  I am spending more time using youtube as a learning tool.  I still watch videos for entertainment, but there is a much bigger opportunity to use youtube for educational purposes.

What kind of videos are you watching?  You have plenty of options.  Instead of just watching videos that are from your specific business niche, why not try to learn from other areas.  I always like to watch videos that discuss business development.  I like watching the videos that talk about success and personal development.  This means that I watch jim rohn, t harv eker, tony robbins, jay abraham and more.

What are you learning by watching free videos on youtube?  The big takeaway that I have been getting recently is the way that you are thinking about business and the mindset that you have to have.  Another item that I am noticing is the importance of language.  I suggest that you take a look at some of the videos from Holton Boggs.  I am not in network marketing business, but taking the time to watch some of the training videos can be very informational.  Instead of focusing on the business that they are trying to promote, think about the message and how it can apply to your business in general.  It is all about marketing.  The products that they are promoting don’t matter.

How are you using Youtube for Training in Your Business?  Instead of watching music videos all the time, it is helpful to type in a current interesting topic that you want to learn more about.  Big data is something that is getting some attention, but probably not by small business or home business owners.  Mobile marketing is also a topic that I like to pull up on youtube.  You can find lots of presentations on youtube that can help fill in the gaps.

Using the internet for your business training is great opportunity.  You have access to lots of information.  All you have to do is log on and start to tap this important resource.  Information is at your fingertips in an instant.  Getting access to the information is available, you have to take the additional step of putting the information that you learn to use in your business.


Marketing Online and Offline – What are the options for online businesses?

It seems like just about everybody is using wordpress these days. Web development with a blog is the way to go. Sure, some people might still choose to use joomla to create a site, but wordpress just seems to be a little more flexible. You can change the design fast and you can add more functionality with wordpress plugins. Getting a content management system can really change your focus from web development to content creation. A good looking website is now possible for novice regular web users.

Once you get online, you can focus on blogging. Lots of people that setup websites want to earn income with it. Adding advertising code to a blog is simple. Starting with google adsense is probably the first step. Quick setup and little effort to maintain the code makes it a perfect fit for beginners. New website or blog owners should not ignore list building. Growing a list of newsletter subscribers should be a part of any online business venture. Email marketing is a solid strategy and should be taken seriously.

Video is another growing opportunity. All you need to do is visit youtube and see how powerful video is becoming. A simple video can have a chance at going viral and generating a lot of web traffic at little to no cost. Some website owners might want to focus more on search engine optimization, but video might be the better solution. The search engines have been in the habit of changing the rules often. Do you want to keep jumping through the constantly changing hoops associated with seo? Some site owners are starting to take marketing into their own hands and are opting to use offline marketing in the real world. This could be a low cost option for generating traffic for online sites.

There are lots of different ways to market a business online. Try not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Find the methods that deliver the best results for you. Video, email, and content writing are all good options for spreading the word about your online business.

Video Marketing – Are you using videos for marketing purposes?

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Filling your blog up with really good content is job one and everybody knows it. Video marketing is on the rise. Mobile devices and video are becoming essential to online marketing too.

Have you ever went to a video site to learn more information about a product or just to get access to more free and cheap entertainment? Would you rather read a long blog post detailing how to do something or would a video walking you through the process be easier?

Video is an important piece of the online marketing puzzle. You can’t ignore it. More people are getting smartphones and ditching the regular old cell phones. More people are starting to pick up tablet computers. They want to see videos. Are you creating videos for your online business? Are you missing out?

Click the image below to start getting on the right track with your online video marketing efforts.

Video Marketing

What are the keys to video marketing?


Selling Your Services Online

Creating a service business allows you to use your skills to earn income. There are lots of people from around the globe that have good skills and are looking for a way to match those skills with online demand.

You hear about it all the time. Just the other day, I was on one of the top internet marketing forums and a forum user asked the question about how to get started selling services.

There were lots of different answers that people gave to the person interested in selling their services online. One tip included posting their information in the online forum. Others gave the advise of going to local functions. More forum readers talked about signing up with online service websites.

Service based businesses can start by going where the potential clients are online. Selling services online might also include setting up a website or a blog. People are searching the web all the time for good workers.

Don’t forget to use classified advertising services. There are many different free classified sites to choose from.  There is a lot of competition online for service based business.  Craigslist is a popular free classified site.  Take a look at the other service listings to see what the competition looks like.

Another forum user talked about using your services in another way.  What about creating a product with your services?  This can transform your online service into a new type of business model.

Selling your services online might include reaching out to your target market.  There are lots of people that want things done, but they just don’t know who or where to find good service providers.  It is your job to get in front of those people with your marketing message.

Create multiple ways for your prospects to find you.  Create videos and post them online.  Include your contact information and web addresses.  Make audio versions of your marketing materials.

Take a look at how you personally buy services online.  What processes do you follow before picking a service provider?  Now you have a few clues as to how to move forward with selling your services online.

Affiliate Marketing Money

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Are you interested in learning about affiliate marketing? People want to use the internet to get money. The whole concept of affiliate marketing sounds really complicated. You don’t even have to think about it in rough terms. It can be broken down into a simple concept. Have you ever told your friends about something that you enjoyed? You probably have do it in the past. Break down all the steps in that process.

Taking a chance on trying something new. You might have purchased a product or received a product as a gift. You use the product and now you know something about the product. You get to see the good sides and bad sides of what the product has to offer. This could be just about anything from a flip video camera to a cup of coffee that you got as a result of a gift card for a birthday. What did you think about the product or service after using it? Your ideas can now become an opportunity.

You have friends that you know and you have people that you meet online. You might already have a blog or maybe you use social media where you come into contact with lots of folks. Posting information and status updates is not that difficult. Sharing what you think about your favorite products is easy. Turning those ideas into clicks and referrals is an option.

The first step in the process is getting signed up for affiliate programs. There are lots of them to choose from and it doesn’t take long to get an up or down vote. Once you get into the affiliate program, you can start creating your affiliate links. You can post affiliate links on your blogs and websites. It doesn’t have to be overbearing. You can post a few text links inside of your blog posts or even in your sidebar.

Marketing Your Home Business Using Craigslist

Marketing your home business using craigslist, has it crossed your mind yet? Craigslist gets lots of web traffic and people are looking for products and services. Most people might think that Craigslist is not the right place to look for paying clients. Take some time to check the site for yourself to see if it makes sense for your own marketing purposes.

Craigslist can be a good place to start testing your marketing ideas. There are lots of home businesses that might have a website, but not getting that much web traffic. Marketing your services using a craigslist classified free ad can be a good testing ground.

Learn how to create good headlines that create a response. Headlines are important in business and testing your headlines on free sites can be a good way to learn the ropes. Lots of people are looking for free stuff on craigslist, so why not offer something for free there.

You never know what your web generated leads can turn into. Don’t discount prospects just because they are using Craigslist. Drive traffic to your websites and blogs. Take Craigslist traffic and divert it to your mailing list.

One thing that you will notice about using Craigslist for your home business marketing is that you are not alone. There is plenty of competition when it comes to posting information there. Just make sure that you are posting your ads in the right category.

Learn how to market your business with classified ad sites.

Making Videos with Animoto

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Making videos with animoto is a great way to get started with videos.  You don’t have to appear on camera and you can get the videos done.  Video marketing is only going to grow more popular as people recognize the need to use video for business marketing.

Where can you get the content for making your online videos?  You probably already have access to lots of written content that can help you make your videos.  Pull up some of your favorite blog posts that you find are really helpful for your audience.  Pull some of the best material or the key highlights and turn them into videos.

Animoto videos are not like feature films or anything. They are just slideshows that are created from images, text and other short videos.  Do you have pictures that express information about your current video topic.  Adding them to animoto is easy.  Even if you don’t have your own photos, you can use images that are supplied by animoto.

What are you going to say on your video?  With animoto, you don’t have to worry about using your own voice for the video production.  They have lots of music that you can choose to use for the background music.

Slideshows can be a good way to share information online.  They get the point across without taking all day like a blog post or a long movie.  Use your creativity to come up with quick videos that your prospects will love.  Turn those long blog posts into something visually pleasing and quick to consume.

Video marketing is growing.  You don’t have to get rid of your article marketing efforts, but you can start branching off into new marketing methods.  Adding video to your online marketing toolkit is just another good idea.  Leverage all of the content that you have created over the years. Remember that some people might want to watch a video instead of reading a long article.

The added advantage of using video is that it is quickly accessed by people from around the globe.  People can watch and get the message faster than trying to follow a long blog post.  Video marketing also opens the door for your content going viral.  What if your video becomes an online sensation.  You produce videos on evergreen topics and you don’t know where their potential reach will end around the globe.

Animoto is just one way to use video.  Getting the videos completed is just the first step.  There are also lots of tips that come into play with video.  After the video is done, marketing rules still need to be applied.  Get information on leveraging youtube and seo.