Article Marketing – Write Content and Think Long Term


Article Marketing

Marketing with articles is not a difficult strategy to understand.  Content is always in demand.  All you have to do is think about all the sites on the internet.  They are continuing to get created all the time.  Those sites are going to need new information added to them.

Writing articles uses your skills and talent.  You can write content on all kinds of topics.  What about writing content around areas that you enjoy.  You can write about things that you have passion about.  Articles are just one form of writing.

Where are you going to place the articles that you write?  You might write them and place them on your own sites.  You could also write articles and strategically place them on other blogs that get lots of web traffic.  Guest blogging is another option for your written content.  You approach other blogs and offer them content.  Why would you want to do this?  This could be a chance to get your content in front of a large audience.  When people read the guest blog post, they will have a chance to see your link and information.  If your article is good, they might decide to click your link and see more of your content.

Write articles might be attractive for a number of different reasons.  One thing about writing content is that it is there for the long haul.  When you create articles, you have a long term marketing option at play.  Your written articles might not pull any traffic today or tomorrow.  What happens if your articles are written in such a way that they are evergreen and timeless.  They might drive traffic years down the line.  That is the power of using article marketing.  You just don’t know when the traffic will show up.  It could be a few web visits this month or it could be a large mass of traffic that floods in years from now.

Writing articles is like adding one more brick to your online marketing wall.  When you are writing content for your own sites, you might try to earn income from the articles using ad services like google adsense or affiliate marketing links.  Another way to get more out of the traffic that you generate with articles is to setup a email sign up box.

Your articles can drive traffic, but you don’t want to lose that traffic forever.  Your articles get web visitors to land on your blog pages and you want to take full advantage of the opportunity.  You want to get the email address of the web visitor so that you can build a relationship through email marketing.  This can give you more chances to provide more information and product offers.  What happens if you don’t collect the web visitors email address?  They might not like the offer that you are promoting and they could easily leave your site forever.  If you get their email address, you can continue to send the information that gets delivered to their email account as long as they stay subscribed to your email list.

Start an Internet Blogging Business

Is it too risky to start your own business? You can get started with your own business. The internet has plenty of different business options that you can choose. They don’t require a lot of costs and it can be a great way to learn the basics of business.

Blogging can be your first online business venture. All you have to do is start thinking like a business owner. Create lots of content around a topic that you like. You have to also make sure that there is an interest by other people there.

What are some of the costs associated with setting up a blog for business? There are not really too many moving parts. You are going to need a domain name, some web hosting, and content that gets the attention of the search engines and your target audience online.

With blogging, you don’t have to worry about getting office space. You can get started on the most important part of your online business. Getting the content is the big deal. Setting a website as a blog can be done in just a few minutes.

You might want to invest some time into learning the basics of search engine optimization and wordpress. The tools are available. You just have to find the free resources. Getting going is probably going to be the toughest part of getting your online business going.

Join affiliate marketing programs. You can make sales of products with your blog. All you have to do is get approved with affiliate programs and start offering the links on your sites. They have banner ads and text link ads that you can post.

Your online business might also include creating your own products. Can you write a book that would help your target audience? You could create simple ebooks and sell them with your blog. People are reading content on their laptops, desktops and electronic reading devices. Your online business could focus on creating information products for this market.

Don’t forget to join ad programs like google adsense. Getting setup is fast. You can add the google ad code to your site one time and have the chance to earn money into the future. The ads will change over time. You just continue to keep adding new blog content to your site.

Is blogging a real business option? It could be your first step into the world of business. Start learning how to do business online and create sites that help your target audience. There are lots of people looking for work. They might want to look at starting their own business. It is time to start doing something new with an unlimited income potential.

Blogging – Pros and Cons of Using Blogger

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One of the first questions that pops up when it comes to blogging is where to start your blogging adventure. There are lots of different blogging systems to choose from and it can be confusing to many that are just getting started. One of the easiest places to start a blog online is the website called blogger dot com.

Blogger dot com is the simple and quick way to create a blog. All you need is to create an account and you can have your blog setup in minutes.

Good Reasons to Use Blogger

  1. Very easy to get started.
    Getting started is half of the battle.  You don’t want to have to go through a lot of installation and settings to get started with your blog.  Blogger is really simple to use and you don’t have to worry about all the details of how the blog structure is setup.  You don’t have to worry about the inner workings of the blogger software.  You can instead just focus on creating the content for your blog.
  2. Choose your blogger username. The first piece of information that you need to get started with blogger is getting your username and password.  Get this information and you are ready to move on to the next step.
  3. Choose your blogger web address. Your blog is going to need a way for people to find it and you will do this by picking a blogger web address.  You can type in different names until you find one that is available. Think before you make the choice for a blog address.  It is something that your readers will have to type in.  You can always change your blog address to something new later if you decide to change your mind.  Try to keep the blog address short and easy to remember for your blog audience and followers.
  4. Change your blog template.  Blogger makes it really easy to change how your blog looks with blog templates.  You will get a default blog template when you create your account.  You might want to change the blog template to something that will fit with your blog topic and niche. Changing a blog theme on blogger is not hard to do.  Find the template that you like and activate it for your blog.  Changing the colors and style of your site is one of the selling points for using a blog.  You don’t have to hire a designer to make changes on your blogger blog.  There are lots of free blogger template sites available on the web.
  5. Start Adding Blog Content.  Once you have your blog template setup the way that you want, you can start adding blog content.  Blog posts can be created and added to your site quickly.  There are a number of different locations on your blogger blog to add content.  The sidebar and footer areas are available to place content.
  6. Blogger has widgets.  Blogger widgets allow you to add more functions to your blogger blog.  Just view the available widgets and add them.  You might want to show your recent blog posts or calendar and tag clouds. You can do a quick search of all the different blogger widgets that are available.
  7. Blogger and Google Adsense.  You might want to add google adsense ads to your blog.  This gives you a chance to earn income from your blog visitors.  When they click on the google adsense ads, you might earn money for it.  Blogger and google adsense work well together.  Just select the kind of ad size that you want and the area where you want the ads to show up.  Really simple.
  8. Good Place to Learn How to Blog.  A blogger blog is a good place to learn the basics of blogging. You can learn how to create blog posts and blog pages.  You can learn how to add a header graphic.  A blogger blog is simple and powerful at the same time.  You learn the ropes with blogger and then you might want to start moving into bigger blogging systems like wordpress.  Blogger is a solid blogging solution for those that want to get started without all of the hassles.  You can be up and running in minutes.

Bad Reasons to Choose Blogger

  1. Blog could get deleted.  There are not too many downsides to using blogger. One problem that jumps at you is getting your blog deleted.  Blogger has a terms of service and your blog could get deleted.  What can cause your blog to get zapped?  Who knows.  Blogger makes it easy for blog readers to complain about a site.  If you are thinking about promoting affiliate products using your blog, you should be mindful and aware that all of your hard blogging work could be gone forever if your blog gets deleted.
  2. Not as flexible as WordPress.  Blogger is quick and easy.  It is good for getting started, but once you start learning how to blog, you might find that you have outgrown blogger.  Downloading wordpress and installing it on your own web hosting might seem like too much work when you first get started with blogging.  As you learn and grow, it will not be as big a deal as first thought.  WordPress can be installed quickly and they have lots of theme designers and wordpress plugin designers that give you lots of options for your online blogging home.


Blog Money Making Strategies

Turning a blog into an income stream is something that you want to do. Writing can be a fun exercise and you want to get something in return for your efforts. Blogs make it easy to publish information online. Your blog does not have to be super serious and you can still set it up to earn possible income.

Make sure that your blog setup allows you to make money. Where are you going to be blogging? If you are blogging with free blog services, you need to stay within the rules. If you start promoting a lot of offers, your blog could get shut down and you could lose a lot of your work. You don’t want that. Think about setting up a blog on your own web hosting account. This means using a blogging system like wordpress.

Google Adsense

Setup google adsense to earn money online. It is really easy to join and you can use wordpress plugins to make the setup process go faster. You just copy and paste the code from the google adsense page and put it into your blog.

Why do blogger like google adsense? The reason to like adsense is because it can be hands off advertising. You don’t have to do anything after the setup. You can just write blog content as normal. When people click on the ads, you can earn income. Writing blog articles on topics that are not going to go out of style means the potential for passive income in the future.

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There are lots of other ways to earn money with your blog. You could join affiliate marketing programs like clickbank and commission junction to offer products related to your topic. These types of offers will require a little bit more of your attention. With adsense, you don’t have to worry about product offers expiring.

Commission junction has lots of different affiliate programs that you can join. You have to apply to each one. Some will instantly approve you. Others might decline you or make you wait a while before giving you a decision. You have to monitor your emails with commission junction. Sometimes the offers are for limited amounts of time and they can expire. You want to remove those offers that expire. You don’t want to generate clicks for products that you won’t earn a commission on.

Clickbank is another option for earning income with your blog. You can join clickbank easily. They give you a clickbank id and you can search the marketplace for products that you want to promote. Clickbank focuses on digital products. Some vendors provide you with graphics that you can use on your blog.

There are lots of other affiliate networks that you can join to promote offers online. You just have to find the right fit for your blog. Clickbank, adsense and commission junction are what bloggers want to focus on. You might have heard of cost per action offers. These are also attractive to bloggers. The only difference with cpa offers is the large numbers of restrictions that a blogger has to be concerned with. Cpa offers can have lots of rules about where you can promote the offers, the types of traffic allowed. With adsense, you don’t have to care about where the traffic comes from.

Easy Web Development – Create Good Looking Sites with Joomla

ArtisteerArtisteer - Joomla Theme Generator

Do you have a lot of content creators for your site?  One of the big problems with keeping a site fresh with new content is having multiple authors.  There was a big problem in the past with website administration.  When you have  a lot of users that need to add content to a site, it could cause problems.  People might upload the work and step on other information that was in the process of getting updated.  It could turn into a complete mess.  Thank goodness that web development has advanced and now there are solutions. Web development content management systems like Joomla have come to the rescue.

Create quick and dirty websites with Joomla

You don’t have to worry about hiring a ton of programmers to give you the solutions that you need for web development.  There are lots of different kinds of websites.  A company might need a site for all of the employees or a business might want to create  a magazine.  Joomla can make certain types of websites a breeze to create.  Just install the joomla software and you can get started adding your information.  Joomla can be the quick and easy way to make websites.

Focus on the Content

Some websites and blogs are going to be content heavy.  Joomla keeps everything in order and simple to manage.  You can think of it as your online digital file cabinet.  You can assign users and permissions that allow your people to update only the information that they need access to.  When you think joomla, you think about keeping it all in order.

Get joomla web hosting

Joomla is a powerful content management system.  You need to put joomla on a web hosting system that can handle it.  You do not want to install joomla on a wimpy web hosting account.  You want to get a quality web hosting account that can handle joomla and all that it has to offer.  Hostgator is a top web hosting provider ( promo code getwebhosting ).  You can search for joomla web hosting to find web host that are joomla friendly.

Changing Joomla Templates

Web development has become easy.  What happens when you want to change the way your site looks?  Are you going to need to hire a bunch of web designers and expect to wait a month for all your changes to get completed?  NO!  Joomla uses templates.  You can search the internet for free and premium joomla templates that can change your site with a few short steps.  You can tell those expensive web designers to go and kick bricks!  Joomla put the business owner back in control.

Adding Google Adsense

What about making money with your new joomla site?  You might be selling your own products and services with your site.  Do you think you might want to start using google adsense for additional income?  There are joomla plugins that can make adding google adsense and other advertising options easy.  Just download and install the code and follow the directions for placing your ads.

You can create good looking sites using Joomla. It is simple and easy.  Learn more about using joomla for web development.


Home Business Dreams – Starting a Home Based Business

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Are you dreaming of starting your own home business?  What can you do from your home to make money?  All the tools are available.  Use the internet.  Create your own online sites and start using your creative talents online.

Writing content online is not going away any time soon.  You are not alone when it comes to starting your own home business.  Many of these new homes businesses are going to want their own website and blog.  These new business owners will find that they are going to be in need of content for their new sites.

Provide online content for a good price.  Writing can be fun and you can follow your passions.  The web is filled with all kinds of niche websites and blogs.   If the websites or blogs don’t exist around your chosen topic, you can always launch a site for yourself.

Writing content for blogs doesn’t have to be complex or hard.  You can write like you are talking to your friends online.  This form of writing can make it easier for you to create the amounts of content that you need.  Writing for regular people that read information on your blogs is really a good idea.  You might find that there are other people that are interested just like you.

Blogging and writing is popular for a number of reasons.  Writing can be a flexible task that you can do from home or just about any place that has an internet connection.  You could even create your content using pencil and paper if you wanted to.  You could transfer your information to the web when ever you get a chance to.

There are many different forms of writing online.  You could write content and post it to blogs. You could also write content and save it as pdf documents or in ebook formats.  The web is wide open for writing opportunities.  Many people might be thinking about short term income when it comes to writing, but there are long term income opportunities with writing.

Writing provides a chance to earn money for years into the future with the same content.  You could create sites and add contextual ad and affiliate ad program links.  So even if your sites are not successful this year, they might become an online favorite in the future and generate income for your online business.

There are many home based business opportunities.  Adding a writing service or just writing for your own sites is something that a home business owner should consider.   There are many different advertising programs that you could align with your home business.  Think about promoting clickbank products, amazon products or even using kontera or google adsense to add income to your home business.

Niche Blogging Tips

The web is the perfect place to market for small niche markets. You don’t have to just create large general blogs. Web development with wordpress makes it easy to create new sites without a lot of hassle. That is what you want. Simple web development solutions that are powerful and easy to maintain are vital to online business owners.

  1. Super Fast Web Development

    Web development is not difficult anymore. You don’t have to avoid going after new niches. Now with the software tools available, you can create great looking sites in record time. Tech beginners don’t have to settle for ugly sites anymore. You really can get websites in a box with wordpress and theme technology. WordPress quick install programs can have your website created in no time flat.

  2. Create Sites for Niche Markets

    An online business is going to need a website. Niche websites can zero in even closer on the right markets. Are you ready to start local marketing efforts? Get the domain names that fit your areas and get the content that you audience wants. Creating sites that are targeted doesn’t have to require getting a programmer or finding an expensive web designer.

  3. Tightly Focus the Content

    Turn your attention to the most important parts of your new site. Get high quality content that speaks to your audience. This could include hiring freelance writers or getting loads of private label rights content that is focused on your niche.

  4. Add the Affiliate Offers

    Niche blogs are great for a number of different reasons. Are you going to sell your niche readers products? Think about adding a free ebook that can help get people on your email list and open the door for marketing your affiliate or cpa offers. Make sure that your niche blog makes room for adding affiliate banner ads in the right places.

  5. Long Term Income Options

    A niche blog could be a long term income opportunity. Getting people to sign up for your newsletter is one way. Another way is to add contextual ad programs like google adsense or kontera. Your niche blog should contain evergreen content that is always wanted online. Driving traffic to your niche blog then becomes the number one focus of your blogging efforts.

Blogging is a great way to post content online. The search engines love blogs. Make sure to add blog seo to the topics that you focus on. Getting people to land on your niche blogs is key to making it online.

Article Marketing Tips – Keep Working at IT

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Article marketing is going to require a lot of effort on your part. You might not see the results immediately. Think about it like searching for oil. You have to keep adding new articles and you have to stay motivated until you reach your goals. Just like digging for oil, you might not be successful for a while. So you cannot get discouraged when you submit articles and the article view count sits at zero. Keep a long term view and think about getting better with your writing skills.

Writing all the content can seem like you are fighting a battle that you are not winning. There are lots of people that are doing the same type of writing that you are. Don’t focus on anybody else. Keep your eyes focused on the goals that you have set for yourself.

Keep working at it. Writing more often will have a few benefits. You are going to get better at your writing skills. You can learn how to plan your articles so that they flow much faster. You can develop your ideas more fully. When you are writing all these articles, new article ideas can start to pop up. Make sure that you write down those article ideas when they appear. You don’t want to miss out on potential new topics or new article slants.

Once you complete your articles, you know that they will be there for the long term. If you have your own blog this could help increase the amount of income that you make. Google adsense is a contextual ad program that many people use to earn income from their writing skills. Creating high quality articles and driving more traffic to them can help improve your chances. Focus on creating articles that are evergreen. Don’t put time markers on your articles. Evergreen articles need to be good no matter what time of year it is.

When you write your articles, think about creating something of real value for your readers. Blog seo is something that lots of writers focus on. Blog search engine optimization writing or seo writing is geared towards writing articles that help the search engines. Writers should work to achieve both seo value and value to real reader sitting on the other side of the web. Value is the name of the game. Are you going to put your readers in a better position after they have completed reading your article? Create powerful information that fulfills the promises that are made with the article title. Blog seo is important too. The search engines can help deliver more traffic to your articles, so you have to find some balance between writing for your audience and writing for the top search engines.

Give your articles more chances of getting read by coming up with good article titles. Titles can make a big difference. Find a good keyword tool and use it to come up with highly searched keyword title names.
There are lots of different keyword tools that you can use to find top search words related to your niche.

Are you using google adsense on your sites? You might be checking for high cpc or high cost per click keywords related to your topic. Another area to look at is the local search count and global search count. These are terms that you should learn. The Free Google Keyword Tool is located inside the google adwords site. The tool can help you learn more about what your type of readers are using to find information online.

You can do some prework on your articles by coming up with the titles and then saving them as a draft. This can give you some time to do some research on the topic. This is where the keyword tools can come in to play. The google keyword tool, traffic travis and keyword winner are different options for finding the right words to use in your articles.

Organize your article. It is amazing how just writing a few topic headings can really help the flow of your writing. All you need to do is come up with the major points that you want to cover. Put a few spaces in between them. Then start writing your content. It will shock you how fast the word count on your article grows.

After completing all the topics from your outline, you can read over your new article or blog post. Writing fast can allow you to miss a few words. When you read your article, it will reveal some errors that you might have overlooked just reading it while typing. Make your corrections.

Do you have keywords that you wanted to add to your article? Now you are in the editing phase. You can make your adjustments. Change titles. Add the right html tags. Get your article ready for the prime time.

When you are ready, you can schedule your new article for publishing on the web. Adding your article to your own blog or site first is probably the best idea. If you are thinking about posting the article to a directory, you could submit it for approval.

The process is completed and now you have a fresh piece of content that is ready to start pulling traffic from here on into the future.

Cost Per Action Marketing Offers For Your Blog

StudioPress Theme of the Month

Blogs are a great type of website to have online. They are liked by the search engines and they are easy to create and maintain for the average internet user. One factor that arises when people start blogging or working online is the idea of making money with online activities. Blogging can get traffic and there are different ways to turn that traffic into income online.

Google adsense is usually the first thought for bloggers. It is a simple and easy to join program that doesn’t require a lot of ongoing maintenance and upkeep. With adsense, you set it up and get back to blogging.

There are more ways to earn income online than just using google adsense. With adsense, you earn income when people click on text links. People are not fooled by online ads anymore. They know what they are and they probably belong to the adsense program just like you. Cost per action is another way to earn income online.

Cost per action marketing is a little bit different than what you may be accustomed to. Instead of getting paid by the click, you might get paid when a web visitor performs some action. This action could be entering an email address, zipcode, or full address.

Why would you want to use cpa on your blog? It might be a better money maker for you. If you have a blog in niche that gets a lot of traffic, it might be to your benefit to add cpa offers. There are a lot more hoops that you have to jump through to get started with cpa. Some cpa networks will work with new cpa marketers while others want you to gain some experience before attempting to join them.

CPA affiliate managers are the people that you talk to about offers on the network. They keep you updated about new offers coming into the system and the offers that are expiring. This is a big difference from google adsense. CPA offers are pulled off the market all the time, so you have to pay attention to emails coming from your affiliate manager. Sometimes they will replace the expiring offer with another similar offer.

Cpa offers are another option for earning income with your blog. The process for getting involved with cpa is complicated, but you can get approved with cpa networks.

Passive Income Tips – Google Adsense Ads on Your Blog

Earning income without having to do anything extra is the goal of passive income. Working one time on a project and making money on it in the future seems like a great idea but how do you pull it off?

Internet marketing gives you the opportunity to keep earning income from work that you do. Some topics don’t go out of style online and this is where the opportunity presents itself. People are going to be searching for information and when they land on your webpages and blogs you want to be able to capitalize without being there.

So what is the big secret? The secret is using an ad program. Google Adsense is one ad program that can make sense for your long term passive income. Evergreen articles are the key. Evergreen topics don’t go out of style. They get traffic no matter what time of year. The thing to remember is that there are always going to be new people that are going to be learning new information. They are not opening up a yellow pages phone book. They are probably not even going to turn on their computer to get the info. Now more people are connecting to the web with their smartphone and mobile web devices.

Your content needs to be just what they are searching for. The pages that you design should have contextual ads on them that get attention and receive clicks. That is the whole name of the game for passive income. Your content has be relevant today and into the future. So you have to think about the long term with your content and make sure that it is going to be viable.

Instead of just setting up one site for your long term income, it might take multiple sites to make a real impact. Do you think the topic of making money online will be popular in the next few years? What about finding loving relationships? These are the kinds of evergreen topics that can stand the test of time. Are you building your websites for long term passive income or are you focusing on the latest fad that will burn out in a few weeks?

Google Adsense is just one of the top players in the contextual ad business. There are some other smaller players that could also give you passive income. Google Adsense ads are usually placed in specific areas of the page like the header or the sidebar. There are other contextual ad programs that actually get into your content to provide clickable links. The benefit of using these text link ad programs is that they don’t get in the way of the reader of your site. Some readers might be ready to ignore ad blocks that they are prepared to see. A reader might not be looking for an ad in the content of the article. Some contextual ad programs can scan your information and create hyperlinks on important keywords.