Article Marketing Tips – Writing Headlines that grab attention by the collar

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You might have really good content, but if your readers are not getting past the headline, you are losing. Put yourself in your readers shoes. They are online searching for information and they are using keywords. They have a lot of information to sort through. It really is like a needle in a hay stack. You want to think about how you can turn your needle into something that jumps at the reader like the monster in the 3d horror movie that keeps you up at night. Your headlines don’t have to be scary like freddy kruger or jason, they just need to cause the reader to stop and get engaged enough to want to click through to learn more.

Boring Headlines Get Ignored Like College Students asking Congress for lower student loan interest rates

Your online audience is just like congress. They don’t care about what you have to say in the details. If your headline is not making enough noise, they are going to completely ignore you and go on about their business. Do you want to get dissed by online readers? Can you see your potential online readers viewing your headline and then immediately skipping on to the next title? What is there reason for wanting to learn more if your headline is boring?

Make Your Headlines Attention Grabbing Like a Linebacker Snatching a Quarterback for a sack

Your headlines need to be like some of those funny skit shows like off their rockers. There is one where a lady in a wheel chair is just calmly riding along and there are people walking in front of her. All of a sudden she hits them with her loud horn on her motorized wheel chair. The people are stunned and wondering what is going on. The horn gets their attention. You are writing headlines that have to get the same kind of reaction. You want to get readers to notice your content. Your content might be really crap, but they will never know unless you get them to click through to view it first.

Make Your Headlines Visual like a Peep Show

You are not trying to really do a peep show online. You just want to think about the tactics. What is the first thing that you think of when it comes to las vegas? Did you think about the lights? They get your attention don’t they. You want to get the online viewer to stop and want to investigate a little bit more. You don’t have to think about a peep show, but you want to think about the process.

Make Your Headlines Draw People In like Super Magnet

What do people really want? People want to learn something new. People don’t like losing things. They don’t like it when people take away stuff or feel like they are being kept cheated out of information. What if I told you that there is a secret to getting more people to view your content online? Are you interested? You are not going to get the secrets until you get inside. Have you ever picked up a magazine that did the same thing with the headline? Did the information really live up to the hype? Probably not. They did get you to take action and pick up the magazine and read it.

Make Your Headlines Leave Out the Details like Mystery Movie

The bottom line is that people want to know. How many times have you watched a tv promo for a new program? They keep you watching year after year without really learning the secret until the end. Have you ever watched the cbs tv show called the mentalist? The main character has been trying to find the villain since the first episode. They only give clues, but you don’t ever really get anywhere. Each week people are going to continue to tune in and watch those episodes until they find out what they have been looking for. It is almost like you are creating a breadcrumb trail. Your headline is just like dropping the first little nugget on the trail. What is going to be so important about your topic that will cause people to have to click to learn more?

Weak Headlines Steal Your Internet Views Like a Masked Thief Robbing an Old Lady in broad daylight

You have spent a lot of time creating good content, right? There is a suspect that is trying to tear down your business. You have seen the mugshot. You know the story. He wants to take your web viewers and laugh at you and all of your hard work. You already know who the culprit is. He is working in the background. Plotting and planning on how to keep people from the best story that you have ever written. Are you going to let him succeed? Do you want know the name of this thug that is ready to do your content harm? His name is boring. Boring is out to destroy your online views like the cast of the expendables 2 liked to create havoc. Don’t let boring win. Dunk on boring like Lebron James going through the middle of the lane in the nba finals with all the camera lights flashing.

Getting Web Traffic to Your Offers

No matter what you are trying to sell online, you are going to need web traffic.  how to get web traffic is one of those evergreen topics that will continue to get interest year after year.

The equation is simple. You have to have the web traffic to have any chance of getting a conversion. Many online business owners are trying to get web traffic for free. Free web traffic might be the only option for lots of marketers from around the globe.

Free web traffic does not mean easy. You still have to work to try to get free web traffic. There is a lot of time spent trying to get traffic with free methods. Some of the free marketing methods include writing articles, making videos, and blogging. These are all time consuming tasks.

There is one more fact that has to be said that often gets ignored. Just because you use free marketing methods does not mean that the traffic will show up. You might spend lots of hours at your computer hammering away at your keyboard creating articles. You might be submitting those articles to directories. After going through all the trouble, you still have to wait. The traffic might not show up quickly. So you will have to wait some more.

Free marketing methods don’t always fail. You might be surprised to find that a free marketing method actually brings in a conversion. One free marketing option that should be used it video. Video traffic might be easier to create than opening your laptop and trying to create a bunch of articles.

Getting web traffic to your offers is the main goal. You have to think about the long term prospects of your marketing. You don’t want to wait forever to get new prospects to sign up. It might take trying different types of marketing to see what is the most effective for your projects.

Video does not have to take long. You can use video creation software to help cut down on the time involved. Animoto is one popular service. You can use photos or text to create quick videos that can help drive traffic for the long haul.

Article Marketing – Write Content and Think Long Term


Article Marketing

Marketing with articles is not a difficult strategy to understand.  Content is always in demand.  All you have to do is think about all the sites on the internet.  They are continuing to get created all the time.  Those sites are going to need new information added to them.

Writing articles uses your skills and talent.  You can write content on all kinds of topics.  What about writing content around areas that you enjoy.  You can write about things that you have passion about.  Articles are just one form of writing.

Where are you going to place the articles that you write?  You might write them and place them on your own sites.  You could also write articles and strategically place them on other blogs that get lots of web traffic.  Guest blogging is another option for your written content.  You approach other blogs and offer them content.  Why would you want to do this?  This could be a chance to get your content in front of a large audience.  When people read the guest blog post, they will have a chance to see your link and information.  If your article is good, they might decide to click your link and see more of your content.

Write articles might be attractive for a number of different reasons.  One thing about writing content is that it is there for the long haul.  When you create articles, you have a long term marketing option at play.  Your written articles might not pull any traffic today or tomorrow.  What happens if your articles are written in such a way that they are evergreen and timeless.  They might drive traffic years down the line.  That is the power of using article marketing.  You just don’t know when the traffic will show up.  It could be a few web visits this month or it could be a large mass of traffic that floods in years from now.

Writing articles is like adding one more brick to your online marketing wall.  When you are writing content for your own sites, you might try to earn income from the articles using ad services like google adsense or affiliate marketing links.  Another way to get more out of the traffic that you generate with articles is to setup a email sign up box.

Your articles can drive traffic, but you don’t want to lose that traffic forever.  Your articles get web visitors to land on your blog pages and you want to take full advantage of the opportunity.  You want to get the email address of the web visitor so that you can build a relationship through email marketing.  This can give you more chances to provide more information and product offers.  What happens if you don’t collect the web visitors email address?  They might not like the offer that you are promoting and they could easily leave your site forever.  If you get their email address, you can continue to send the information that gets delivered to their email account as long as they stay subscribed to your email list.

Article Marketing – The Free Way to Attracting Web Traffic

Anybody can get started with article marketing. You don’t have to be a great writer to create good content. You have knowledge and opinions that can be turned into information online.

Writing has the staying power that you are looking for. There are lots of different ways to try to get traffic. Paying for web traffic with pay per click ads can get people coming to your site. They only problem is that you have to keep paying for it.

Using your writing skills to create articles can be a traffic getter for the long haul. Getting the traffic from search engines and other sources doesn’t have to cost you money.

Making articles on evergreen topics gives you a chance to get traffic into the near future. Your computer can be the tool that you use to crank out articles in many different areas. You are really unlimited when it comes to this form of marketing.

One of the benefits of using the web for your marketing is that you don’t have to wait for approval. You can post on your own schedule and you don’t have to worry about getting the okay from somebody else.

You can start writing today. Will you see results immediately? The traffic might show up immediately, but it could take some time for your content to make a dent in the web. Article marketing is a method that requires a consistent effort. You are not just going to write one article and expect it to generate massive traffic quickly. You want to think of article marketing like long distance running. You want to create articles on a regular schedule and keep at it until you start getting the results that you are looking for.

When you are writing content, you can take it in any direction that you want. There are always new topics and news stories that might be the perfect lead in for new article content. What are the current events that are shaping your area of business? How is your business changing? You can never run out of ideas when it comes to articles. There are always going to be different views and opinions that you can share with your article writing.

Take your experiences and turn them into articles. What are some of the things that you would do differently in your business? Make a list and create articles from it. Information is constantly evolving and you can use that to your advantage with article writing.

Creating good articles that your audience wants to read is the job of article marketing. Come up with good headlines that gets the attention of your target audience. Make sure that you keep your writing at a level that is easy to read and understand. The goal of your article is to get your target audience to do something. Make sure that you make your call to action clear at the end.

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Article Marketing Tips – How to post articles on Amazines Article Directory

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Article marketing is a good free concept for getting free traffic to your websites or blogs.  Part of the online marketing strategy of article marketing is making sure that you pick the right places to post your content.  All article directories are not of the same quality.  Amazines is an article directory that you should take a look at.

There are plenty of article directories.  The top article directory for you to post your content is probably  The only issue with them is that getting your articles approved is more difficult.  The process of getting your articles approved with amazines is a much smoother process.

So what do you have to do to get your articles into amazines? Just create good quality content and pay attention to the rules.  Come up with a good headline for your article.  You can do some research to find highly searched keywords that you can include.  Make sure to remember that you are trying to get the attention of people that want to republish your article.

Give good information in the body of your article.  Create a strong call to action at the end of your post.  Give your audience a good meaty article that they can really sink their teeth into.  Tag your article with the keywords that are related to your topic.  Take a look at the different categories that are available.  You can assign up to three article categories, so choose them wisely.  When you are done, just hit the submit button.  Your article will be assigned the pending status.  It should not take long for the reviews of amazines to give your article an up or down vote.

Submitting your articles to amazines is simple process.  What happens if you have a lot of content that you want to add?  They even have a bulk submit function.  You can load lots of articles at one time.   Instead of spending a lot of time doing article submissions, you could do it in a more organized fashion with bulk submit.  Just another good reason to use amazines as a online destination for your articles.

Article Marketing – Using Your Writing Skills by Writing Squidoo Lenses

Writing content to drive traffic to your sites is a constant challenge. Where should you post your content? Posting articles at article directories is one common way of attempting to get traffic. All article sites are not on the same level. You can post content there and not see the results that you are looking for. It might be time to try some of the web 2.0 sites for your article marketing efforts. Squidoo is an online community where you can post your high quality unique content.

Creating a squidoo lens is simple. You don’t need to know much html to get things done. Start by selecting a squidoo lens title. This includes picking a url where your new squidoo page will be located. Squidoo usually places dashes between each word in your title, but I learned that you can change the url. After selecting a url, you will need to assign your lens to a category.

Just like the rest of the web, squidoo keeps the information organized. The next step is picking keywords for your new squidoo lens. You can pull up your favorite keyword tool and get the best keywords available. There are plenty of free keyword tools to choose from like the google keyword tool or traffic travis.

Squidoo lenses are a little bit different from what you might expect at an article directory. Squidoo an online community. There are squidoo points and levels that allow you to get access to more items on the squidoo site.

What exactly is a squidoo lens and how is it different from a regular blog post or article? A squidoo lens is really a group of modules that are placed together to form a page. There are lots of different squidoo modules that you can add, move or change. Squidoo makes it easy to add modules for amazon, ebay and lots of other options.

The squidoo text module is commonly used. If you have lots of text that you want to add to your squidoo page, the text module is going to become your close friend. The text module has a title and description area and a body area where you can write to your hearts desire.

Squidoo is all about the user experience and they encourage the use of photos and videos on squidoo pages. They give you extra points for adding images to your squidoo pages. Squidoo can be used without a lot of knowledge of html, but it could come in handy when it comes to formatting.

You can get more out of your squidoo lens by using some of the other sites related to squidoo. Squidutils is one site that you should checkout. You can copy and paste html code and alter it for your pages. This can cut down on the time to create your squidoo pages.

Are you an affiliate marketer? Squidoo doesn’t look down on people that want to earn a little bit of extra income using the web. They actually encourage it. You can share in the wealth. Squidoo makes it easy to add amazon associates links and ebay links to your pages. You can even post your own affiliate links in your squidoo pages.

Squidoo is a great place to post content online. You can create high quality content and link back to your own websites and blogs. Squidoo pages get views and people place comments and share the content through social media applications. If you are writing original content for the web, you should take a look at using squidoo.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing Options From Home

Does it really matter where you do your business? It really should not matter as long as you get the work completed and you get the results that matter. Affiliate marketing can be done from your office or from your home. The bottom line is going to be determined by the actual people that buy products through your affiliate links.

Internet marketing can be done from home.  There  are lots of different ways that you can get your marketing messages in front of potential clients and prospects.  Take your marketing to multiple fronts.  Don’t just focus on article marketing. Article marketing is free cost wise but it can take up a lot of time and all of your prospects might not want to read a lot of long articles.  Think about making your own videos and posting them online.  There are free ways to make videos.

One easy way to make videos is to use the Microsoft Movie Maker software.  You don’t have to be a big time studio producer to create videos.  Your videos can be as short or as long as you want them to be.  You could create simple graphics using microsoft paint or your favorite image editing program.  Create a virtual slideshow and turn it into a movie using microsoft movie maker.  Then you could upload  your video to online video hosting sites like youtube.

Making video can be a good way to market your own information products or even cost per action marketing links.  Just create videos that are related to your cpa offers.  Make sure to tag your videos with highly searched keywords related to your topic.

The internet is a great place to learn and you should start sharing your information online.  You know a lot of information about a lot of different topics.  Start sharing some of your passions online and see if there are affiliate marketing opportunities that you can leverage.

Take your talents to the web and you can do it all from home.  Now there are so many different options for creating content.  You don’t even have to stay in front of the home computer in your office.  You can create content using mobile devices if you have to.

Article Marketing Tips – Learn how to write faster with better typing

Article marketing requires that you transfer your thoughts from your head to the computer. It really can help you get things done quicker, if you can type a little bit faster.

Getting better at typing will only happen if you start practicing. What can you do to become a better typer? You can get software that helps you get those key strokes right. Have you heard of mavis beacon teaches typing? It is a software program that can be a tool that helps you get better with your typing skills.

You might have skipped out on the chance to learn typing while going to school. It is a good skill to learn and it can help you with your article marketing efforts. When it comes time to hammer out one of those longer articles, you can breeze through it without a hitch.

One of the biggest problems with learning how to type is just being able to hit all the keys correctly. You have the advantage these days of using computers when typing. I guess it can also be looked at as a disadvantage. One of the reasons to make sure that you learned how to type well was the fact that using a typewriter meant that if you made mistake, you had to start all over again. It is good be in the digital age when you can just hit the backspace button and continue typing without missing a beat.

Article marketing depends on being able to get your content created quickly. Those extra moments that you save by becoming a good typist can result in more articles. You don’t have to take all day typing one letter at a time. You can bang out long articles with ease.

With each new keystroke, you are getting closer and closer to landing more web visitors on your sites. More content means more opportunities for earning income passively through sites like google adsense, kontera and affiliate marketing programs.

It will be worth your while to invest a little bit of time in getting better at typing. There are always going to be a few keys that you have a hard time getting right. Those number keys seem to always still get me. Be disciplined and brush up on your typing skills. They will come in handy. Sure, computers are going touchscreen, but typing is still going to be a big factor when it comes to creating content for your article marketing efforts.

Article Marketing Tips – Be prepared for your content to get jacked

It just goes to show you that content really is desired online. You spend a lot of time writing articles for traffic to your site and then one day, you see that people are taking it without giving you any credit.

What are you going to do? It is just a matter of time before it happens to you. Online content is in demand and some people find it hard to just give you a little bit of credit for the work that you have done.  You could get upset and get pushed out of shape, but don’t.  It really is a form of flattery.   Your writing is so good that people want to take it and use it for themselves.

Don’t stop your article marketing efforts because of the people that choose to take your content without giving you credit.  It is a shocker when it happens to you.  Just send them an email and move on.

When it first happens, you get a little upset.  But don’t.  It just means that you are getting better at your writing skills and people are starting to take notice.  The thing to remember is to keep planting those seeds.  Keep writing those articles and publishing them.

It is kind of sad to see that an article that I wrote was showing up in the google index, but my site has been de-indexed.  People are going to another site to read my content and I get no chance of getting any potential new readers or make any income from potential ad dollars.  It is okay.

Article marketing is just like any other product that is available.  Sometimes your content is going to get jacked.  If it happens to you, just know that you are in good company.  Just like the big movie studios and the fashion designers, you have now officially arrived.  Your content is so good that people have to take it.  It is good being the original.

Affiliate Marketing and Article Marketing Options Online

Article marketing and affiliate marketing can go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.  There are lots of people that want to get involved with internet marketing but they might not have the financial resources to buy their own web hosting and domain names.  There is still hope for making money on the web with the use of article marketing and affiliate marketing programs.

Using your talents to write informative articles is a way to generate the traffic that you are looking for.  There are lots of people that are interested in all kinds of information online.  Writing articles and getting them posted to the directories that deliver the most traffic is step one.  The second step is directing that traffic to another location.

The great thing about the time that we live in is that you can get a lot of resources online for free. Free blogging systems make it easy for people to share information online.  Posting your articles on a directory exposes your information to a vast array of people online.  You can setup your own free blog and post even more high quality info online.

There are lots of different products and services for sale in general.  Now the internet makes it simple to promote products with affiliate programs.  People can find a topic that they are really passionate about and create content around that area.  They can turn those passionate interests into web traffic and earn income as a result.

One of the benefits of the web is that you can go in the directions that you want online.  You can be as specific or as general as you like.  Think about football for a moment.  There are football fans around the globe.  There are different kinds of football.  There is American style football and there is the world style of football ( we call it soccer ).  People passionately follow these sports.  They might even be a family tradition.  Blogs can be setup around these areas were fans can dive into the topics that hold their attention.  It is perfect for affiliate marketing because there are plenty of products that can be tied directly in with the online community.

Affiliate marketing can consist of digital products or physical products.  Do you think that some of those football fans will buy items that display their favorite teams?  Sure they will.  They love those teams.  Creating a community where all of those fans can come together and discuss the latest information and news is a great idea for a blog.

Blogs are perfect for article marketing and affiliate marketing.  Blogs are built with a commenting feature installed.  Blogs are not one way communication tools, they open the door for debate. Should the New York Jets sign Terrell Owens?  Should they sit Mark Sanchez and start Tim Tebow at quarterback?  These are questions that pop up on blogs all the time and blog readers will respond and give their points of view. You won’t believe the kinds of comments that get posted sometimes. There is a real power in blogging.  The topics that get covered in the comment section might be the foundation for new blog posts and new articles for the article directories.

One thing to remember when it comes to article marketing and affiliate marketing is making sure that the offers that you promote are lined up with the niche market.  You don’t want to have a sports blog that focuses on professional football and then have ads for cosmetics.  It just doesn’t fit.   Supply your audience with the items that they are going to want and need.  What about game tickets?  What about hats?  What about free nfl jerseys?  There are so many items that could be promoted through your sports blog.  Just take some time to really learn about your online audience.  What if you don’t have a clue about where to start?  You could always do the unmentionable.  Ask a question.  Find a poll widget and start getting some feedback.  Create a post that asks the questions and take note of the responses.

Article marketing and affiliate marketing options are available online.  Getting started with affiliate programs is not that hard to do.  Some special affiliate programs might be tougher to get approved for but there are plenty of different affiliate routes that you can try.