Domain Names, Cheap Web Hosting, and Content


Buying cheap and low cost domain names for prices that seem to be like a dream is the hunting ground of the internet marketers and the business owners. Finding good deals on domain names might happen at various times during the year. Black friday domain name sales and cyber monday domain name sales are not the only times that good prices can be offered. Following some of the domain name registration companies and being ready when the deals appear is half of the battle.

The flip side of the issue when it comes to getting online is facing the cheap web hosting packages. Web hosting accounts are a basic building block of getting on the internet with web development. Cheap hosting web packages might be offered during the year, but check the fine print. Paying for low cost web hosting accounts monthly versus yearly might reveal some discounts. Checking the different web hosting companies for offers on ocassion is just a normal option for the internet business that is looking to save money.

One part of the internet business online world that is always in flux is content. Entering new, fresh information on blogs and websites is just a normal part of the flow. It is like the old days of getting the daily newspaper. What would you think about picking up a paper and the same story running day after day? The fresh content for the online space means considering more content sources. Finding low cost, but quality content sources might be a tip of the hat to the keeping everything fresh web writing idea.

Working online in the internet space means considering the things that are part of the foundation.  Domain names, cheap hosting accounts and content are going to be needed.  Web addresses, places to hold files online ( storage ) and content for people to consume is going to be relevant going into the future.

Domain Name Promo Codes

Getting a domain name for your online work is essential. There are some stories online about how you can do online marketing without a website, but a domain can help you get things done. You have to check the different prices for domain names before making your purchase. The web registration companies can have a wide range of pricing strategies.

If you pay the retail price for a domain name, you can pay over twelve dollars get a domain for one year. There is a way to pay less money for a web address. It takes a little bit of work, but you can save money. Some web address companies offer deals to get you to sign up with their service. They want to get you in for a low price and then make money at renewal time.

Domain name coupons can save money at checkout time. You enter the code and the amount of your order can be lowered. There are different types of codes. Sometimes the codes have a short time frame that you can use them.

The web registration companies hope that you will stay with them for a long time. You invest money in a domain name and build up a business and you are not going to want to let the domain expire. This is where the company can make money. The renewal price for a domain will probably be higher than what you initially paid. Some web companies do offer domain renewal codes. You might have to search harder for these types of promo codes.

You also have to consider the type of domain name that you have. Dot com domains are the normal kind of web address, but there are many different domain extensions available for registration. The .info domains were really cheap a few years ago, but now they seem to be more expensive to keep than a dot com. It can be really difficult to get .info renewal codes. So you might want to think hard before investing in a dot info domain name.

If you are doing a lot of internet work, you might want to focus on buying cheap domain names. Internet marketers or affiliate marketers might want to use cheap domain names to help cloak affiliate links. They might only need to use a domain name for one year. A cheap domain name might fit right into their online marketing plans. Cheap domain names also help the person just getting started in business online.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Web Address, Keywords, and Clickbank

One of the first places to get started online with affiliate marketing is clickbank.  Why clickbank?  The reason is simple.  It is quick to get started and you need to get a win.

Clickbank offers lots of digital products that you can promote.  All you have to do is walk around a little bit and you will see that people are jumping on this mobile device and smartphone trend.  People are getting their information from the web on mobile devices and digital products are going to be here to stay.

Ebooks are the name of the game.  Clickbank has lots of products that are in the digital format and this plays right into the current trends.  You get signed up and you get access to lots of products that you can promote using the internet.

Once you get into clickbank, you can search the marketplace for products.  Find the products that you want to promote and get your affiliate links.  You want to keep a file with all of your clickbank links.  This can help cut down on time.  You don’t have to keep running back into clickbank all the time to get the affiliate links that you have previously created.

Check to see if there is a jv page for the affiliate offers that you want to promote.  You can check the description area.  What is a jv page anyway?  JV stands for joint venture.  The jv page is a place where you can get additional promotional information and updates.  You can find email swipes, blog content, graphic banners and much more on joint venture pages.

The clickbank affiliate link is going to long.  You might not want to use it to promote your offers.  How can you make a long ugly affiliate link look better to your readers and prospects?  The simple solution is to use a web address for it.  You can buy a domain name and point it to your clickbank affiliate offer link.  The process is not hard to create.  Here is an idea.  Get a list of keywords that you want to focus on.  Use the google free keyword tool or your favorite keyword tool to find highly searched keywords.  Keep a list ready.  Domain name registration companies are known for running web domain deals.  Just find the codes that are really good for buying domain names.   When those deals are in action, pick up domains that you want to use for your affiliate marketing purposes.

One domain name can be used for multiple affiliate offers.  You can use sub domains to get even more juice from your new domain purchase.  Once you get your domain setup and forwarding to your offers, you can use it in your online and offline marketing efforts.   Instead of your prospects having to view a long and ugly web address, they can now just use the new domain name.

Local Internet Marketing Tips – Create Niche Websites For the Local Market

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Do your keyword research.  Pick a name.  Add a blog or use one of the easy programs to create a website.  What are some of the easy programs to create a website?  The list is long.

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly
  6. Get Your Own Web Hosting
  7. godaddy

The list of places to setup a website is a long one. Using a blogging system or content management system is the way to go.  You don’t have to worry about learning how to program websites.  Some of the programs are really simple to use.  You could also use web templates if that makes you more comfortable.

WordPress is really simple and there are lots of tools that you can add easily. It is powerful software and you can find lots of tutorials online to help you through problems.  Just go to youtube and you can find plenty of helpful tips for getting started with wordpress.

Think about adding a custom banner for your local niche website.  You can find people to setup your blog on fiverr or you might have a friend or family member that can get you started.  Some web hosting companies like hostgator have the wordpress quick install feature that is really simple to use.

The key to your niche local website is your content.  This is where your keyword research comes into play.  Are you a really good writer that can keep the content flowing on your new site?  There are lots of different content providers online that can help you, if you run into a drought when it comes to writing.  Freelance writers, private label rights and guest bloggers should all be options that you explore.

Your content for the local niche website does not have to just be written content.  Expand your horizons with other content formats.  You can add short videos and audio podcasts to provide a more well rounded niche website for your local community.

When your site is updated with information, you can start promoting it online.  Free marketing methods like article writing are popular on the web.  Don’t forget about using free classified ads for your new site.  The cost is normally free and it is a quick way to share new information about your site.  Social media is also another option for sharing your new site online.  Post your new article titles and links back to your site.  Also consider including your web address in the profile area.

Driving traffic to your new blog is not limited to free methods.  Paid advertising can drive traffic to your local site. Google adwords is an option if you are ready to dive into the world of pay per click ads.  There is also the option of buying banner ads slots on other local websites.

7 Tips for Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Monthly Coupon

Ready to get started with affiliate marketing?  First.  It is not hard to get going with affiliate marketing.  You just have to decide to do it.  There are a few things that you can put into place to help with the smooth transition into becoming an affiliate marketer.

Start coming up with an affiliate marketing plan.  Come up with some goals that you want to achieve.  Goals can help you focus your attention.

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Setup a blog
  3. Start joining affiliate programs
  4. Start joining affiliate networks
  5. Decide the niches that you want to target
  6. Decide on the traffic methods that you want to use
  7. Get an email newsletter going

Buy a domain name

Why buy a domain name?  You don’t really have to have a domain name to get started with affiliate marketing, but it could help.  It just shows that you are serious.  When you start trying to get into affiliate programs which comes later, you want to have a plan that includes a good looking website.  The vendors on the other side are going to check your plan and if you have a site.  They want to know where and how you are going to be promoting the offers.  Get a domain name to add some flexibility.  You can setup a site or even forward a subdomain to your affiliate offers.

Setup a blog

Are you  a great web developer or web designer?  It doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to be one.  Use blogging or content management software to create a solid looking website for your affiliate marketing operations.  You can setup a good looking blog in minutes.  Get a blog header designed or use text for your header.  If you are still worried about setting up  a blog, you can go to fiverr and get someone to do it for you.  Make sure to get your own web hosting service to provide maximum options for your affiliate marketing operations.

Start joining affiliate programs

Now to the big time.  Drop all the fear and start applying to affiliate programs.  There are a ton of them online.  Fill out the applications and don’t wait for the approvals.  Find the affiliate programs that are interested in and get your app completed.  They will either let you in or reject you.  Rejection is just a part of life.  Keep it moving.  If one program won’t let you in, don’t worry about it.  There are others.  There are lots of affiliate program.  Start first with some of the products and services that you already use.  Check to see if they have a program and apply.

Start joining affiliate networks

What is the difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network?  Affiliate networks are the middlemen of the affiliate marketing business.  They bring vendors into the network and they bring affiliates into the network.  This means that affiliates don’t have to hunt for affiliate programs and vendors can easily find affiliates.  Apply to affiliate networks and start getting access to products.  You can think of the networks as one stop shopping.  After you get approved with some networks, you get access to everything they have.  Other networks might still require you to get approved with each vendor.

Decide on the niches you want to target

Do you have niche?  What is a niche?  You can substitute niche for category.  What group do you want to supply?  What category do you want to offer products to?  Think about large niches.  Exercise, dating, and business are just a few.  You can pick and choose what you want to focus your efforts on.

Decide on traffic methods

How are you going to drive traffic to the affiliate offers?  Some people like blogging.  Others might use email marketing.   Is video traffic your favorite traffic method?  What about using social media?  There are lots of different traffic methods.  You just need to make sure you understand the rules for the products that you are promoting.  Some products have traffic restrictions.

Start an email newsletter

Yep.  People still read their email.  Why do you need an email program?  Getting web traffic can be hit or miss.  You don’t want let your prospects slip through your fingers. Getting email sign ups is one way to get into the lead generation category that is long term.  What happens if your prospect comes to your blog to read a post and doesn’t like the offer?  They might hit the back button and be gone for good.  If you got that prospect to subscribe to your email newsletter, you could start a dialog by providing information through your newsletter for the long term.  As long as they stay a subscriber, you have a chance to share information and new product and service offers.

Internet Traffic Tips – Web Traffic without the Search Engines

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Web traffic is on the minds of just about everybody that decides to start a blog or a website.  Getting a blog or site created is not a tough job anymore.  In the past, it would be a big deal just getting a webpage formatted properly.  Now the real chips are in getting traffic to the site after it is published online.

Search engines determine a lot of the winners and losers online.  People go to search engines when they want to learn information about a subject.  One of the ways that people land on web pages is by being directed to sites by the search engines.  They determine the rankings and they determine how high up in the results pages your site will be placed.

There are other ways to get traffic to a website or a blog.  You could have a domain name that is really easy to remember or is what people immediately think of when they think of your topic.  Short domain names or domain names that are easy to remember could lead to some traffic.

Printing your domain name on your business cards or stationery is a common practice.  Some businesses use direct mail or offline marketing methods to get people to come and visit their web pages.  There really are a lot of different ways to get traffic to a site without using a search engine.

The web is all about connecting information and a newer way to get traffic is to leverage social media networks.  There are applications like facebook and twitter that could help you land traffic to your site.  You will often see links to websites and blogs on social media profiles.

Posting content online inside article directories is another option for generating web traffic.  The hope of using article directories is to get your articles published on other websites and ezines that have large subscriber lists.   The hope is that getting in front of these audiences can lead to more traffic for your blog.

Take blogging to another level by doing more than just writing articles and posting them on your blog.  Blog commenting is another area to increase your online relationships and add links back to your blog or website.  Most commenting systems provide an area where you can include you web address.  When other blog readers view your comments, they could click on your link and get even more information from your website.

Local Online Marketing Tips – Leverage Your Talent Online for Your Local Business Prospects

The low cost of domain names and web hosting can be great for your local online marketing options. Now you can target local audiences with local domains that are tailored for the local market. Go to the google free keyword tool and do some keyword searches for local internet searches. This can provide the clues that you need for keywords for your local domain names.

What are people searching for in your local target area? Think about blending your local keyword domains with content that is focused on local topics with an evergreen content area. Evergreen topics are topics that will be popular for the long term. They don’t go out of style quickly. So consider posting evergreen content on your local online sites.

Creating content for your online sites doesn’t have to be boring and not fun. You can brainstorm local topics and save them as drafts. Your local sites don’t have to come off as too complex. Make your writing fit the normal way that you would talk to friends. You are just taking your conversations online.

Publish your content on a schedule or release them as you finish them. Are you having a hard time coming up with topics to focus on? You could always turn to private label rights content. This is inexpensive content that you can use to get a spark for your own writing.

Use social media for your local online marketing. Setup social media profiles and update the status when you publish new content. Linking to your website through your social media account is something that is commonly done online.

Local online marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. Get local keyword domain names and setup sites with the popular blogging software called wordpress. WordPress makes it simple to create sites online. Leverage your talent online with local sites. Add a mailing list and think about creating a local newsletter.

Internet Marketing Tips – Learn to Build Business Online

The internet is the perfect place to market a business. Learning to build a business online is something new to a lot of business owners. How can you turn the internet into an income generating source?

Setting up a website for your business is the first step. Web development, in the past, would take a lot of financial resources, planning and effort. You can be thankful because now it is much easier to started online. The software for web development has become mature and they have built tools that make it easy on the regular business owner.

Domain names are how people get to your online business. You can think of them like street addresses. Your home address has a street, number, city and state. Your online address will have a set of letters and dot com at the end. This is what people will type in to get to your online home.

After the basic building blocks of setting up a site are complete, then the real work begins. Writing and content are what you need to focus on. People are searching the web everyday for information. This information can be entertaining or it can be serious. Search engines are usually the first place that people stop on the internet to find information. Learning about search engines and how they work is a good idea for new online business owners.

As a business owner, you should head on over to one of the top search engines to see what is there. There is a search box and usually some ads for businesses. This is the information that you need to learn. There are two types of ways to get traffic online for your business. There are free traffic sources and paid traffic sources.

Free traffic sources can include posting information online at an article directory or posting your information on a blog. Paid traffic sources can include pay per click advertising that is offered by the search engines.

When people do online internet searches they will be presented with both types of information. The search engines result pages will have areas for paid advertisements and an area for organic search results which are not paid for.

Why would a business owner want to pay for web traffic when there are free traffic sources available? Paying for traffic can get immediate results. With free web traffic methods, you might get traffic and you might not.

There are lots of areas of internet marketing to learn. Business owners owe it to themselves to learn as much as possible about this way of marketing. The web is the place that people around the globe go for information. As a business owner, you want your information about products and services to be available to them.

Business Training: Learn how to build online business

Tips for Getting Online and Using WordPress to Launch Your Site

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Getting online is the easy part. There are so many free options available to someone that wants to start an online business. Creating good content with blogging can be the quick way to earn online. A simple blog can be your entrance into the business world.

Get a domain name

You can start with a quick domain name. Domain name registration can run you under 20 dollars per year. If you do a lot of checking online, you can find domain name deals. Do a google search with the domain name registration company and the words coupon code or discount codes. You might see that a code is available that can save yourself some money.

Install WordPress

Blogs are really the fastest way to get online. You can have a site up in just about no time at all. They take a lot of the development issues away for a regular person. People don’t want to be at the mercy of a programmer or a designer. With wordpress, you get a really good looking site right out of the box.

It can be installed quickly on a domain with the right web hosting company. You can learn the basics of wordpress in just a few minutes. Blogs are basically setup with blog posts or blog pages. These are the areas that the information that makes up your site is stored. You can learn the ins and outs of wordpress and be on your way blogging in no time.

Get WordPress Plugins

WordPress is really good for the regular user for another reason. They have other pieces of software called wordpress plugins that give you even more functions to use. WordPress plugins can make your life even easier. There are lots of free wordpress plugins that can make a big difference in your online experience. Setting up things like search engine optimization, google adsense, and much more can be done with simple wordpress plugins.

Custom Header Image

WordPress comes with a default text header. You can give your blog a more custom look and feel with a custom header image. You can do it yourself with a free graphics program or you could get one created for a small fee on places like fiverr. Your header image is the first thing that people will notice when they land on your site.

Tag Cloud in the SideBar

Add a tag cloud to the sidebar of your new wordpress blog. What is a tag cloud? It is just a quick way to locate information on the same subject. Blog posts can be tagged with keywords. So if you have a lot of blog posts on online marketing, you can tag the related posts with that keyword. If you have a tag cloud, people can see the tags and can click on them to get those related posts.

Quick Content for Your Site

With the basics of your wordpress site setup, you can start adding the content. The content of your blog is the most important part. You can write all the content for your site by yourself or you can use private label rights content to give your site a boost at the beginning. You can post your blogs immediately or you can schedule them to be published live at scheduled intervals. When you think about creating content for your site, think about the checkout line at the grocery store. Those magazines that are at the checkout counter are there to grab your attention. This is what you want for your blog posts. When people see the headlines, you want them to stop in their tracks and click them to learn more about your topic.

Getting online with a blog is the quick way to build an online presence. With a blog, you get a head start on the development. A lot of the hard parts of getting a site up are already taken care of. You get to focus on the content of your site. Add your own personality and creativity to make your blog stand out from the crowd online.

Drive Traffic with Domain Names

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What gets traffic coming to a website? You can write content and post on article directories. You can create videos and post them on youtube. One way to get traffic is to use domain names to direct traffic directly to your offers.

Find highly searched keywords and create domain names with the keywords included. This can get you traffic to affiliate offers. Will it turn directly into affiliate commissions? Maybe, maybe not. You will notice that traffic comes to the offer, if you choose the right domain names.

Domain names are cheap and you have a lot of choices when it comes to the domain name extensions. It is probably best to stick with the dot com domain names. Dot info domain names use to be a little cheaper, but now there is really not that much difference between dot com and dot info. Plus people probably look higher on a dot com than a dot info domain.

Setting up a domain name to point to an offer is really simple. Just get the affiliate link and forward the domain to it. The process only takes a few minutes and then you are done. Instead of having an ugly, long affiliate link, you can have a pretty dot com domain name. Sure, you could save a few dollars and use one of the url shortening services, but sometimes they work against you as an affiliate.

Have you ever clicked a shortened url to find one of those nasty messages saying not to trust the link. You are putting in work to get those affiliate clicks and you don’t want your visitors seeing something like that. Instead, Invest in getting a few domain names that can look more professional.

Keep a list of domain names that you would like to purchase handy. Sometimes domain name registration companies provide discounts. When those opportunities pop up, you can be ready to jump on them. You won’t be scrambling and pick a bad domain name.