Writing Articles for Affiliate Marketing – Aff marketing without a website

Affiliate marketing without using a website by writing articles. You know how to write articles and they can have some staying power.  Use your computer to turn your ideas into articles that have the potential to drive traffic.

Can you come up with a good headline?  Use the google free keyword tool to find out what people are looking for related to your topic.  Use other keyword tools to help identify good keywords for your articles.

Write your article

Submit your article to article directories.  This is a simple task.  Find out the rules for the search engines and start preparing your articles.  Some important facts to learn are the minimum number of words per article and the policies around promotional links.  The rules keep changing for article submissions, so learn as much as you can before trying to add your new article to a directory.

Directories are not taking more time to look over articles before they allow them in.  You might not immediately get your article approved.  Just go into the process with both eyes open and understand that it might take some time before your articles are live and ready to start pulling some traffic.

Getting your articles in front of larger audiences

Directories give you a chance to find a larger audience.  You post your info in the directory and try to gain the attention of other web developers and ezine list owners.  Why are these kind of viewers more important?  It all comes down to getting your message in front of a bigger audience.   A list owner might have a huge list of readers.  Getting your article republished to that list might provide the exposure that you are looking for.  You might log into your accounts and see a big spike in web traffic.  It could be a result of an ezine owner republishing your article and the list subscribers heading over to your site to learn more information about your topic.

Writing articles can be a method for affiliate marketing without a website

Don’t expect to get traffic overnight with articles that you send to the article directories.  It might take some time for them to catch on.  The thing to remember is that you are not spending money for traffic.  You are getting the traffic for free.  You are putting the effort in to create high quality articles that work as lead generators that attract the targeted audience that you are looking for.  Writing articles allows you to use your creativity to come up with lots of different articles that touch your different affiliate offers.  You are really unlimited when it comes to writing content.

Creating Websites or Blogs for Affiliate Offers

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Sitting down in your leather executive high back chair, you extend your arm to click the button on the computer monitor. It is really hot outside and it is early in the morning. Next, you hit the power button on your computer and you start to hear the beeping sounds as the computer starts the bootup process.

The microsoft windows logo appears and the large computer monitor flickers. Your desktop is ready for action. You fire up your internet web browser. What will it be today, mozilla firefox or google chrome? You like them both. Today, you pick firefox.

You are ready to start the day. You start typing in your favorite websites to see the latest news. Now it is time to start checking the email accounts and the affiliate marketing networks.

A few clicks and you open the email account. There is a lot of new information in there. You see that you got approved for some new affiliate products. It doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes you log in and see that you get declined for affiliate programs. It is good to see the approvals.

Getting approved for new products is a good feeling. How are you going to get traffic to the new offers? Where are you going to post the links? Are you going to setup a brand new domain name to promote the offers? The domain names might be on sale for a really low price for the first year. The web hosting package has unlimited domains, so it would not be a big deal to add another wordpress blog.

Open up a new tab and start checking for domain names that are available. Open a new tab window and load up the google free keyword tool. What are some of the general keywords related to the topic? Start typing them in and see what starts to pop up.

Is it time to start thinking about where to get the content for the new blog? Are you going to write all the content? Should you open up your private label rights folder on your hard drive to see if you have anything that fits the niche? What about buying some content from one of the article writing sites?

There are still a lot of decisions to make before going ahead with the new site. It might be time to take a little break. Close a few tabs and free up some space. Open a new tab in the web browser and use the site that gives rewards for using the search page.

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Growing Your Business – Making More Sales to Your Current Customers

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You probably have something that many new business owners could only hope for. What is it that they want that you already have. You have a head start on growing your business. They are at the starting line running their first race and you are a seasoned professional that has already been around the track more than a few times.

Growing your business means that you have to have business.  If you already have customers then you have a head start on the competition.  The question that you have to ask yourself is, could you sell your current customers more products and services?

There are many different kinds of businesses and information is important.  One area where a business might fall down is not using their resources in the best way.  The big question here is do you have a client database?  Getting a client database can help you in a number of different ways.  Keeping the lines of communication with your clients open in job one.  The second benefit is tracking what your clients actually buy.  The final item is doing analysis to see if you can identify any sales patterns.

If you don’t have a client database, you need to get one.  Don’t you think it could help your business to know a little bit more about your clients.  Ask questions of your clients.  How could you do this?  Start surveys.  Another tool could be to setup online sites like blogs that allow you to communicate with your clients on a regular basis.  Create free ebooks to help them join mailing lists.

The second item is really basic.  Look at what your clients are buying. Take a look at the products and services that you offer and see what is the most popular.  This could be something as simple as creating a simple chart that tracks your sales through a spreadsheet. There are plenty of small business software packages that could give you all the information that you need.  Start putting on your investigative hat and start finding what is popular and why.

Now it is time to bring it all together.  After you have your client database / mailing list / newsletter, you can then start looking at promoting more products using the information that you have gained.  Are you taking a look at the demographics of your customers.  It might be time to start launching more targeted blogs or sites that appeal to those groups.  Setting up blogs and creating content should not be hard or expensive to do for your business.

Growing your business might be possible just using the tools that you already have in a better way.  Take the time to start looking at your business from a higher level.  You might even want to explore marketing other products through affiliate programs.  If you have clients, you are ahead of the game.  Don’t forget to take a look at what you have and see how you can use it better.

Drive Traffic with Domain Names

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What gets traffic coming to a website? You can write content and post on article directories. You can create videos and post them on youtube. One way to get traffic is to use domain names to direct traffic directly to your offers.

Find highly searched keywords and create domain names with the keywords included. This can get you traffic to affiliate offers. Will it turn directly into affiliate commissions? Maybe, maybe not. You will notice that traffic comes to the offer, if you choose the right domain names.

Domain names are cheap and you have a lot of choices when it comes to the domain name extensions. It is probably best to stick with the dot com domain names. Dot info domain names use to be a little cheaper, but now there is really not that much difference between dot com and dot info. Plus people probably look higher on a dot com than a dot info domain.

Setting up a domain name to point to an offer is really simple. Just get the affiliate link and forward the domain to it. The process only takes a few minutes and then you are done. Instead of having an ugly, long affiliate link, you can have a pretty dot com domain name. Sure, you could save a few dollars and use one of the url shortening services, but sometimes they work against you as an affiliate.

Have you ever clicked a shortened url to find one of those nasty messages saying not to trust the link. You are putting in work to get those affiliate clicks and you don’t want your visitors seeing something like that. Instead, Invest in getting a few domain names that can look more professional.

Keep a list of domain names that you would like to purchase handy. Sometimes domain name registration companies provide discounts. When those opportunities pop up, you can be ready to jump on them. You won’t be scrambling and pick a bad domain name.

How to use affiliate offers on your blog

You have jumped into the world of blogging and you are really enjoying yourself. You took care of all the details of getting your blog started. You got the domain name. You got a logo designed and you purchased your own wordpress theme. Now you have started creating the content for your site and you are ready to think about taking your blog to the next level by offering your readers products and services through affiliate marketing programs.

Getting started with affiliate marketing can be really simple. Just apply to the programs that you think will be the best fit for your audience. Are you going to apply directly to affiliate programs or are you going to join affiliate networks that have access to many programs in one place? They both have advantages, and it might be a good idea to try both on for size.

Making money with your blog

When you get into an affiliate program, you will be given access to links that can track your impressions and sales. There are normally two kinds of affiliate links that are provided. Text links and graphic banner links. Text links are just hyperlinks that your visitors can click on. They might blend in better with your site. Graphic banner ads have different sizes and you need to make sure that the banner will fit on your blog and show up correctly.

Finding the Right Offers for Your Content

What is going to be the right kind of offers for your blog? Are the affiliate products along the same lines of your blog? If you are running a home business blog, then you may want to think about all the items that a home business owner would be interested in. Would they be open to creating their own website? Would they be thinking about getting a logo designed? What about learning how to incorporate a business? These could all be potential affiliate marketing opportunities. Find the offers and place them on your site and see how they perform. Affiliate marketing offers can come in many different flavors. You don’t just have to sell physical products, you could also offer affiliate links on information products. Is there an ebook that could help your home business owners get their new business off the ground? Is there a pressing problem that new business owners face that an affiliate product can help them get over? These are some of the questions that you want to ask yourself when thinking about finding the right affiliate offers for your blog.

Where to post your ads on your blog

There are many different places where you can post ads on your blog. The header area is at the top of your blog. It is usually the first thing that your readers are going to see. Large affiliate banner ads could be placed at the top of your site. Another location for affiliate offers is the sidebar. Blog sidebars can vary due to the type of theme or layout that your blog uses. You might have a blog with one sidebar or you could have a blog with two sidebars. You will need to know the size of the sidebars in order to pick the right kind of ads. Another point to consider is where to post your ad. If you post ads inside the content of a blog post, the ad will only show up when the blog post is visible. If you post ads in the header, sidebar or footer, the ads will show up all the time.

The process of adding ads is really simple. Just copy and paste the code provided into your site. Just make sure to copy the code fully and don’t leave anything out. After you enter the code on your blog, you should be able to hit the refresh button to see that the ad is showing up correctly.