SwagBucks – Swag Codes are the quick way to get more points

You have to look for those swag codes. Where can you find them? You can check the blog and you can follow on twitter. Just think about getting a few extra swagbucks for entering a code on the website. You don’t have to watch videos, you don’t have to complete a survey. Just find the code and enter it before it expires.

If you are on the website make sure that you check to see who is the big winner every hour at the bottom of the page. They give out massive amounts of swagbucks. You have to claim them to get them when your id is up.

The only thing that comes close to swag codes are the instant points that you get when with web searches. You might not get points with every search though. Take a look at the swag store and see what you can get with your points. It seems like every few minutes I am getting more swagbucks. Even when a you don’t qualify for an online survey you may still get a swagbuck.

Keep your eyes open for those swag codes. They give you a real bump up closer to getting the stuff you want. Use the swagbucks toolbar and get those extra points throughout the day. I have not received any referrals yet, but I expect them to start coming soon. People are creating videos to get even more exposure. I always wondered how people were racking up those large swagbucks totals.

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