Internet Marketing Tips – Social Media Traffic, Video Traffic and Blogging Traffic

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One of the areas that don’t get much focus is social media traffic. You probably already know a lot of people. Connecting with your friends online is the basis of social media traffic. There are lots of different social media networks where people like to share information. You knew that it would not be long before people and businesses found a way to make money with social media traffic.

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Interacting with your friends and creating information is just a fun way to do things these days. in the past, information was really flowing in one direction. You would get your information from tv or the newspaper without a real way to interact. Technology has really changed this dynamic. Now you can interact through blogs and social media and get instant results.

Blogs can generate blogging traffic that opens the doors to new communication channels. A blogger might submit a story with a certain point of view, but the readers might have a completely different voice. With blogs, they can jump into the conversation. Blogging traffic can act as a sounding board. Your ideas can get challenged in the new form of communicating. Blogs are low cost and they are a good way to share information and bring about discussions. Keeping a blog updated is essential to the plan of generating blogging traffic.

TV was the old way of getting information. It is still popular, but it is really limited. The web again brings more people into the fold. Now, you can be the person on the camera. Don’t miss the big change with video traffic. People like to read, but just think about all the people that would much rather watch a video. Video traffic is not really hard to get. All you need to do is start creating videos and people will watch them.

Internet Marketing Tips – Keep Pushing Forward with Your Site

Internet Marketing Tips – Setup websites

  1. Find good web hosting
  2. Pick a good web address
  3. Get content for your site
  4. Schedule Your Blog posts
  5. Use WordPress or Joomla
  6. Find a good niche
  7. Get private label rights content
  8. Create landing pages
  9. Setup a mobile website

Internet Marketing Tips – Make Videos

  1. Create slideshow videos
  2. Post videos on youtube
  3. Use screen capture videos
  4. Take lots of photos and turn them into videos
  5. Buy Videos on Fiverr
  6. Create tutorials
  7. Create entertaining videos

Internet Marketing Tips – Mailing Lists

  1. Get plr articles
  2. Get aweber or getresponse
  3. Use autoresponders
  4. Build relationship with your list

Internet Marketing Tips – Domain Forwarding

  1. Buy domain names at a discount
  2. Learn how to forward domains
  3. Use subdomains

The main thing to remember is to keep pushing forward with your sites.  You might not be getting the love that you expect from the search engines.  Don’t worry about it.  Keep learning and progressing with your online efforts.

Content is an important part of the online world.  Make sure that you keep adding new information that is relevant to your potential audience.  Promote your content online where you can.  Write articles.  Make blog posts.  Use social media updates.  The key is to keep on moving forward one step at a time.

Invest in your online business.  You have to take your online site seriously.  Paying for advertising is a part of business.  If you are not getting the traffic that you want from free methods, start using other methods to get your traffic.

You have to keep working towards your goals.  Failure is a part of the learning process.  You are going to hit some stumbling blocks.  You cannot focus on the temporary setbacks.  You have to keep moving forward knowing that you are going to make it.

Try new things and keep inching closer to your goals.  Every little bit of progress is a step closer to getting there.  No matter how small, you are getting closer and that is the point to remember.

Make sure that you write down your road to success.  Are you frustrated by your lack of results from article marketing?   It might require taking a different approach.  You have to start looking for the opportunities in everything that is happening.  Are there other uses for your time that can be more productive?  Do something different.  Go watch a video on youtube that is in your area of focus.  Watch a video that is not related to your business.  You might still get some nuggets that can be applied to your online business situation.

Internet marketing is always changing.  Don’t even keep yourself contained to internet marketing.  What about offline marketing methods?  Could it be the answer you are looking for when it comes to generating web traffic?  Keep your eyes open for solutions to the problems that you are experiencing.

Free Classified Ad Marketing – Watch this video

Don’t forget about free classified ads when it comes to promoting your business. I watched this video and there was something that really jumps at you when you watch it. I am not going to tell you what it is. Just watch the video and you will not be able to miss it.

This video focuses on one of the top classified ad sites online. It gives you some quick tips that you can use to get started. I like the way that the video walks you through all the steps needed and even points out some of the problems that you might encounter. The video also gives some helpful tips that you can use to overcome some of the potential problems.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to grow your business, this video adds one more option to your online business strategy. The video even points out the sections that you should concentrate your efforts towards.

Another point that cannot be missed is the talk about using graphics in your ads. The video discusses the websites that you should join and the types of images that you can include in your ad. There is also some slick software that you can purchase to create your own ads. The cost is not high and it can be a really flexible graphics tool that you can use for lots of different graphics needs. If you are not a graphics designer and you still want to create powerful graphics in a short amount of time, you should really take a look at this software. They also have a lot of add ons that can take your images to the next level.

All kinds of businesses are using free classified sites to promote products and services. Don’t think that free classifieds are only for garage and yard sales. There is much more to be found using free classified ads.

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Internet Marketing and Free Advertising

What do you like about internet marketing?  The feeling of going to your computer in the morning and logging into your google adsense account to see that someone has clicked on your links and you made money is great.  Once you earn that first dollar with internet marketing, it makes you think about what can be accomplished.

Internet marketing is a puzzle. You are trying to put the pieces together and earn.  The questions about how to get traffic and how to turn visitors into conversions are what keep you going.  All you have to do is visit a few online forums and you start to see the same kinds of questions that get asked.  People want to make money and they like the idea of using the internet to do it.

Free is something that is hard to pass up.  Just idea of using free methods that can result in income gets people off of the fence. It also helps to see that websites are getting sold for lots of money.   The internet is where business is getting done.  People are always going to want to go buy stuff from the store, but the web provides an easy way to get access to the things that people want.

Free internet advertising is one very important method for promoting your products and services to thousands of free classified ads.  Most of these free classified ads web sites give you the power to facilitate marketing with features such as classified ads submitter forms. Features like this give free Internet advertising an extremely fast way of getting your products or services on line. It is accessible 24/7 allowing you access anytime, it’s very effective and efficient and most of it comes free. No downloads. No sign-up fees. No hidden charges. No annual or monthly fees. No sales fees. It is absolutely free.

Free internet advertising is the perfect way and best way to make your products or services known to the millions of prospective consumers in the Internet and make your web site start producing money. There is an enormous audience for free internet advertising that is present in the Internet, that the probability of anyone needing your services or wanting to buy your products is very high. There are free services out there that may suit your services, products and web site.  Browse the internet for the best free internet advertising for assessment on their amenities and features how to advertise or join your web site for free internet advertising.

Web traffic is one of the topics that won’t go away online.  How can you get traffic coming to your site for free? Advertising with free options is just one plan.  You can leverage your writing and other talents to help get people to your sites.  Creating content for free and sharing it online is a free method.  Creating good free classified ads and linking back to your site is also another free method.  The downside to free advertising is the time involved.   It can take a long time to post your ads online.  The other disadvantage is the amount of competition.  You might have heard about the concept of big data and you have to consider how many people are using these free marketing sources.

The bottom line is free advertising sites are getting crowded.  You are not going to be the only one trying to implement these free methods.  So cutting through the clutter is only going to get harder.  How are you going to make your messages stand out.  The other factor is that free marketing methods might not show results quickly.  Writing free articles on the directory is not a guarantee of loads of free targeted web traffic.  People have shorter attention spans and they have to wade through lots of information.

Even though free marketing methods has downsides, it still feels good to see a conversion or clicks that result in some money.

Mobile Websites for Your Home Business

Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

There are a lot of business owners that understand that they need a webpage. A webpage can be an online brochure for your company. It doesn’t have to be just your basic contact information. Some webpages can serve as much more.

The internet is evolving and the rules have changed a lot since the web first got started.  Internet web pages might have only had basic static text on them in the past.  People were connecting to the internet from their computers at home or at work.  Computers were expensive in the past, but now with new technology computers are getting cheaper and smaller.

Just a few years ago, it would be crazy to think that people would have mobile computers.  Laptops hit the market and they were expensive.  Businesses that had a real need to be mobile might equip their business users with laptops to get business done.  As the years progressed, the cost of computers continued to drop.  At the same time, cell phones started to take off.  You remember the first cell phones.  They were big and bulky.  They looked like the bricks that make a house.  Business people were the first ones to get them too.  You might remember seeing these types of cell phones in some of the old tv shows like LA Law.  The business professionals were the first ones to get access to these expensive devices.

Now the game has completely changed.  Just move forward a few years and it seems like we have moved at warp speed to this new computer age that we are living in.  The top line computer market has changed from business to consumer.  Now your prospects and regular people are walking around with some of the top of the line computer products on the market.

Cellphones have changed like transformers from big bulky bricks to small powerful smartphones with fast processors, big screens and multi-use functions.  Now smartphones are really powerful computers that are sitting in the palm of your prospects hands.  As all of this change has been happening, most of the business owners with a basic internet website have been asleep at the switch.

How often do you update your website?  Some business owners got their website created a long time ago and never decided to touch it again.  They might have hired someone to create the site for them and they never learned how to update or maintain it.  They might have spent a lot of money to get the site created a long time ago and didn’t want to go back and have another expensive experience again.  So there are probably a lot of websites that were created a long time ago that have not be brought up to the new realities of this current mobile standard.

Are you ignoring mobile devices?

Your clients and prospects are walking around with computers.  They have internet access and they can make buying decisions on the go.  They don’t have to wait to go home to dial up America Online anymore. They can make quick decisions on purchases in an instant.  Mobile devices are more than just a way to get quick entertainment.  Business owners can think of them as small digital wallets.  A business owner has to think about the new mobile device market and how it can effect their business.

A mobile website is the starting point that a business owner has to investigate.  Why is a mobile website an essential part of the new online marketing plan?  All a business owner has to do is think of the following scenario.  A prospect is searching for a product.  They don’t have to sit at home.  They could be walking down the street and see something that triggers their want or desire for a product.  They can reach into their pocket and pull out a smartphone with internet access.  They can immediately do a mobile web search to look for the product that they want.  A list of websites will get presented to them.  Now the prospect is presented with a list of websites to visit.  The user can click on the link and get redirected to the business owners site.  After the user clicks, they land on a page that is not optimized for mobile devices.  What do you think that buyer prospect is going to do?

The internet is filled with businesses selling products.  What would you do if you pulled up a website and it didn’t show up correctly?  Would you stay on that webpage for long?  Probably not.  The internet browser has a feature that only one click away that can have a big impact on your business.  Do you want to know what that feature is?  It is called the back button.  The web user can easily hit the back button on the mobile web browser and get access to some other companies that have the item that they are looking for.  All it takes is an instant and the chance for the sale is gone for good.

Don’t ignore the new mobile internet market.  Some companies are jumping in and getting their mobile websites created to take advantage of this new opportunity.  The way that people connect is changing.  People keep their mobile devices close to them always.  The internet is only a few feet away.  Make sure that your business is ready to handle the new mobile prospect market.

Selling Your Services Online

Creating a service business allows you to use your skills to earn income. There are lots of people from around the globe that have good skills and are looking for a way to match those skills with online demand.

You hear about it all the time. Just the other day, I was on one of the top internet marketing forums and a forum user asked the question about how to get started selling services.

There were lots of different answers that people gave to the person interested in selling their services online. One tip included posting their information in the online forum. Others gave the advise of going to local functions. More forum readers talked about signing up with online service websites.

Service based businesses can start by going where the potential clients are online. Selling services online might also include setting up a website or a blog. People are searching the web all the time for good workers.

Don’t forget to use classified advertising services. There are many different free classified sites to choose from.  There is a lot of competition online for service based business.  Craigslist is a popular free classified site.  Take a look at the other service listings to see what the competition looks like.

Another forum user talked about using your services in another way.  What about creating a product with your services?  This can transform your online service into a new type of business model.

Selling your services online might include reaching out to your target market.  There are lots of people that want things done, but they just don’t know who or where to find good service providers.  It is your job to get in front of those people with your marketing message.

Create multiple ways for your prospects to find you.  Create videos and post them online.  Include your contact information and web addresses.  Make audio versions of your marketing materials.

Take a look at how you personally buy services online.  What processes do you follow before picking a service provider?  Now you have a few clues as to how to move forward with selling your services online.

Internet Marketing Money

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  1. Internet Marketing Money – Google Adsense – It is the ad program that makes it easy.  All you have to do is copy and paste the ad code on your blog or site.   When your web visitors show up, they see the ads.   You don’t have to really focus on your google ads.  The google codes present the ads and all you have to do is create the good content that gets people to view your pages.
  2. Internet Marketing Money – Commission Junction – This is a affiliate marketing network.  They bring the vendors and the affiliates together in one location.  You have to get approved with each affiliate program.  The vendors provide you with affiliate links and banner graphics that you can place on your sites.
  3. Internet Marketing Money – Instant Commission Programs – There are some affiliate programs have instant commissions.  When you make internet sales, you can earn a commission.
  4. Internet Marketing Money – Email Marketing – People still open their emails.  Email marketing is more personal.  You have to work to get people to sign up for your list.  This might include creating a free ebook as a give away for joining up.  You also have to keep coming up with something for your list to read.  Take a look at plr / private label rights content and see how you can use it to help create your newsletter messages.
  5. Internet Marketing Money – Private Label Rights – You can use plr in lots of different ways.  Pay attention to the rules for using the plr.  Blogging and email newsletters are just two of the ways to leverage this content.  If you ever find yourself having problems coming up with content, you can turn to plr to help.  PLR is just like everything else, there are different levels of quality.  Some plr is really bad, but you might still be able to turn it into content that you can use online. How can you get this done?  You will need to rewrite the content to turn it into something that is usable.
  6. Internet Marketing Money – Audio – Make audio versions of your blog posts to expand your potential prospects.  Just think about all the people that listen to audio files.  They might be walking around with their smartphones or ipods.  Turn a long blog post into a podcast or a series of podcasts.  You might even want to save them on discs and turn the recordings into an information product.

7 Tips for Getting Started with Internet Marketing

Get started with internet marketing. You already have a computer and you have the time to invest. Take your computer and start your own online venture. Leverage your skills and use them to drive traffic and setup sites for your internet marketing offers. Get access to the products and services to sell.

Join Affiliate Marketing Networks

You are going to need something to promote. Join affiliate networks that give you good products to offer to your web visitors. Some affiliate programs are harder to join than others. Clickbank is easy to join. They offer lots of products in different niches.

Setup Your Own Blog

Don’t be afraid of web development. Get started with your own blog. Use wordpress to create good looking sites without pain. Getting wordpress installed is the biggest part of your effort. Once you learn how to master setting up and installing a wordpress site, you are home free.

Use Domain Name Forwarding

Affiliate links can be long and ugly. Make your affiliate offers more presentable with a domain name. Keep your eyes open for domain name sales. This can be the perfect time to add a domain for one of your affiliate offers. Add the domain name coupon code at checkout.

Forwarding your domain name to the affiliate offer is simple. Find the directions for your domain name registration company for the forwarding process. After you have submitted your affiliate link, test it to make sure that it works.

Create Videos to Drive Traffic to Offers

Writing blog posts and text for your affiliate offers are not the only ways to get the job done. Use different formats to attract attention for your affiliate offers. Create videos with software or your smartphone to attract visitors to your pages.

Get a mailing list

Email marketing is an option for affiliate marketing that should not be ignored. People check their emails. Give them something for signing up to your newsletter or ezine like a free ebook that is focused on the topic of interest. The cost for getting started with email marketing is low. The benefit of using newsletters and email marketing is the chance to build a long term relationship with the readers. Make your newsletter or ezine just like a magazine. Include good articles and simple text ads.

Find a good graphics program

Graphics can make a big difference in the way your site looks. You might not want to spend a lot of time and money on learning how to use photoshop or gimp. There are simple graphics programs that can be your secret affiliate marketing weapon. You could also try outsourcing some of your graphics needs to designers. The quality might vary and you also have to consider the long term costs. You should really take a look at this graphics program.

Locate Good Content Writers

Find good sources for content for your sites. Writing all the content alone can start to become a tough task when you start adding lots of new sites. Blogs need fresh content and you are only one person. Start finding new content sources that you can tap for your online sites. PLR – private label rights content might come in handy for your affiliate marketing purposes.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing

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Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Free Classified Ads

Don’t sleep on the free classified ads. You might not think about them much, but people still go to free classified ads to find information, products and services.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Join Forums

Find forums that are focused on your niche. Learn the forum signature policies and posting rules. Use the forum to ask questions and answer them. Just participate and provide a link to your site or blog in your forum sig file, if possible.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Comment on Blogs

Add your own two cents to the conversation. Visit other blogs and provide real comments. Don’t do that spam crap. Nobody likes spammers. Add some real value to the sites that you visit. Some will have a place for your website. If you read some blogs regularly, get off the sidelines and add a comment on posts that interest you.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Use Social Media

Don’t flood your social media status updates. Think about linking your blog post updates to your social media status. Some social media profiles have a description area where you can list your site.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Setup a basic website

Don’t have a website? Get one. Use a basic html template or setup a wordpress blog. You want to have a place online and it is not hard to create a quick site. Get your own web hosting account.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Write Content and Get Content

Write content for your site. You don’t have to start from scratch. Get some free plr articles and rewrite them for your niche.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Create PDFS

Take your content and create pdf files. Use the document sharing sites. Give away free pdfs on your blog. Make sure to add links to your site inside your free pdf.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Make Videos

Use a cheap video camera or use online software to create videos. Take pictures and turn them into slideshows. Use screen recording software for tutorials. Create video summaries of some of your blog post articles.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Make Podcasts

Record audio summaries of some of your articles. Make it easy for people to consume your content. Don’t forget about all the people walking around with mp3 players and apple ipods and smartphones. Give them different ways to get your content.

Quick and Dirty Internet Marketing – Free Blogs

Use free blogs to help drive traffic to your main sites. Create quick articles and updates for your free blogs. Just remember that you don’t own these blogs and they could get deleted. Think about adding a newsletter sign up box on your free blog or embedding your videos and podcasts on your free blogs.