Blogging Some More

Start getting into your creative side and come up with something new to share online. There is no good reason for not getting into blogging. Sure, it helps if you can type really fast. You don’t want to take forever to come up with just one blog post. If you can type like you are a nascar driver, you have a real head start.

Free blogs or blogs that you invest money into are all your choice. Free blogs have the advantage of getting started quickly without too much of a headache, but there can be downsides. You want to keep your blog around when you are investing time into building it. Some free blogs can get deleted if you start trying to do a lot of advertising.

Information is something that does not go out of style. You might have a different view on information that can be helpful to online readers of your blog. All you need to do is think about all the different real estate books that are on the market. The topic is not new, but real estate readers continue to find a new way to consume the information. Your blog is not going to be that much different. The information could be similar, but it can be tailored to your specific niche. General or specific, you can take your blog in any direction that you choose.

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Blogging is a great way to get into internet marketing. Getting people coming to your blog is just the start. They might be looking for good products related to your topic. If you are writing about home business, there may be some great online courses that would fit your market. Your readers might be interested in learning how to setup a wordpress blog. They could be interested in how to get a great logo for a home business. There are lots of affiliate programs that can be leveraged using your blog. You might even want to consider creating your products and using your blog to promote them.

When are you going to blog? Your blog can be just like the automatic coffee maker that is setup an d ready to go. You might even want to think about it like your favorite soda machine. The vending machine owners load up all the content ( sodas ) and when the soda drinkers are thirsty, they can get what is available. You could setup your blog in the same way. You might hit a really good stride with your writing and create a bunch of articles. With blogging, you don’t have to release all of your content at one time. You could schedule them to get loaded. Just think about it like setting the sprinkler system for your grass. Load it up and know that the content will be ready to go.

Blogging can be done on your own schedule. Make a list of posts and knock them out when you can. You might even want to use private label rights content to help smooth out your content needs. PLR can be helpful when you are trying to come up with new article titles.

Blogging Tips – Leverage Your Talent using the Internet

Start fast online with a blog.

Write blog posts and share information from your point of view.

Blogs are simple and easy to start.

You can blog from just about anywhere.

There are lots of different content management systems and blogging tools.

WordPress is a really hot blogging platform.

Blogging can be done for a really low price.

Use blogging to help drive web traffic.

Blogging can leverage writing, video and audio content.

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How to setup a blogging plan

The blog is done when it comes to the design. You have picked out the right look and feel and now it is time to consider how to keep your new blog filled with content for the year.

Setup your blogging plan

  1. How many times a week are you going to post content?
  2. Keep asking the questions that your audience will want to learn about
  3. Create a map for your year’s worth of content
  4. Find the evergreen topics that matter in your niche
  5. Start using keyword research to come up with article titles
  6. Make a list of blog topics
  7. Create a category list for your blog
  8. Start lining up content for your blog
  9. Take pictures and buy pictures for your blog posts
  10. Find videos and make videos for your blog
  11. Use PLR Articles for your blog niche
  12. Get guest bloggers for your site
  13. Use article directory articles
  14. Outline Your Articles before writing them
  15. Check current events related to your blog niche
  16. Review products related to your blog topic
  17. Review good videos that you find online
  18. Write articles about the process of blogging
  19. Hire freelance writers to create content
  20. Do interviews for content
  21. Don’t think of your blog as a blog, but as a magazine
  22. Use free time to write short blog posts for your site
  23. Ask your readers about future topics and add them to the article list
  24. Check the internet forums for common questions and answer them with your blog posts
  25. Post your own questions on forums.  Turn your questions into blog posts.
  26. Research answers to questions and create blog posts.
  27. Create blogging goals for your site
  28. Create a minimum number of hours for your blog management
  29. Blog Training – Educate Yourself about the Blogging System that you are using
  30. Watch video tips on your blogging system
  31. Create lists of all the tasks you have for maintaining your blog
  32. Look for places to outsource blog tasks
  33. Are you using a business plan for your blog?
  34. Do you think you will want to sell your blog in the future? Start planning for it early.
  35. Do you have a mailing list?
  36. Should you create a newsletter?  How and where can you get content for it?
  37. Are there hidden golden nuggets sitting in your email account right now? ( Hint )
  38. Did you have problems installing your blog?  ( There might be a blog post there )
  39. Write posts about some of the problems you have experienced with blogging.
  40. Are you having a hard time setting up a blogging plan?  There might be a blog post there.

These are just a few ideas that can help you put a blogging plan together.

Writing – Sharing Your Content

Do you really enjoy writing?  There are lots of different ways that you can use your writing skills online.  Blogging is one income opportunity.

You might just be thinking about writing content for your own blog site, but don’t stop there.  There are a lot of people that launch blogs and want good content.  You can contact blog owners.  You can sell some of your extra blogging content to other site owners or you can start selling your content through other means.

Turn your passion for writing into ebooks.  Do you know anybody with an electronic book reader?  You know those amazon kindle devices are getting really hot.  All you have to do is think about all the people that are turning on those kindles and looking for something to read.  Why not put your own hat into the pool of potential readers.  Create ebooks and sell them through amazon.   You don’t just have to stick with the amazon program, you can create simple ebooks and sell them or give them away for free.

Newsletters and mailing lists are another place that is screaming for content.  Blog owners are not just looking for blogging content for the top of their sites.  A lot of blogs have newsletters and ezines attached.  Those sources need new content all the time also.

Your content can focus on the areas and types of information that you want to provide.  You can do online reviews.  This is one area that can open up the doors for your affiliate marketing efforts.  You are using products already.  Why not start joining affiliate programs and add the potential of another income stream.  It might be as simple as providing a simple text link or an email address to get on the road to earning income with your writing skills.

Take a quick look at all the items that are around you.  What do you see?  Do you see a laptop or desktop computer?  What about a cordless telephone?  Laser printer?  These are all products that people buy.  What do you think about the products that you have purchased?  Would you buy them again or get another brand?  Just answering some of these simple questions provides the foundation for articles that could be placed on a blog.

Don’t sit on your writing skills.  Start dusting them off and putting them to good use.  Your writing does not have to be really fancy or overly complex.  You can do that if you want, but you can just write for your own audience.   Don’t forget to post some articles in article directories.  You never know when they could get picked up by other web developers, ezine owners or readers.

Make Money Blogging

Companies want to make money using the internet. Regular people want to make money using the internet. Are you one of those groups that want to leverage internet technology and turn it into your own new way of making money.  You are not going to be alone.

Blogging has really caught on and lots of people setup their own blog sites.  With blogging, you can create content and post it online in a quick fashion.  The real question is how are you going to make money from your blogging?

Topical Blog Posts

Talk about current topics.  This might help you get some traffic around recent events.  You might want to check up on social media to see what people are discussing.  Getting in on the discussions happening right now might lead to some traffic from people that want to get different view points on current events.

Polling Questions

You might learn something by putting questions to your audience by asking polling questions.  You might notice a poll question on some of your favorite websites.  This is a great way to see what your audience is thinking.  You are giving them different options for polling questions and they can respond.  One part of blogging is getting interaction.  A polling question might be the first step in getting your online audience to start participating.  They might start by answering a poll, but they might get more involved on your site.  Who knows, they might even start adding comments to your blog posts.


What is a blog without the writing?  Come up with a plan for your blogging efforts.  Schedule your blog posts.  There are a number of different content sources available.  You don’t have to just write your blog with your own efforts.

  1. Write blog posts YOURSELF
  2. BUY Private label rights content
  3. Republish ARTICLES from article directories
  4. Use GUEST BLOGGERS on your site
  5. HIRE Freelance writers to create content

Your writing content is going to be valuable in a few different ways.  Content can help drive traffic.  Your content can also be leveraged when it comes to ads.  There are different types of advertising programs.  Contextual ads might search your written content to determine the kinds of ads that are displayed.  You might also use affiliate programs to leverage your written content.  Getting a solid foundation of content is essential for blogging.


Email is another important part of blogging.  Make your offers and ask your readers to sign up for your newsletter.  The people that land on your website are looking for information so offer it to them through a newsletter.  A newsletter can keep them informed of new information without them having to come to your website.  If they sign up for your newsletter, you don’t have to worry about them forgetting your website name.  They get top quality content delivered right to their email box.  You might give some brief summaries of the new content that you have or some of the great offers that have come to your attention.  Your newsletter is a quick way to keep your readers informed.

Internet Jobs – Become a Freelance Article Writer

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What comes to mind when you think of a freelance writer? Does the image of someone sitting at a home office typing on a laptop pop into your head? What about the view of someone sitting at a starbucks coffee shop, hammering away at their apple macbook?
The need for online content is not going away. Just think about all the blogs that are online. They make it so easy to create a blog now. All blogs are in need of something. Do you know what that something is? It is content.
There are a lot of blogs that are getting ignored. The blog owners signed up for service. They got all the designs done and they stopped there. They might have added a few blog posts, but then found that blogging can be real work. Coming up with good blog content on the regular is not that simple for everyone.

Can you write? Sure you can. One of the advantages of writing is that it can be a long term income producer. Take a look at amazon and see all of the books that they have. Turn your attention to the new online medium of communication. Blogging is taking off and the number of sites is growing. Use your writing skills to create content that attracts the web visitors.

Blog writing does not have to be really formal. You are probably going to want to write in a clear manner, but you don’t have to write like you are writing for a textbook. Blogging is about sharing information and starting a line of communication with your readers. Blogs and freelance writing should be a good match.

Writing for others is an option for earning income using the web. There is also another option with your writing skills. You can write your own blogs, ebooks and more. Can you become a freelance writer? Sure you can.

There are lots of sites and ebooks that explain how you can get started. There are not a lot of pieces of hardware or software that you need. If you want to learn more about getting started with freelancing and blogging, you can click here.

Blog Content Writing – You can get started now

You can create websites.  Blogs are the easiest.  Can you create loads and loads of content?  Writing your information for your blog does not have to be too difficult.  You are already a writer.

Have you ever written a paper for class?  You probably have.  You might have been given an assignment by a teacher. They might have said, read this book and write a book report.  What did you do?  You got the book.   You read it and you created a book report.

This is writing that people are doing all the time.  What do you need to do?  You are organized and you can use the tools that they taught you in grade school. What is the first step?  Creating an outline.

Outline is little more than making a list of what you want to talk about.  Listing each topic that you want to cover, one by one.  Taking this one step helps get your article ready for writing.

The outline helps you focus.  It is just like pulling together a puzzle. You start from the edges with a few important pieces and start filling in the blanks.

Don’t forget to think about how regular people will be searching for information.  You want to make sure that you are using the right keywords to direct traffic to your article.  Think about going on a trip.  You have to drive to your destination.  The freeway is a fast way to get there.  You know where you want to go, but you don’t really know the area.   You pay attention to the signs on the way to the city where you want to go.  In the online world, the signs are the keywords that you use.  It is still known as the information super highway.  You want to give all the clues that you can to the search engines to let them know what your article is about.

Writing your article is going to be the easy part.  Just start filling in each section with your content.  The first draft is not going to be perfect, so don’t try to be.  Just start transferring the information to the page.  Don’t stop writing, just start pouring the information in to your new article.

Your outline will be completely filled in with information.  Do you have an article yet?  Not really.  There is another step that your grade school teacher would explain that you need to complete.  You have to go back and read through your work.   Remember, we said that the first draft is not going to be perfect.  Now is the time to put on your inspector Gadget hat and start looking for errors.  Take a few minutes to step away from your content.  Come back with some fresh eyes and read it.  Are the sentences flowing smoothly?  Did you spot any typing errors?  Can you reword a few sentences to make them sound better and more clear?  This is your chance to catch mistakes before you send your new article on to the world wide web.

If you are publishing your content on your own blog, all you have to do is hit the publish button and your work is live and available for people from around the internet.  If you are sending your new article to an article directory, you are at the point of article submission.  You might still have to wait before you get the article approved.

Blogging – Keep Writing

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Writing content for your blog should not stop.  You have to keep creating new content.  The start of your blog might not give you the traffic that you want.   The question to ask is if you are a quitter?  No, I didn’t think so.

The writing has to keep flowing to have a chance.  When you want to do something, you have to be prepared to fail.  Failing is just a part of the process.  You have to learn to write more often and put your work online.

You have a blog and it is yours.  Keep feeding your blog new content.  Keep failing forward with more information.  Think about why you got started with blogging?  What were you trying to accomplish?  What do you know about blogging now that you have been doing it for a while?  What would you do different?  The questions will keep coming and you can answer them with your blog.

Failing is okay if you don’t stop.  Keep going to see where the blogging road takes you.  The content that you create might not do too much today.  You have to think about the long term.  Each time that you are dropping a new blog post into your blog, think about what happens when you drop a pebble into a body of water.  The pebble that you throw creates a little wave.  Just keep adding those pebbles and rocks to your blog.  You are building a solid foundation of content that has the chance to pay off into the future.

Remember that people are searching the web for information all the time.  They are not just sitting at home doing it either.  They are walking around looking for information.  You never know when your kind of information will break through.  It might not be this year.  It might not be next year.  You just want to keep adding new content to give yourself a chance going forward.

Don’t give up on your blog.  Write some more.  Think about all the good reasons for keeping your blog around.  You can keep your writing skills sharp.  You can gain some new skills on using your blogging platform.  You can improve your typing skills.  You can improve your organization skills.  Your writing content doesn’t have to just stay in the written form.  Take your content in new directions with other media formats.  Your blog can double the content with videos.  Don’t stop writing.  Keep your blog filled with new content.

Your blog can be your online lead generator.  Get an email sign up box.  Start thinking about how to turn your blog into a money maker.  Join some affiliate marketing programs.  Start taking your blog content and turning the articles into ebooks.  Give some ebooks away.  Sell some ebooks.  Don’t stop writing content.

Come up with some evergreen content that won’t go out of style.  Load your blog up with content so that it runs like a machine.  Schedule your blog posts.  Keep writing.

Blogging Content – Get PLR to help keep your blog fresh

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Blogging is easy

Blogs can be fast and blogs can be quick. You can take them serious or you can use them to just share the info that you want. Starting a blog is very simple, and that can be part of the problem. All you need to do is have a web hosting account with unlimited domains and web addresses and you can create sites to till the cows come home.

Doing Too Many Different Blogs

It is really easy to do too many blogs. There is one big factor about blogs that gets lost. They have to be updated. They have to get some new content flowing into them. What happens when you start too many blogs? You can start to lose interest and the blog can fail.

Not Updating Your Content

Blogs need to have some fresh content getting published. You want to write content that is evergreen because it gives you a chance to get some web traffic into the future. Content is a hot commodity online. If you love writing content, then you might not have a problem keeping all of your site stocked full with new information to share.

Using PLR for Your Blog

Strapped for time and you need more content for your blog. You don’t have to waste time trying to figure out the topic that you are going to cover. You can turn the page to your old and trusty plr. Who doesn’t have some plr articles collecting dust on their hard drive. You get plr for joining newsletters or just by doing a search online. There seems to be tons of the stuff available for free on the web. Some people pay for it, it is not expensive.

PLR gives you a head start on getting new content for your blog. You just have to change it up a bit. PLR is like a base model car. You can think of it like the toyota camry base model. Instead of leaving the dealership with a base model, you add the colors that you want and all the special features to your own specific taste. That is the basics of plr. You get a base level of content and then you come in and pimp that ride.

Changing Bad PLR Content into Good Content

You get access to some free plr. The time finally comes that you decide to use and you open it up. You then find that the quality is not so fresh. You cannot really complain because the content was free in the first place. You just have to put on your thinking cap and start turning the low quality plr into better content. Read through it a few times and get the main point that is covered in the article. The next step is just putting it into your own words. Learn more at

Create Information Sites

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Create sites that are high on information. Your audience is looking for information. They want to learn more and you want to be the location that they find that wanted information.

Setting up websites or blogs is a simple way to display your information. It can be a low cost way to share info online. You might get a web hosting package for less than 20 dollars per month that allows for multiple sites.

Creating information for the online world is not that hard. You probably know a lot, but you are selling yourself short. Think about all the things that you like to do. Think about all the jobs that you have held. Think about using your writing skills in a new way. You can create information and post it online.

How can you turn your information into money? You could start by setting up your own site. Add google adsense to your site. Create good high quality information that your target audience is hunting for. Start promoting your site in different ways online and offline. You might be wondering what are some of the different ways to promote a site and earn income with a site? Take a look at this

Getting paid for clicks is possible with a service like Google Adsense. Webmasters and bloggers from around the globe use this service. It is simple to implement and it does not require a lot of hard lifting.

You can follow your passion online and create information sites. Turn your passion for Blogging into a potential income source. You might not make money using the internet. The internet only gives you an opportunity to earn money. You have to put in the work and you have to drive traffic.

Don’t think that your information site has to be just written text. There are lots of people that enjoy watching videos. You can add Video Marketing to your information sites.

Think about taking some of those longer written articles and turning them into powerful videos. There are people walking around with their internet enabled cell phones, smartphones and tablets that might look at your video online. They might not want to read a long blog post on their mobile devices.

Make sure to provide different ways for your online audience to get your information site content. Video, text and audio are all good options to explore. When you are creating content for your information site, think about making your content evergreen.