Make Money Blogging

Companies want to make money using the internet. Regular people want to make money using the internet. Are you one of those groups that want to leverage internet technology and turn it into your own new way of making money.  You are not going to be alone.

Blogging has really caught on and lots of people setup their own blog sites.  With blogging, you can create content and post it online in a quick fashion.  The real question is how are you going to make money from your blogging?

Topical Blog Posts

Talk about current topics.  This might help you get some traffic around recent events.  You might want to check up on social media to see what people are discussing.  Getting in on the discussions happening right now might lead to some traffic from people that want to get different view points on current events.

Polling Questions

You might learn something by putting questions to your audience by asking polling questions.  You might notice a poll question on some of your favorite websites.  This is a great way to see what your audience is thinking.  You are giving them different options for polling questions and they can respond.  One part of blogging is getting interaction.  A polling question might be the first step in getting your online audience to start participating.  They might start by answering a poll, but they might get more involved on your site.  Who knows, they might even start adding comments to your blog posts.


What is a blog without the writing?  Come up with a plan for your blogging efforts.  Schedule your blog posts.  There are a number of different content sources available.  You don’t have to just write your blog with your own efforts.

  1. Write blog posts YOURSELF
  2. BUY Private label rights content
  3. Republish ARTICLES from article directories
  4. Use GUEST BLOGGERS on your site
  5. HIRE Freelance writers to create content

Your writing content is going to be valuable in a few different ways.  Content can help drive traffic.  Your content can also be leveraged when it comes to ads.  There are different types of advertising programs.  Contextual ads might search your written content to determine the kinds of ads that are displayed.  You might also use affiliate programs to leverage your written content.  Getting a solid foundation of content is essential for blogging.


Email is another important part of blogging.  Make your offers and ask your readers to sign up for your newsletter.  The people that land on your website are looking for information so offer it to them through a newsletter.  A newsletter can keep them informed of new information without them having to come to your website.  If they sign up for your newsletter, you don’t have to worry about them forgetting your website name.  They get top quality content delivered right to their email box.  You might give some brief summaries of the new content that you have or some of the great offers that have come to your attention.  Your newsletter is a quick way to keep your readers informed.

Start Your Website the Easy Way

Websites are easy to create. You can get one started in just a few minutes. Get your cup of coffee and get ready to get down to business. The real work starts after you have a site up. You have to come up with content and you have to drive traffic to your site.

Learn what people are searching for online. How does it relate to your website? You can find this information by using the google free keyword tool. These are the word searches that people are typing into the search bar. Target the keywords that have a high number of searches and a low amount of competition.

Get traffic to your website by posting articles and blog posts on your site. Keep your new site updated. Make sure to include the keywords that you are targeting in the titles and inside of the article. This type of writing is called seo writing. Your articles should be informative and get the reader wanting to learn more. Provide a balance between writing articles for seo purposes and the actual reader of your site.

What if writing is not your thing, but you still want to get traffic to your site?  You don’t have to be shakespear or hemmingway.  You can start using your smartphone camera or a cheap video camera.  Those are not the only two options.  You want to turn your attention to creating videos.  All you have to do is search the web and you will find articles that talk about how more people are getting on the web using mobile technology.  This is a chance to capture a mobile market that with video.  Do you really want to read a long blog post?  You could do it, but a video is a much better option.  Think about it.  People are conditioned to sit and watch tv or videos for hours at a time.  Completely jump over the article writing by using videos.

One final tip is to start your own email list. When you get traffic coming to your site, you want to think about the long term. If you can get people to sign up for your list, you can open a line of communication and build a long term relationship. Create a free product to give away in exchange for joining your list.

7 Tips for Starting an Internet Business

Virtual Servers In The Cloud

  1. Build Websites
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Article Marketing
  6. Classified Ads
  7. Affiliate Offers / CPA – Cost per action

Build Websites

Are you trying to win awards with your websites?  No.  You want to build solid sites that get the job done. Period. You don’t have to take forever to get  a site created and you don’t have to get robbed by web developers either.  Cut the costs and do it yourself.  Think home depot big time for the internet.  The only difference is there is no heavy lifting and you don’t need a long bed pickup truck to get the job done.

WordPress or Joomla

Go content management system all the way.  You can get a simple site made in minutes with the right tools.  Click a couple of buttons and you have a brand new site ready for your content.  Joomla and wordpress are easy to install and you can be on your way online.

WordPress Themes

If you are using a content management system, won’t all the sites look the same?  Those joomla sites do look really similar.  WordPress has a simple solution for making your site look different.  They are called wordpress themes.  It is just like putting on a new pair of shoes.  There are lots of places that you can get wordpress themes.  You can find wordpress theme membership sites that are like all you can eat restaurants.  You might have to pay a membership fee, but you get access to lots of different wordpress themes.

Lead Generation

All businesses need new leads.  Clients are constantly moving from business to business.  A business has to keep adding new prospects to the lead generation system.  How are you going to get new leads for your business?  Marketing. Marketing and more marketing are going to be necessary.  Don’t let prospects slip through your fingers.  You need to have a way to capture leads.  This can be accomplished with lead generation software.

Email Marketing

Get email marketing software for your online business.  Newsletters are a great way to communicate with your target audience.  Get them to sign up for your list and start providing content.  How are you going to keep your newsletter stocked full with new information?  Start lining up your content sources early. This might be the perfect time to start learning more about private label rights articles.

Video Marketing

Don’t feel like doing a lot of writing?  Some people are still recovering from all the writing during grade school through college.  If book reports and writing term papers made you cringe in the past, there is still help for your internet business.  Just think video, video, video.  People want to be entertained.  Would you rather read a long report or watch a good video?  I thought so.  If you do write a lot, adding video only helps double your content.  Take some of those posts and articles that you have written and turn them into videos.  Slideshows are easy.  Take pictures and turn them into videos.  There is too much software available to get this done to ignore it.

Article Marketing

Think evergreen when it comes to articles.  News is always happening.  What is your take on the issues related to your online business?  Your articles can be the place where you share your view points.  Articles have the potential for future traffic pulling from your target audience.  You have writing skills.  Don’t let them collect dust.  Create articles.  Write simple reports.  Share information online to help drive traffic to your sites.

Classified Ads

Craigslist and backpage are just two of the classified ads sites that you can use.  Test your marketing messages with classifieds.  Yes, people still read those classified pages.  They might be looking for low cost services, they might be looking for items that they don’t want to spend a lot of money on, but they are looking to buy.

Affiliate Offers / CPA – Cost Per Action

Clickbank, commission junction and amazon associates are just a few that you might want to try.  Getting access to these networks gives you plenty of opportunity and a range of different products to promote with your online business.

Cost per action marketing is a little more specialized form of affiliate marketing.  You might get paid a commission for simply getting email addresses or zip codes.  The process for getting involved is a little bit more detailed.  Apply to the cpa networks that are friendly to new marketers.

Don’t forget about getting your internet fax number.

Call 877-567-9384

Article Marketing – Write Content and Think Long Term


Article Marketing

Marketing with articles is not a difficult strategy to understand.  Content is always in demand.  All you have to do is think about all the sites on the internet.  They are continuing to get created all the time.  Those sites are going to need new information added to them.

Writing articles uses your skills and talent.  You can write content on all kinds of topics.  What about writing content around areas that you enjoy.  You can write about things that you have passion about.  Articles are just one form of writing.

Where are you going to place the articles that you write?  You might write them and place them on your own sites.  You could also write articles and strategically place them on other blogs that get lots of web traffic.  Guest blogging is another option for your written content.  You approach other blogs and offer them content.  Why would you want to do this?  This could be a chance to get your content in front of a large audience.  When people read the guest blog post, they will have a chance to see your link and information.  If your article is good, they might decide to click your link and see more of your content.

Write articles might be attractive for a number of different reasons.  One thing about writing content is that it is there for the long haul.  When you create articles, you have a long term marketing option at play.  Your written articles might not pull any traffic today or tomorrow.  What happens if your articles are written in such a way that they are evergreen and timeless.  They might drive traffic years down the line.  That is the power of using article marketing.  You just don’t know when the traffic will show up.  It could be a few web visits this month or it could be a large mass of traffic that floods in years from now.

Writing articles is like adding one more brick to your online marketing wall.  When you are writing content for your own sites, you might try to earn income from the articles using ad services like google adsense or affiliate marketing links.  Another way to get more out of the traffic that you generate with articles is to setup a email sign up box.

Your articles can drive traffic, but you don’t want to lose that traffic forever.  Your articles get web visitors to land on your blog pages and you want to take full advantage of the opportunity.  You want to get the email address of the web visitor so that you can build a relationship through email marketing.  This can give you more chances to provide more information and product offers.  What happens if you don’t collect the web visitors email address?  They might not like the offer that you are promoting and they could easily leave your site forever.  If you get their email address, you can continue to send the information that gets delivered to their email account as long as they stay subscribed to your email list.

7 Tips for Getting Started with Internet Marketing

Get started with internet marketing. You already have a computer and you have the time to invest. Take your computer and start your own online venture. Leverage your skills and use them to drive traffic and setup sites for your internet marketing offers. Get access to the products and services to sell.

Join Affiliate Marketing Networks

You are going to need something to promote. Join affiliate networks that give you good products to offer to your web visitors. Some affiliate programs are harder to join than others. Clickbank is easy to join. They offer lots of products in different niches.

Setup Your Own Blog

Don’t be afraid of web development. Get started with your own blog. Use wordpress to create good looking sites without pain. Getting wordpress installed is the biggest part of your effort. Once you learn how to master setting up and installing a wordpress site, you are home free.

Use Domain Name Forwarding

Affiliate links can be long and ugly. Make your affiliate offers more presentable with a domain name. Keep your eyes open for domain name sales. This can be the perfect time to add a domain for one of your affiliate offers. Add the domain name coupon code at checkout.

Forwarding your domain name to the affiliate offer is simple. Find the directions for your domain name registration company for the forwarding process. After you have submitted your affiliate link, test it to make sure that it works.

Create Videos to Drive Traffic to Offers

Writing blog posts and text for your affiliate offers are not the only ways to get the job done. Use different formats to attract attention for your affiliate offers. Create videos with software or your smartphone to attract visitors to your pages.

Get a mailing list

Email marketing is an option for affiliate marketing that should not be ignored. People check their emails. Give them something for signing up to your newsletter or ezine like a free ebook that is focused on the topic of interest. The cost for getting started with email marketing is low. The benefit of using newsletters and email marketing is the chance to build a long term relationship with the readers. Make your newsletter or ezine just like a magazine. Include good articles and simple text ads.

Find a good graphics program

Graphics can make a big difference in the way your site looks. You might not want to spend a lot of time and money on learning how to use photoshop or gimp. There are simple graphics programs that can be your secret affiliate marketing weapon. You could also try outsourcing some of your graphics needs to designers. The quality might vary and you also have to consider the long term costs. You should really take a look at this graphics program.

Locate Good Content Writers

Find good sources for content for your sites. Writing all the content alone can start to become a tough task when you start adding lots of new sites. Blogs need fresh content and you are only one person. Start finding new content sources that you can tap for your online sites. PLR – private label rights content might come in handy for your affiliate marketing purposes.

At Home Biz – Have you set home business goals for the new year?

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The new year is almost here. Have you started planning for the new home business year yet? Making a plan is not hard to do. Just sit down and do it. What are the things that you want to accomplish in the coming year? All you have to do is write them down. This can help you with focusing on what is important in your home business.

If you don’t have home business goals, you can take a look at a few of these and see if they make sense. Goal setting is something that all businesses can do and it doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. So lets jump in.

At Home Biz – Goal 1 – Make More Affiliate Sales

Are you using affiliate marketing in your home business? Affiliate marketing leverages the web traffic and the relationships that you have and turns it into income. People tell their friends about the products and services that they like all the time. What if just referring information could lead to income? There is a way to do it called affiliate marketing. Getting started is not that hard and it might be just what your home business has been looking for.

At Home Biz – Goal 2 – Do more with Video Marketing

Marketing is always a focus of home business. People market businesses in many different ways. There is a big change going on these days. More people are getting into mobile computing. They have smartphones and tablets and they are watching videos. Don’t miss the new marketing train that is video marketing. There are lots of ways to create videos and getting started is not hard to do.

At Home Biz – Goal 3 – Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Marketing with email is not going away. Are you focusing on email marketing? Email marketing is here to stay. You probably still have an email account and you are probably checking it everyday. Think about adding email marketing to your home business goals. Newsletters and ezines can get delivered right to your prospects email box. There are more than a few email newsletter companies that you can try. You might not even have to do a lot of the writing yourself, if you use private label rights content. This can also help you with your home business affiliate marketing efforts.

At Home Biz – Goal 4 – Leverage Social Media

Are you getting the most out of social media applications? Getting a facebook and twitter account is not enough. You have to learn how to really use them for your home business. What if you don’t know where to start with social media? There are lots of resources online that you can find. If you still don’t want to spend the majority of your time typing updates on tweetdeck, you could put your business person hat on an find a social media service or consultant that can get the job done.

Growing Your Business – Making More Sales to Your Current Customers

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Generator

You probably have something that many new business owners could only hope for. What is it that they want that you already have. You have a head start on growing your business. They are at the starting line running their first race and you are a seasoned professional that has already been around the track more than a few times.

Growing your business means that you have to have business.  If you already have customers then you have a head start on the competition.  The question that you have to ask yourself is, could you sell your current customers more products and services?

There are many different kinds of businesses and information is important.  One area where a business might fall down is not using their resources in the best way.  The big question here is do you have a client database?  Getting a client database can help you in a number of different ways.  Keeping the lines of communication with your clients open in job one.  The second benefit is tracking what your clients actually buy.  The final item is doing analysis to see if you can identify any sales patterns.

If you don’t have a client database, you need to get one.  Don’t you think it could help your business to know a little bit more about your clients.  Ask questions of your clients.  How could you do this?  Start surveys.  Another tool could be to setup online sites like blogs that allow you to communicate with your clients on a regular basis.  Create free ebooks to help them join mailing lists.

The second item is really basic.  Look at what your clients are buying. Take a look at the products and services that you offer and see what is the most popular.  This could be something as simple as creating a simple chart that tracks your sales through a spreadsheet. There are plenty of small business software packages that could give you all the information that you need.  Start putting on your investigative hat and start finding what is popular and why.

Now it is time to bring it all together.  After you have your client database / mailing list / newsletter, you can then start looking at promoting more products using the information that you have gained.  Are you taking a look at the demographics of your customers.  It might be time to start launching more targeted blogs or sites that appeal to those groups.  Setting up blogs and creating content should not be hard or expensive to do for your business.

Growing your business might be possible just using the tools that you already have in a better way.  Take the time to start looking at your business from a higher level.  You might even want to explore marketing other products through affiliate programs.  If you have clients, you are ahead of the game.  Don’t forget to take a look at what you have and see how you can use it better.