Sharing Information Online

There is nothing stopping someone from connecting to the internet and starting something new.  Creating information and selling it online is available.  You don’t even have to sell something to earn money online.  You might just provide leads.

Start going with big thinking for referrals.  Can you lead a large group to a product that they will love?  This might be the way that you start earning income online.  People are doing all kinds of crazy things online to get traffic and new leads.

How can you promote online?  Don’t forget about some of the old ways of marketing.  You might even use your email signature or forum signature.  You just need to be aware of the rules and do not break them.

Simple steps like talking to old friends or chatting online might lead to a new business lead.  What can you do to get started?  Start looking at some of the items that you purchase.  Check to see if they have an affiliate program.  Sign up and start going after more referrals.  There are all kinds of referral programs online.

Some sites allow you to get points for bringing in new referrals.  You might promote your own sites and put banners and links to help generate new leads.  Learn the secrets for creating content online and share information.

This is not really hard to do.   You might think that you need to do something special.  Get access to your referral links and then start to use them.  Don’t forget that all businesses need new leads and new sales.   It is time to start wasting your efforts and start getting something for your business from referrals.

Video Marketing – Are you using videos for marketing purposes?

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Filling your blog up with really good content is job one and everybody knows it. Video marketing is on the rise. Mobile devices and video are becoming essential to online marketing too.

Have you ever went to a video site to learn more information about a product or just to get access to more free and cheap entertainment? Would you rather read a long blog post detailing how to do something or would a video walking you through the process be easier?

Video is an important piece of the online marketing puzzle. You can’t ignore it. More people are getting smartphones and ditching the regular old cell phones. More people are starting to pick up tablet computers. They want to see videos. Are you creating videos for your online business? Are you missing out?

Click the image below to start getting on the right track with your online video marketing efforts.

Video Marketing

What are the keys to video marketing?


Build Your Blog and Use Affiliate Marketing to Monetize

Quality traffic. Elephant Traffic.

The thought of starting your own business finally pops into your head. You have some skills and you have a lot of information to share. The internet is right there waiting for your to jump online.

Starting an online blog is a great way to dip your toes into the online business market. Building a blog is the fast way to setup a site. You don’t have to do a lot of tech stuff to get a good looking site. This is great because there are lots of people that might have been scared to try to build a website in the past.

The main focus of a blog is going to be the content and there are lots of different ways to turn that content into money. The simple process of adding new content gives you a chance to earn income online.

Affiliate marketing is the topic that you want to focus on. Why affiliate marketing? The simple reason is that you don’t have to hold any inventory and you can start promoting offers quickly.

The process is really straight forward. What is the whole affiliate marketing thing and why would companies want to do it? Companies have products and services that they want to sell. They might have an internal sales force. They might be spending lots of money to get new leads for their products. They want to get their products and services in front of as many people as possible. They might try affiliates for a few different reasons.

Companies pay affiliates when they make sales. This helps a business because they get a new customer. The company is not the one doing the hard work of creating content or driving traffic to the offers. That is where your blog is coming into play. The company can just give you access to affiliate links that they can track.

You get signed up with the affiliate program and start promoting offers to your blog audiences. This can be good for you because you get a way to potentially earn income from your traffic. You can join lots of different affiliate programs and get access to lots of different products and services that you can sell.

Affiliate programs are offered for lots of different types of businesses. Find the affiliate programs that fit with your online blogging niche and start applying. When you get approved, you get access and can start adding the links to your sites.

So you can get started with your own business offering lots of products through your blog. You don’t even have to stop with just one blog. You can create as many as you want. If you love writing blog content, you can do lots of the writing yourself. If you want to outsource the writing to others, there are places that you can get content for your blogging sites.

CPA Offers for Your Blog

Microsoft Store

How are you going to earn money with your blog? CPA offers have an easier way of getting a commission than regular affiliate marketing options. With regular affiliate marketing, you might have to get your prospects to click on a link and buy something. This means that they would have to pull out their credit card and complete the order. With cpa offers, some offers only require that the prospect fill out a simple piece of information like an email address or a zip code. Doesn’t that sound easier than getting someone to pull out a credit card?

Get signed up

The first step is getting signed up with cpa marketing companies. The process is a little bit harder than just signing up with clickbank or one of the other easy affiliate marketing networks. With cpa, they might want to get you on the phone to verify your information.

Find offers for your niche

Get approved and get started with the types of offers available in your niche. The affiliate manager will ask you what types of offers you are looking for and where you will be promoting the offers. You want to get offers that are a good fit for your niche. Pay attention to the offer details. CPA offers can have more rules than regular old affiliate marketing offers.

Grab banners and text links

Find the offers that fit your target audience and start grabbing the banners and text links. There are lots of different ways to promote cpa offers, but you have to stick to the rules allowed for each offer. They can restrict offers by country and marketing type, so learn what is allowed. Talk to your affiliate manager to clarify the details.

Add cpa offers to your site

Once you get your cpa links, you can start adding them to your site. You might want to include them in your sidebar or even in the content of your blog pages. It is not much harder than doing a simple copy and paste job.

Now the work starts. You have to drive traffic to the offers. Add more content to your sites and track your results. You can log into your cpa account to see how the offers are doing. They will show you the number of clicks and conversions.

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Trying PPC for Traffic to a Blog

I still have a few dollars left on my google adwords account and decided to test again. I have a website called The site is really simple and it has a little bit of content and a few cost per action offers on it.

Google adwords has the ability to target specific traffic. I changed the region from the united states to the united kingdom. I also made sure to change the languages from all to english. Setting up a campaign in adwords still takes some time to get use to.

Getting everything done was not that much of an issue and I thought I was on the right track. I immediately noticed that the ads were not showing and there was a message stating that the site was going to be reviewed within a few days.

I opened up my email software program and found a note saying that the site violated the terms. They called it a bridge page. I had this happen one time before. This time I responded quickly to the site not being approved. I zapped that campaign and ads quickly.

Now I have to go back to the drawing board on this campaign. Getting more quality content for the site and turning it into a better blog is probably going to be the remedy. Writing all the content myself is probably not going to be on the table.

There are lots of places on the web where you can buy content. I might try using private label rights content or even getting some written content from freelance writing sites. Right now I don’t have any google ads on the site. The bottom line is that the site is going to need more content content to have a chance.

Blog Home Business

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Blog Home Business

Blogging is popular and it is a good marketing method for home business. Low cost marketing is essential in home business. Blogs are just websites that are setup in a different way. The old way of setting up a website could include lots of planning and learning a lot of different programs. A web designer or a programmer might have been used to get a good looking web design completed. Large websites might have even required using project management and expensive database programs.

My Work From Home

Blogs have changed web development for home and small business owners. A large web project can be completed without having to invest large amounts of money. The best thing about blogs and home business is that the cost for creating a good looking powerful website has been drastically reduced. The need for programmers and web designers are not as essential as in the past. Now all that a home business owner needs is good web hosting and the right blog software to get a website. The other big factor that has changed with using blogs is the time that it takes to get a site online.

Web Programming

Web programming could take a good amount of time in the past. Now there are more programmers and the blog software has matured to the point that all you need to do is press a few buttons and the site can be completed. Custom web designs can be installed in just a few minutes. That is a big difference from just a few years ago. Blogs keep the designs apart from the data. This is a big deal. The internet is also playing a big part in how this change has come about. There have always been lots of talented designers around the globe. Now the internet brings those skilled professionals into the marketplace. More blog designs are available and they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

Home Business Blog

A home business blog can look really expensive and it can provide a perfect way for a home business to share information. Updating a blog doesn’t require a lot of technical details. Many times all that is needed is a username and password to get into the system. A home business owner can keep a blog updated with ease.

Blog Business

Blogging in a home business can include lots of articles, images and videos. Now the options for updating a blog are many. Blogging for your home business does not have to be done from home. Mobile devices are giving home business owners even more options for creating and maintaining blog content on the go.

Getting New Customers – Create Niche Websites

Artisteer - Web Design Generator

There are lots of business owners that want a good looking website that pulls in traffic and customers all day long. That is the power of the internet. A business owner doesn’t need to be tech savvy or understand all the underlying components of building websites. Business owners just want to get the results that they are looking for. The key is getting it done for a really affordable price.

Web development has become a task that is widely available to more people. There are plenty of web templates and software programs that make creating a site easy to do. Now a business doesn’t have to just rely on one website. They can create as many targeted sites as they need.

The web is not one big traffic source and people need to remember that. The web is made up of all kinds of people and that is where targeted niche websites can come into play. You can make sites that are focused around real passions. You can zero in on topic with complete detail. Do some keyword research and see what people are looking for online. Is there enough searching for information on a topic to make it worthwhile to create a specific site? That is the question that you have to ask yourself.

Niche marketing, what is it really? It is not hard to understand at all. It is just getting specific about a topic. You can have general websites and you can have specific targeted websites. Think about real estate websites for example. There are many different types of real estate sites, right? You can have a company website. It would like the name of the company and maybe the real estate listing and agents. This would be a pretty general website. A real estate company might handle different kinds of real estate. There are lots of different real estate niches. Maybe the company focuses on commercial real estate. They could create targeted niche commercial real estate websites that focus only on that topic. Even within commercial real estate there are even more niches. What kind of commercial real estate could come into play? Apartments, Office Buildings and Industrial are all different kinds of commercial real estate. There are lots of real estate investors in each specific area. Websites could be created around each niche.

Now you need to think about your area of business. Could you use niche websites in your business? The thing to remember is that there are lots of different ways to niche a website. Just make sure that the audience is large enough to make a real difference for your business.

Web development tools make it easy for you to develop sites now. Domain names don’t break the bank and you can setup blogs as websites in just about no time flat. Just do your research and get the content that you need for your new niche websites.

Easy Web Development – Create Good Looking Sites with Joomla

ArtisteerArtisteer - Joomla Theme Generator

Do you have a lot of content creators for your site?  One of the big problems with keeping a site fresh with new content is having multiple authors.  There was a big problem in the past with website administration.  When you have  a lot of users that need to add content to a site, it could cause problems.  People might upload the work and step on other information that was in the process of getting updated.  It could turn into a complete mess.  Thank goodness that web development has advanced and now there are solutions. Web development content management systems like Joomla have come to the rescue.

Create quick and dirty websites with Joomla

You don’t have to worry about hiring a ton of programmers to give you the solutions that you need for web development.  There are lots of different kinds of websites.  A company might need a site for all of the employees or a business might want to create  a magazine.  Joomla can make certain types of websites a breeze to create.  Just install the joomla software and you can get started adding your information.  Joomla can be the quick and easy way to make websites.

Focus on the Content

Some websites and blogs are going to be content heavy.  Joomla keeps everything in order and simple to manage.  You can think of it as your online digital file cabinet.  You can assign users and permissions that allow your people to update only the information that they need access to.  When you think joomla, you think about keeping it all in order.

Get joomla web hosting

Joomla is a powerful content management system.  You need to put joomla on a web hosting system that can handle it.  You do not want to install joomla on a wimpy web hosting account.  You want to get a quality web hosting account that can handle joomla and all that it has to offer.  Hostgator is a top web hosting provider ( promo code getwebhosting ).  You can search for joomla web hosting to find web host that are joomla friendly.

Changing Joomla Templates

Web development has become easy.  What happens when you want to change the way your site looks?  Are you going to need to hire a bunch of web designers and expect to wait a month for all your changes to get completed?  NO!  Joomla uses templates.  You can search the internet for free and premium joomla templates that can change your site with a few short steps.  You can tell those expensive web designers to go and kick bricks!  Joomla put the business owner back in control.

Adding Google Adsense

What about making money with your new joomla site?  You might be selling your own products and services with your site.  Do you think you might want to start using google adsense for additional income?  There are joomla plugins that can make adding google adsense and other advertising options easy.  Just download and install the code and follow the directions for placing your ads.

You can create good looking sites using Joomla. It is simple and easy.  Learn more about using joomla for web development.


Growing Your Business – Making More Sales to Your Current Customers

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You probably have something that many new business owners could only hope for. What is it that they want that you already have. You have a head start on growing your business. They are at the starting line running their first race and you are a seasoned professional that has already been around the track more than a few times.

Growing your business means that you have to have business.  If you already have customers then you have a head start on the competition.  The question that you have to ask yourself is, could you sell your current customers more products and services?

There are many different kinds of businesses and information is important.  One area where a business might fall down is not using their resources in the best way.  The big question here is do you have a client database?  Getting a client database can help you in a number of different ways.  Keeping the lines of communication with your clients open in job one.  The second benefit is tracking what your clients actually buy.  The final item is doing analysis to see if you can identify any sales patterns.

If you don’t have a client database, you need to get one.  Don’t you think it could help your business to know a little bit more about your clients.  Ask questions of your clients.  How could you do this?  Start surveys.  Another tool could be to setup online sites like blogs that allow you to communicate with your clients on a regular basis.  Create free ebooks to help them join mailing lists.

The second item is really basic.  Look at what your clients are buying. Take a look at the products and services that you offer and see what is the most popular.  This could be something as simple as creating a simple chart that tracks your sales through a spreadsheet. There are plenty of small business software packages that could give you all the information that you need.  Start putting on your investigative hat and start finding what is popular and why.

Now it is time to bring it all together.  After you have your client database / mailing list / newsletter, you can then start looking at promoting more products using the information that you have gained.  Are you taking a look at the demographics of your customers.  It might be time to start launching more targeted blogs or sites that appeal to those groups.  Setting up blogs and creating content should not be hard or expensive to do for your business.

Growing your business might be possible just using the tools that you already have in a better way.  Take the time to start looking at your business from a higher level.  You might even want to explore marketing other products through affiliate programs.  If you have clients, you are ahead of the game.  Don’t forget to take a look at what you have and see how you can use it better.

Internet Traffic Tips – Web Traffic without the Search Engines

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Web traffic is on the minds of just about everybody that decides to start a blog or a website.  Getting a blog or site created is not a tough job anymore.  In the past, it would be a big deal just getting a webpage formatted properly.  Now the real chips are in getting traffic to the site after it is published online.

Search engines determine a lot of the winners and losers online.  People go to search engines when they want to learn information about a subject.  One of the ways that people land on web pages is by being directed to sites by the search engines.  They determine the rankings and they determine how high up in the results pages your site will be placed.

There are other ways to get traffic to a website or a blog.  You could have a domain name that is really easy to remember or is what people immediately think of when they think of your topic.  Short domain names or domain names that are easy to remember could lead to some traffic.

Printing your domain name on your business cards or stationery is a common practice.  Some businesses use direct mail or offline marketing methods to get people to come and visit their web pages.  There really are a lot of different ways to get traffic to a site without using a search engine.

The web is all about connecting information and a newer way to get traffic is to leverage social media networks.  There are applications like facebook and twitter that could help you land traffic to your site.  You will often see links to websites and blogs on social media profiles.

Posting content online inside article directories is another option for generating web traffic.  The hope of using article directories is to get your articles published on other websites and ezines that have large subscriber lists.   The hope is that getting in front of these audiences can lead to more traffic for your blog.

Take blogging to another level by doing more than just writing articles and posting them on your blog.  Blog commenting is another area to increase your online relationships and add links back to your blog or website.  Most commenting systems provide an area where you can include you web address.  When other blog readers view your comments, they could click on your link and get even more information from your website.