Expanding Your Business Mindset


Writing your articles from the home office is one of those internet working from home plans that could be in the picture.  The idea could be to visit some of the affiliate networks and join them and then start finding the products and services that fit well with your type of writing and content.

Information products and physical products could be on the table with your writing skills.  Creating the content is a creative outlet for using your typing skills.  You might be able to write lots of content that fits well with the online audiences.

The upside of doing the internet writing from the home office is that it could be done at your time slices.  When do you like creating content?  You might come up with lots of article ideas and then make sure to come up with new content.

Some internet writers from home might do keyword research with tools, but others might just write from the hip with their own special niche keywords and sayings.  Regular people search the web, so maybe they will be thinking in the same terms as you.  You could also double down and check with the search engines to see what is up.

The writing online from home type of business is centered around content and websites and more.  There are plenty of people that have sites that want to have more content.  It only makes sense to continue to have something new for the readers to consume.  The laptop computer and the imagination are the fuel for turning idea concepts into articles that could be used for selling and driving traffic.

The ability to type quickly just means that more articles can be created.  Starting to brainstorm with different topics could be like mixing and matching the information you want to develop for new niches.  Take a big topic like business and start breaking it down.  What comes to mind when you hear business?  Do you imagine a suit or a big office building?  You could start coming up with all kinds of niches.

Writing content with your brainstorm sessions might bring business and youth together.  What about young people that are thinking about launching businesses.  Instead of just thinking about the people that choose to start businesses after they get fired from work, you could launch into other article areas.

The internet writing from home options mixed in with brainstorming and focus could turn into your thing to do from home.  Setting up one website to post your creations might lead to building even more niche websites.  The business mindset might start to grow and getting into those first few articles.

Domain Names, Cheap Web Hosting, and Content


Buying cheap and low cost domain names for prices that seem to be like a dream is the hunting ground of the internet marketers and the business owners. Finding good deals on domain names might happen at various times during the year. Black friday domain name sales and cyber monday domain name sales are not the only times that good prices can be offered. Following some of the domain name registration companies and being ready when the deals appear is half of the battle.

The flip side of the issue when it comes to getting online is facing the cheap web hosting packages. Web hosting accounts are a basic building block of getting on the internet with web development. Cheap hosting web packages might be offered during the year, but check the fine print. Paying for low cost web hosting accounts monthly versus yearly might reveal some discounts. Checking the different web hosting companies for offers on ocassion is just a normal option for the internet business that is looking to save money.

One part of the internet business online world that is always in flux is content. Entering new, fresh information on blogs and websites is just a normal part of the flow. It is like the old days of getting the daily newspaper. What would you think about picking up a paper and the same story running day after day? The fresh content for the online space means considering more content sources. Finding low cost, but quality content sources might be a tip of the hat to the keeping everything fresh web writing idea.

Working online in the internet space means considering the things that are part of the foundation.  Domain names, cheap hosting accounts and content are going to be needed.  Web addresses, places to hold files online ( storage ) and content for people to consume is going to be relevant going into the future.

10 Ways to Use PLR Content

Just finished listening to a great audio file from a source that I recently joined. I got a free plr zip file filled with content and just a couple of days later, they sent a great interview that talked even more about using plr in different ways.

Do you have plr content on your hard drive? Think about using it in different ways.

  1. Blog content.  Rewrite those articles and post them on your blog.  Simple and easy.  This is the no brainer way to use content.
  2. Newsletter content.  Don’t just use plr on the front page of your site.  Think about the backend and how you can really deliver value to your audience.
  3. Different formats.  Take the plr and use it other media formats than just written text.  Make audio and video files.
  4. Use it for education.  Read the articles and learn something new.  It is a quick way to get up to speed on different topics.
  5. Make new sites to sell.  Domains are cheap.  Web hosting is cheap.  Create niche sites with content and sell them to other people online that need a good website.
  6. Social media updates.  What about going through plr to find some good points that can be rewritten for your social media sites?
  7. Use plr articles to create free pdfs for newsletter signups.  Give away information and get your prospects to sign up for your newsletters and mailing lists.
  8. Create real physical products.  Get creative and come up with great physical products that you can sell.  People still like dvds, and cds.  Can you create training programs?
  9. Make slideshow videos.  PLR has a lot of text.  Use a presentation program to turn your plr into a slideshow.
  10. Take PLR and rewrite it for specific niches.  PLR content can be general and bland.  Take and tailor it for specific audiences.  You already know the ins and outs of the niches you love.  Rewrite the content in the flavor of your tribe or audience.

Writing Content for Cash

What is the real time horizon for the content that you create? Don’t put a short sighted view on what you are creating for your sites. Writing content for cash today also means thinking about the content impact in the future.

Writing can last a long time and you have to remember this important fact.   A good story can be remembered for a long time.  Just think about being a kid and listening to a bedtime story.  The stories are really old and everybody knows them.  The same thing can happen for really good content.  Content can have a long lasting impact.

Before you hit the publish button on your new blog post, think about what this content will be able to produce years into the future.  You might not be thinking about it in those terms, but just think to yourself how quickly a year passes.  Doesn’t it seem like the months are rolling around really fast these days?  There are going to be people searching for information next year and the year after that.  Think about how they will read your content in the future.

Some information topics are seasonal and others are really timeless.  Think about the types of content that you want to focus your attention around.  Do you think that people will be interested in learning about dating in the next year?  What about losing weight?  Some information tips will have an audience. Sure, things will change, but there are going to be some topics that will get attention because they are always interesting.

Consider where you are going to place your content.  What is going to be the expire date on your content.  Some content is really attractive right now.  Think about the current nfl football season.  There are lots of articles and comments about all the goings on happening right now.  There are player trades and player injuries.  They probably get a lot of views right now.  What do you think will happen to this type of content when the super bowl is over.  Do you think that nfl fans will really care about all of those details going forward.  They will keep marching forward with the new information in the current nfl football season.  Once the super bowl winner is decided, they will be looking for content around the latest nfl draft top prospects.

Writing content for cash might include setting up your own special websites that focus on evergreen content areas.  Blogs are low cost and they can be the perfect place to store your information online.

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Blogging Content – Free Article Directories and Private Label Rights Content

A blog is going to need content all the time.  How are you going to come up with some new content for your blog?  Writing all the information for your blog does not have to be your online focus.

If you don’t want to spend all of your time coming up with new topics and articles to cover on your blog, you can get content through online offers.  There are articles that you can get online for free.

Free articles are available with private label rights and you can get articles from free article directories.  If you are looking for content, these are two options that you can explore.

Free article directories might have a limit on the number of articles that you can use.  They also have rules about how you can use the articles.  Get the information before moving forward with using them on your site.

Private label rights articles can be found for free online.  You might have to join a mailing list to get them.  The free articles that you get might not be the greatest, but they are free.  With plr, it is a good idea to rewrite them before using them on your sites.

Getting more content for your sites gives you more chances to grab traffic or keep them longer on your pages.  Find the articles that fit your niche and put them to work for your sites.

If your blog has not been updated in a while and you are having a hard time coming up with new content, take a look at using article directories or private label rights content.  Some of the top free article directories include ezinearticles and articlesbase.

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Writing – Sharing Your Content

Do you really enjoy writing?  There are lots of different ways that you can use your writing skills online.  Blogging is one income opportunity.

You might just be thinking about writing content for your own blog site, but don’t stop there.  There are a lot of people that launch blogs and want good content.  You can contact blog owners.  You can sell some of your extra blogging content to other site owners or you can start selling your content through other means.

Turn your passion for writing into ebooks.  Do you know anybody with an electronic book reader?  You know those amazon kindle devices are getting really hot.  All you have to do is think about all the people that are turning on those kindles and looking for something to read.  Why not put your own hat into the pool of potential readers.  Create ebooks and sell them through amazon.   You don’t just have to stick with the amazon program, you can create simple ebooks and sell them or give them away for free.

Newsletters and mailing lists are another place that is screaming for content.  Blog owners are not just looking for blogging content for the top of their sites.  A lot of blogs have newsletters and ezines attached.  Those sources need new content all the time also.

Your content can focus on the areas and types of information that you want to provide.  You can do online reviews.  This is one area that can open up the doors for your affiliate marketing efforts.  You are using products already.  Why not start joining affiliate programs and add the potential of another income stream.  It might be as simple as providing a simple text link or an email address to get on the road to earning income with your writing skills.

Take a quick look at all the items that are around you.  What do you see?  Do you see a laptop or desktop computer?  What about a cordless telephone?  Laser printer?  These are all products that people buy.  What do you think about the products that you have purchased?  Would you buy them again or get another brand?  Just answering some of these simple questions provides the foundation for articles that could be placed on a blog.

Don’t sit on your writing skills.  Start dusting them off and putting them to good use.  Your writing does not have to be really fancy or overly complex.  You can do that if you want, but you can just write for your own audience.   Don’t forget to post some articles in article directories.  You never know when they could get picked up by other web developers, ezine owners or readers.

Home Business – Building an online income

Are you still looking for ways to build a business using the internet?  Many turn to setting up blogs with the hopes of hitting it big.  Can you imagine being able to open up your laptop and finding that you have made some sales while you were sleeping.  Its a really good feeling when it occurs.  The one thing to remember is that it probably won’t happen overnight.  You are going to have to put some time into building a site of substance.

Working from Home

Another reason that people are looking to do work online is that its something that can be done from home.  You don’t have to go anywhere to get your work done.  Using your laptop and your creativity can get you started.  The good thing about the internet is that there are a lot of opportunities online.

Writing From Home

You can start writing online.  There are a lot of places online where you can distribute your content.  Article directories have been a place that you could write high quality articles and have them posted to generate traffic to your websites or blogs.  The other option is to focus on building up the content on your blog.  Recently the article directories have come under scrutiny by the search engines.  Some consider article directories to be nothing more than content farms.  Another way to use your writing skills is to create ebooks.  Take your content and create pdfs that you can sell online or give them away for free to help build your email list.

You might love your content, but it might not perform the way that you think it should. What are you going to do? You put in some work, but it doesn’t deliver.  The search engines don’t reward your efforts.  Are you going to stop? That is a question that you will have to answer.  I write  a lot of content, but the search engines might not deliver lots of visitors.  I am not going to stop writing.  All it means is that you might have to start looking at other ways of generating traffic.  It might require using another option to get traffic to your site.  Are you using social networks?  Are you creating videos?  Keep writing your content and at the same time start looking for more ways to deliver your own traffic to the site.  You might have to adopt the mindset of start up.

Make Money Online – Earning Income From Home without being an Expert

How can you earn online without being an expert? Create your own blog and start driving traffic. You can use your creative writing talents and other methods to get people to your site. You might not be an expert, but you could have writing talent that gets people wanting to read your information.

Think about this scenario. You write up content or you post content that you get from free sources or inexpensive sources and you post it on your blog. You might work hard with creating links and videos that send traffic to your blog. You don’t have to be the expert, but you are sending traffic.

What are your web visitors going to see when they see your content? It doesn’t have to be about you. You might generate income by providing access to the products and services that people want. Placing affiliate links and advertising code on a blog is not hard to do and you don’t have to be an expert to do it.

You might just review your favorite products and services. This could be giving your candid opinion on the pros and cons of the products that you have. Some people value a real opinion before they move forward with a purchase. A review can give a viewpoint that is not something coming from the advertiser and real readers might place value in that.

You can think about earning from home without being an expert just like being a traffic guide. You are sending traffic in the direction of products and services. Your content might be like a traffic signal or a sign on a big high way. You could really be helping people get to the destination that they are looking for. Your content does not have to be expert content to have an effect.

Think about driving down the highway. Do you ever notice some of the fast food places that are close to an exit? Now think about the signs that you see on the highway. The signs are usually places a few miles before the exit, right? This is no different from the earning online from home without being an expert. You are just placing some signs ( reviews ) that point to the exit ahead ( affiliate links ).

Marketing Online and Offline – What are the options for online businesses?

It seems like just about everybody is using wordpress these days. Web development with a blog is the way to go. Sure, some people might still choose to use joomla to create a site, but wordpress just seems to be a little more flexible. You can change the design fast and you can add more functionality with wordpress plugins. Getting a content management system can really change your focus from web development to content creation. A good looking website is now possible for novice regular web users.

Once you get online, you can focus on blogging. Lots of people that setup websites want to earn income with it. Adding advertising code to a blog is simple. Starting with google adsense is probably the first step. Quick setup and little effort to maintain the code makes it a perfect fit for beginners. New website or blog owners should not ignore list building. Growing a list of newsletter subscribers should be a part of any online business venture. Email marketing is a solid strategy and should be taken seriously.

Video is another growing opportunity. All you need to do is visit youtube and see how powerful video is becoming. A simple video can have a chance at going viral and generating a lot of web traffic at little to no cost. Some website owners might want to focus more on search engine optimization, but video might be the better solution. The search engines have been in the habit of changing the rules often. Do you want to keep jumping through the constantly changing hoops associated with seo? Some site owners are starting to take marketing into their own hands and are opting to use offline marketing in the real world. This could be a low cost option for generating traffic for online sites.

There are lots of different ways to market a business online. Try not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Find the methods that deliver the best results for you. Video, email, and content writing are all good options for spreading the word about your online business.

Blogging – Keep Writing

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Writing content for your blog should not stop.  You have to keep creating new content.  The start of your blog might not give you the traffic that you want.   The question to ask is if you are a quitter?  No, I didn’t think so.

The writing has to keep flowing to have a chance.  When you want to do something, you have to be prepared to fail.  Failing is just a part of the process.  You have to learn to write more often and put your work online.

You have a blog and it is yours.  Keep feeding your blog new content.  Keep failing forward with more information.  Think about why you got started with blogging?  What were you trying to accomplish?  What do you know about blogging now that you have been doing it for a while?  What would you do different?  The questions will keep coming and you can answer them with your blog.

Failing is okay if you don’t stop.  Keep going to see where the blogging road takes you.  The content that you create might not do too much today.  You have to think about the long term.  Each time that you are dropping a new blog post into your blog, think about what happens when you drop a pebble into a body of water.  The pebble that you throw creates a little wave.  Just keep adding those pebbles and rocks to your blog.  You are building a solid foundation of content that has the chance to pay off into the future.

Remember that people are searching the web for information all the time.  They are not just sitting at home doing it either.  They are walking around looking for information.  You never know when your kind of information will break through.  It might not be this year.  It might not be next year.  You just want to keep adding new content to give yourself a chance going forward.

Don’t give up on your blog.  Write some more.  Think about all the good reasons for keeping your blog around.  You can keep your writing skills sharp.  You can gain some new skills on using your blogging platform.  You can improve your typing skills.  You can improve your organization skills.  Your writing content doesn’t have to just stay in the written form.  Take your content in new directions with other media formats.  Your blog can double the content with videos.  Don’t stop writing.  Keep your blog filled with new content.

Your blog can be your online lead generator.  Get an email sign up box.  Start thinking about how to turn your blog into a money maker.  Join some affiliate marketing programs.  Start taking your blog content and turning the articles into ebooks.  Give some ebooks away.  Sell some ebooks.  Don’t stop writing content.

Come up with some evergreen content that won’t go out of style.  Load your blog up with content so that it runs like a machine.  Schedule your blog posts.  Keep writing.